Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2750 - 2750 Ceasefire

Chapter 2750 - 2750 Ceasefire

2750 Ceasefire

Yang Zhihe descended to the ground, stopping before Ling Feifan, and saying, “I shouldn’t have developed killing intent against you.”

Ling Feifan picked his ears, and said, “Come again? That’s an apology? I don’t accept it!” He waved his hand with a righteous expression.

Ling Han had the upper hand now, so Ling Feifan naturally needed to take advantage of it.

What a joke! Just because he was weaker, he deserved to be flattened and stomped on? He was also a person!


An Xiu’er’s eyes instantly glimmered with intoxication. This was the pride and domineering aura of her lover that she adored.

‘Keep posturing, why don’t you?’ everyone said in their minds. At the same time, they were also incredibly envious of Ling Feifan.

To have a Second Tier Heavenly Venerate bow his head and apologize—even just as a formality—was still something that he could brag about forever.

Ling Han stood beside Ling Feifan with a smile, and said, “I also don’t feel like that was an apology. What? You think our Ling Clan is easy to pick on?” A cold glint appeared in his eyes. He was still a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate, so when he became a true Heavenly Venerate, killing Second Tier Heavenly Venerates would be as easy as a wave of his hand.

Yang Zhihe’s heart jolted. He could indeed belittle Ling Han right now. However, the latter was only a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate at this moment. What would happen when he advanced?

Even if all seven of the Second Tier Heavenly Venerates here teamed up, would they be powerful enough to stop Ling Han?

There were only two ways to deal with such a freak—kill him before he became invincible, or genuinely bow one’s head and resolve any animosity.

With this in mind, he eventually heaved a sigh.

“I was indeed in the wrong. I shouldn’t have developed killing intent toward this young friend. Please accept my apology.” As he said this, he retrieved a Spatial God Tool and handed it to Ling Feifan, saying, “Treat this as compensation. Hopefully, it can soothe your anger.”

Not only was he apologizing, but he was even giving compensation. As a Second Tier Heavenly Venerate, he was genuinely lowering his status as much as he could.

Ling Feifan looked toward Ling Han. Upon seeing him nod, he accepted the Spatial God Tool with a smile, and said, “Senior, you’re truly being too generous! If you ever need me in the future, just give me a yell! Of course, that’s as long as you compensate me each time.”

He used his divine sense to observe the Spatial God Tool, finding that it was indeed filled with an astonishing amount of treasures.

Yang Zhihe was truly pissed off at this moment as this was the betrothal gift that he had prepared for the An Clan. Thus, even with his wealth, he couldn’t scrape together many such gifts.

How many more times did Ling Feifan want to receive compensation?

“Friend Ling, and other friends, come on over and take a seat,” An Tayun said in invitation. After so many years, the reconstruction of the An Clan residence was naturally complete.

Ling Han and the four Second Tier Heavenly Venerates all entered the An Clan. Some of the First Tier Heavenly Venerates also walked over, wanting to listen to the conversation. After all, if the five super elites discussed cultivation, they might have the opportunity to comprehend something new.

“Friend Ling, where are you from?” The Four Nights Heavenly Venerate couldn’t help but ask this after taking a seat in the guest hall. Just what sort of place had raised such a freak?

“The Celestial Realm,” Ling Han replied with a smile. He didn’t conceal the truth.

“Celestial Realm?” The Heavenly Venerates were all at a loss. They had never heard of this place before.

Ling Han offered an explanation, telling them that the Celestial Realm was the youngest and most recently born dimension of the Genesis World—at the very least, this would be true until a two realm passageway formed between the Celestial Realm and the dimension after it.

“Super low-level dimension?” the Heavenly Venerates exclaimed in shock. Such a realm could produce a freak such as Ling Han?

Was that truly a super low-level dimension?

Ling Han recounted his experience of going to the transcendent dimension, and he described to them the atmosphere of that vast heaven and earth. At the same time, he also hung a grave threat over their heads.

After hearing about the existence of Hysteria, the Heavenly Venerates all wore grave expressions.

