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Chapter 112 - Twin Towers!  

Chapter 112: Chapter 112: Twin Towers!

Just as she was feeling pleased with herself, she heard a familiar voice.

Her body trembled as she realized that Lin Yi was behind her, looking at her with a smile.

“You… aren’t you at the Jiuzhou Pavilion?”

“Cough cough cough…”

Lin Yi coughed a few times. “Let’s talk about that mango-flavored lipstick.”

It was obvious that Ji Qingyan was still in a daze and did not realize what Lin Yi was talking about.

“You… you’re too fast.”

“Eh… President Ji, don’t say that. It’s bad luck.”

“I know! You were trying to trick me again.” Ji Qingyan said angrily. “You weren’t at home, you were at the hotel the whole time.”

“I was not trying to trick you.” Lin Yi smiled. “You’re the one who said I was at Jiuzhou Pavilion, not me.”

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“Hmph, all you know how to do is bully people.”

Lin Yi stopped talking and looked around. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“No, I have enough people.” Qingyan said. “You just need to find a place to sit. After the press conference, there’ll a small-scale industry conference. You might have to wait for me a little longer.”

In Ji Qingyan’s mind, Lin Yi did not need to do anything as long as he was here.

His mere presence was very reassuring.

“Alright then, I’ll find a place to stay. If you need my help, remember to call me.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Before that, shouldn’t we settle the lipstick Issue?”

Ji Qingyan’s face turned red, like a ripe peach.

“You’re going to die. There are so many people here. Let’s talk after the press conference.”

Lin Yi smiled. “Sure, I have plenty of time anyway.”

“Rascal, you only know how to take advantage of me.”

After this, Lin Yi found a corner and sat down. Many of the female guests in the back row looked at Lin Yi with shining eyes.

“Who is that man? He’s too handsome.”

“I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore.”

“You just gave birth to your second child and the wound hasn’t healed yet. Can you control yourself?”

Lin Yi sat down steadily and ignored public chatter.

Within a few minutes, Wang Ying walked over mysteriously.

“I saw you and President Ji talking and laughing together just now. There’s nothing going on between the two of you, right?”

“What could possibly be going on between us?” Lin Yi smiled. “You’re overthinking things.”

“It’s not good if there’s something going on,” Wang Ying said. “With Boss Ji’s looks and temperament, you’d be lucky if you could get her.”

“You’re both women after all. Aren’t you jealous, Sister Ying?”

“We’re not on the same level at all. What’s there to be jealous about?” Wang Ying said. “It’s like how you might be jealous of other rich kids being richer than you, but you wouldn’t be jealous of Jack Ma being richer than you. It’s the same principle.”

Lin Yi smiled. That seemed to be the case.

“What have you been up to lately? Are you still driving for Didi?” Wang Ying asked casually.

“I’m too tired of driving for Didi. I got a job at school to kill time.”

“Not bad, Yi. You’re already teaching at a school.” Wang Ying said with a smile.

“Life is all about suffering. There’s no point in working all the time.”

“That makes sense.” Wang Ying looked around and said in a low voice, “By the way, are you free tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I just got my notification letter. My husband is going on a business trip tonight, so Sis will treat you to dinner.”

Lin Yi could not help but laugh. No wonder she had to keep her voice down. If others heard it, it would be too easy for them to misunderstand.

“Alright, give me a call tomorrow.”

“Alright, that’s settled then.” Wang Ying said. “I’ll be going now, I won’t be staying here with you.”


After Wang Ying left, the women sitting not too far away started discussing in hushed tones.

“No way, such a handsome man used to drive for Didi?”

“Wasn’t that in the past? He’s working at a university now.”

“That’s not the best either, but come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind being a mistress either way.”

The press conference started not long after.

The main focus of the press conference was Chaoyang Group’s new project.

This was also the usual practice of Chaoyang Group. Every time a new project was launched, they would hold a press conference like this to build momentum for the new project.

Lin Yi was not interested in the contents of the press conference. He took his phone and prepared to play games to kill time.

However, at this time, he heard the system notification sound again in his mind.

[Completed a hidden mission and became the honorary vice-principal of Zhonghai Normal University. Rewarded 200,000 experience points.]

[Professional proficiency: 60%. Reward: Twin Towers!]

Lin Yi thought for a few seconds as he heard the notification sound in his head. He finally understood what was going on.

Even though he had already signed it in the morning.

He still had not gone to the Education Bureau to stamp it, so the documents and certificates were not in effect yet.

Zhao Qi had probably just sent the documents and certificates to the education bureau to be stamped. Therefore, he was now officially the honorary vice-principal of Zhonghai Normal University.

Despite this, Lin Yi quickly skimmed over this detail.

After all, the system’s reward was the Twin Towers!

Lin Yi could not believe his eyes when he saw such a generous reward.

He had seen some news about the Twin Towers in the news. It was said to be another landmark building in Zhong Hai. It was definitely not an ordinary building.

Lin Yi did not know much else about it.

He opened his phone and searched for information about the Twin Towers on Baidu.

After browsing through it once, he got the feeling that he would not understand it properly until he saw it first-hand.

The Twin Towers were a newly completed development. There was no difference in appearance between the two, so they could be said to be almost identical.

The two towers were 632 meters tall and had 119 floors. The total cost of development was 14.8 billion dollars!

However, with the completion of the Twin Towers, this landmark building had replaced the global financial centre and become the tallest building in Zhong Hai!

Lin Yi was amazed when he saw the information!

He did not expect this newly completed building to become his property!

The system was becoming more and more generous.

Soon, Lin Yi received an unfamiliar call on his phone. If nothing went wrong, it would be a call to request him to claim the Twin Towers.

“Hello, is this Mr. Lin Yi?”

“That’s me.”

“I’m Luo Wan, the vice president of the Far East Group. You just bought the Twin Towers that we had recently developed. When is it convenient for you to come over and handle the formalities?” Luo Wan greeted politely.

“If you don’t have much time on your side, we can send someone over.”

“No need, I’ll come over tomorrow.”

“Alright then, how about 9 am tomorrow?”


“Alright then, see you at 9 am tomorrow.”

After some simple discussions, Lin Yi hung up the phone. He was already thinking about the use of the Twin Towers.

Lin Yi rested his head on one hand, feeling that the Twin Towers had come at the right time.

He had more and more businesses under his control right now, and he needed to set up a company to consolidate all these businesses and handle them in one location.

Otherwise, it would be meaningless if they all acted independently.

The Twin Towers would be the starting point of his business empire!

After thinking of these things, Lin Yi looked at the system interface again.

It had only been three days, and the completion rate of the class had already reached 60%. It was very likely that the new job class would be made available earlier than he had previously expected.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi rubbed his hands together, curious about what his next class would be.

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