Power and Wealth

Chapter 993: Come, shoot here

Chapter 993: Come, shoot here

Before noon.

Inside the hotel room.

Dong Xuebing smoked cigarette after cigarette while thinking of a solution. How is he going to save Chaochao and settle this incident?

Ring… ring… ring…..

Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It was Du Juan.

Dong Xuebing answered immediately. “What’s the situation now?”

Du Juan said. “It had blown up now. I heard the kids who were arrested were all high school students. The mother of one of them is our City’s State Security Chief Xu Yan, Chief Xu. I overheard a colleague saying Chief Xu visited Liu Haibin at the hospital. She paid the hospital bills and left for the military base after she knew his condition was not serious. She demanded the release of the kids but the soldiers refused. She was blocked at the entrance, and they clashed.”

Dong Xuebing panicked. “They clashed?”

“This is what I heard. I don’t know the details.”

“Alright. Thanks. Keep me informed.”

“Ok.” Du Juan felt Dong Xuebing seemed very concerned about this matter, but she did not ask anything.

Dong Xuebing could not stay still after hanging up.

Will Sister Xu be disadvantaged if they clash?

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. He grabbed his keys and ran to his car. He sped towards the military base. Xu Yan had done nothing wrong. When the incident happened, she first called the Political Commissar and tried contacting Liu Guowei. She said she was going to the military base to save her son, but she went to the hospital to visit Liu Haibin instead. She also paid the medical bills. Look at Liu Guowei. His son had almost knocked on someone and scolded them instead of apologizing. That was the cause of this conflict.

This old man was too much. He refused to answer Xu Yan’s calls and did not give Xie Huilan ‘face.’

This guy is asking for it!

Dong Xuebing got angrier when he thought about what had happened. Liu Guowei did not give Huilan ‘face’, which had become his problem. It is not wrong for him to interfere now. Huilan seldom asked for favors and had called Liu Guowei because of him. But how did Liu Guowei reply to her?! F**k! Do you think you can speak to my wife like this?!

Dong Xuebing floored the accelerator.

The foot of the mountain.

Guardhouse in front of the military base.

Dong Xuebing arrived and quickly looked around for Xu Yan. Xu Yan was here alone and did not bring her State Security staff with her. He was afraid she might be disadvantaged.

Dong Xuebing continued driving forward, and he finally saw some people.

Xu Yan was facing two soldiers on the opposite side of a barrier. Dong Xuebing was furious when he saw those two soldiers pointing their guns at her. Although the safety might be on, this action was still dangerous.

You all still dare to point your guns at my Sister Xu?!

Have you all gone mad?!

Dong Xuebing braked hard and got out of the car.

“Move aside!” Xu Yan ordered. She overlooked Dong Xuebing.

The guard looked at Xu Yan coldly. “We are not allowed to let anyone in without orders!”

Xu Yan looked at the guard. “I am repeating this! Move aside!”

The other guard said coldly. “This is a military base. Please leave before we take necessary actions!”

The barrier was slanted. Xu Yan should have tried to crash it with her car.

Xu Yan looked at the guns. “My son is being detained by you all illegally, and you still dare to point at me with your guns?! I have shown you all my work pass. Get your leader to come out!”

The guard ignored Xu Yan. “We had arrested some people who trespassed into our military-restricted area. We suspect they are conducting some illegal activities, and we are interrogating them. I don’t know about the rest. If your family member is among them, you should go back and wait for news. Please leave immediately. We have the authority to open fire if you take a single step forward.”

Xu Yan was furious. 

Dong Xuebing got nearer.

“Xiao Dong.” Xu Yan noticed him.

“Are you alright, Sister Xu?”

Xu Yan shook her head and looked into the military base.

The guard frowned and stared at Dong Xuebing coldly.

Dong Xuebing was looking at the guard, still pointing his gun at Xu Yan. He smiled out of anger and said. “You are a good sentry. Has everyone in this military base gone crazy? Leave?! I am not going anywhere today! What did you say earlier? You will open fire if I take one more step forward?” Who is Dong Xuebing? He is famous for his foul temper. He kicked the barrier and broke it. After that, he stepped over the white line and stood there.

Both guards pointed their guns at Dong Xuebing.

Xu Yan panicked. “Xiao Dong! What are you doing?! Come back! This has nothing to do with you!”

“Stay out of this, Sister Xu. This is also my problem.” Dong Xuebing said and looked at the two guards. “Go on! I had crossed the line! Hurry and shoot me!”

The guard was mad. “I am warning you! Get out now!”

Dong Xuebing looked at the guard. “Stop warning and open fire. Oh, you did not even switch off your safety. Do you need me to teach you how to do it?”

The guard immediately switched off his safety and stepped forward.

Xu Yan shouted. “Xiao Dong!”

Dong Xuebing ignored it and reached out for the guard’s gun barrel. He lifted the barrel to his head. “Here…. Shoot here. You are a pussy if you don’t open fire! Hurry up!” He was known as a hooligan in the government service and is acting like one now.

Although the guard was mad, he did not dare to place his finger on the trigger.

The other guard was stunned. Who can remain so calm in front of a gun with its safety off? This was his first time seeing someone so daring. But they do not know Dong Xuebing was shot at least dozens of times. He can remain unfazed even if they dare to fire. He was used to it.

Both guards remain still.

Dong Xuebing sneered. “Why are you not firing at me?! Who are you trying to scare?”

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