They were wracking their brains for ways to annihilate the Promise City Realm so that they could use this opportunity to raise their cultivation. By the looks of things now, however, it was as if they were fighting with someone else on the edge of a volcanic crater. Regardless of who won, as long as the volcano erupted, they would both be disintegrated into dust.

“I urge you to end this pointless battle and head to the Flaming Frost Realm to fight against Hysteria’s invasion. Otherwise, once Hysteria makes its way in, the entire world will be finished,” Ling Han said.

“Moreover, the Flaming Frost Realm is a transcendent dimension, making it possible to reach the Seventh Tier. This is the destination that we should all strive toward.”

Everyone hesitated after hearing this.

Conquering the Promise City Realm had been their dream for generation after generation. Countless prodigies with unlimited potential had died for this cause, as had countless supreme elites. Now, however, they were being urged to end the battle just like that? And amicably join hands to face Hysteria? How could they accept this?

Ling Han chuckled, and continued, “If I hadn’t come across this, then that would’ve been it. However, since I’ve become aware of the internal battle going on here, it’s my responsibility to step in. Only two options sit before you. End the battle, or I’ll join the Promise City Realm.

“With my support, do you think you can still defeat the Promise City Realm?”


Everyone gasped upon hearing this, and they couldn’t help but feel like Ling Han was being extremely unscrupulous. He was actually using this to threaten them!

However, this was also extremely effective. Just then, even a team of three Second Tier Heavenly Venerates had failed to suppress Ling Han. As such, him joining the Promise City Realm might not necessarily turn the tables for them, but it would at least mitigate their disadvantage.

The Ancestral River Heavenly Venerate couldn’t help but ask, “Friend Ling, this battle doesn’t involve you, so why insist on becoming a foe?”

Ling Han shook his head, saying, “You guys haven’t been to the Realm Battlefield, so you don’t understand the brutality of that place. Right now, the most critically important task is to resist Hysteria’s invasion. Otherwise, how can a destroyed nest protect its eggs? What does it matter even if you become Third Tier or Fourth Tier Heavenly Venerates? You’ll still suffer the fate of being crushed into scraps.”

Everyone fell silent. However, no one questioned the veracity of Ling Han’s words by thinking that he had made Hysteria up to frighten them. That would be far beneath him.

“Allow us a moment to consider this,” the Heavenly Venerates said. This matter was far too important, so none of them could make up their minds on a whim.

The others all took their leave, while Ling Han remained with An Tayun to discuss the wedding between Ling Feifan and An Xiu’er.

The two youths were already in love anyway, and now their backgrounds were more so well-matched in status. Thus, their marriage was naturally agreed upon very quickly.

They weren’t in a hurry to get married, as Ling Han needed to first go to the Promise City Realm to bring Ling Jianxue and his wife over. Moreover, he still needed to end the war between the two dimensions.

Ling Han set off with Ling Feifan, heading toward the two realm passageway.

His speed was now astonishing, so it only took him a few days to reach his destination.

This place was very similar to the Celestial Realm, with an army encampment keeping guard and a large number of cultivators present to train themselves.

Ling Feifan had traveled through many dimensions with his parents, so he had long since become accustomed to acclimatizing himself to the Regulations of each world. Meanwhile, Ling Han more so didn’t need to worry about this. He had created a power core for himself, so things would be the same for him no matter where he went.

His strength came from within. Thus, when they arrived at the two realm passageway, their battle prowess wasn’t affected in the least.

They entered the passageway without any difficulties, and it would be impossible for others to notice anything amiss about them. Thus, they naturally weren’t stopped by anyone as they started to travel between the dimensions.

After some effort, they passed the most chaotic area of the two realm passageway, and arrived at the Promise City Realm.

Here, they also didn’t attract the attention of anyone. It was as if they were native to this world.

Ling Feifan led the way, bringing Ling Han to the army encampment to look for Ling Jianxue and his wife.

“L-Ling Feifan!” the people in the encampment exclaimed in deep shock upon seeing Ling Feifan. After all, many of them had seen him being defeated and captured. How had he suddenly returned?

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