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Chapter 202 - 202 We Eloped

202 We Eloped

The moment he was locked onto by a divine sense, Lin Ran realized that the empress’s movement just now had alerted the other party.

Divine Sense sounded mysterious, but the principle was easy to understand. Just like the evil aura released by Xiao Huai, divine sense was also an aura. However, this aura was formless and invisible.

The size, shape, and even internal energy flow of any object covered by this aura would be sensed by the user.

The higher one’s cultivation level was, the more aura one could emit and the wider the range. The deeper one’s level of cultivation was, the richer the details of the objects one could sense.

Lin Ran didn’t know if other martial artists had discovered this, but at least he discovered it with his own experience. Through this, he even figured out a way to avoid being detected by the divine sense—

While the divine senses of others were looking for him, he could remain motionless and use the Black insects to change the shape of his body. This way, the other party would mistake him for a rock.

However, because of the empress’s movement, all Lin Ran’s efforts were in vain. After all, the “stone” would not move on its own.

However, Lin Ran didn’t blame the empress. Firstly, he had offended the empress. Secondly, they had already been discovered. There was no point in dwelling on whose fault it was.

Almost the moment Lin Ran sensed that he was being locked onto by a divine sense, a strong wind blew past, and two slender figures appeared on the swaying branches above.

The two figures seemed to be weightless and were almost identical. They were both dressed in white and had their hair tied into a bun. When they stood together, it was as if one was merely the reflection of the other.

There was no time to think.

Lin Ran reached out and shielded the empress behind him. Just as he was about to summon the Yin-Yang Sword to silence them, one of the figures suddenly spoke.

“Who are you?”

The two of them were masked. Lin Ran didn’t know who was speaking, but he could hear the confusion in the voice. Then, he realized that these two people didn’t recognize him and the empress.

Actually, there was nothing strange about this. Although the empress was the emperor of the Heavenly Saint Dynasty, she usually stayed in the palace. Not many people in the Great Yong Dynasty knew what she looked like.

Although Lin Ran had become famous recently, he mostly appeared as the Ten Miles Sword God. There were only a handful of people who had really seen him and knew about him.

After figuring this out, Lin Ran stopped circulating his internal energy. He rolled his eyes and wrapped his hand around the empress’s shoulder, pretending to be terrified but calm. “I-I’m Lin Qiyun. Her name is Lu Di. We eloped.”

The empress’s eyes widened as she reached out and pinched Lin Ran’s waist.

Lin Ran endured the pain and didn’t cry out. Instead, he advised seriously, “Di, don’t worry. We’ve already run so far. No one will recognize us.”

Just as the empress was about to speak, one of the figures suddenly spoke.


The figure on the left stared at Lin Ran for a while before looking at the empress in men’s clothes. There was obvious suspicion in his eyes. “Eloped?”

The empress reacted quickly and said, “Yes, I’m a woman!”

With that, the empress raised her hand and pulled off the headband. Strands of beautiful black hair fell down like a waterfall. At the same time, she puffed out her chest slightly and showed the two figures her body curve.

Only then did Lin Ran react. He smiled and explained, “The world out there is not safe. It’s easier to travel by pretending to be a man.”

The figure on the left nodded. Then, his tone clearly became stern. “This is not an ordinary place. No one is allowed to approach. Leave quickly!”

Although Lin Ran felt that it was a little too easy to get away with it, he still relaxed. He nodded repeatedly and helped the empress up.

“Wait a minute!”

The figure on the right suddenly called out to stop Lin Ran and the empress, and then he said to his companion beside him. “If these two people fled here, how could they easily avoid our detection?”

Lin Ran’s heart skipped a beat. The eyes of the figure on the left lit up as if he had come to a realization. With a raise of his hand, several breezes shackled Lin Ran and the empress.

“Let me ask you, why did the two of you hide here without moving just now?”

That person looked straight into Lin Ran’s eyes and asked coldly. His tone was no longer as easy-going as before.

“We fell asleep just now!”

Lin Ran replied anxiously without changing his expression, “We were worried that our family would catch up with us and didn’t rest much along the way. We were too tired after running here, so we fell asleep.”

As he spoke, Lin Ran’s hands were not idle. Internal energy surged through his body as he activated the Regal Technique, Sovereign Descent!

In an instant, the empress’s remaining internal energy was sucked away by Lin Ran. The sudden exhaustion made her weaken and she leaned into Lin Ran’s arms.

“Is that so?”

The figure on the left did not seem to believe Lin Ran. Without warning, he suddenly released a divine sense.

Fortunately, Lin Ran was prepared. After using Sovereign Descent to suck away the empress’s internal energy, he suppressed his own realm.

After scanning the two of them with his divine sense, the figure on the left clearly looked relieved. He said to his companion beside him, “The man is at the second level of the Martial Master Realm, and the woman is an ordinary person. I don’t think there’s a problem.”

The figure on the right did not say anything and also released his divine sense. Then, his eyes revealed hesitation.

However, this person was very decisive. After hesitating for less than half a second, he said, “No, it’s too suspicious for the two of them to appear here late at night. To be safe, we should bring them back for interrogation.”

The figure on the left rolled his eyes. He clearly felt that his companion was making a mountain out of a molehill, but he still pulled out two black cloth from his sleeve and landed on the ground.

“Since you’re a married couple, do it yourself. Don’t be nervous. We’re just going to ask you a few questions.”

As the man spoke, he handed Lin Ran a cloth and gestured for him to cover his eyes. At the same time, he tilted his head slightly to the branch behind him. “That guy is a blockhead. Don’t lower yourself to his level.”

Lin Ran took the cloth and tied the empress’s eyes first. Then, he tied his own eyes. There was no expression on his face, but he felt mixed feelings of happiness and sadness.

He was happy that he had finally sneaked into Nanjiang Town. Although the method was different from what he had planned, he still made it.

The sad thing was that the empress was also captured by them. God knew what would happen next!

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