A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324 Make no mistakes and they’ll just praise you.

The media reporters looked at Lu Bo Yan like a pack of prairie wolves looking at their only prey.

Sujean knew why.

In the past few days, rumors about Lu Bo Yan’s life were rampant. Countless people waited for the media to confirm that Lu Bo Yan was the son of the city’s hero back then, Lawyer Lu.

If so, this will be another fascinating piece of gossip.

Su Jianan suddenly understood why Lu Bo Yan specifically instructed her before he went up that no matter what he had to face next, she should not panic.

He had known that this was the situation that awaited him.

However, she still wanted to rush to Lu Bo Yan’s side and grab his hand tightly, at least letting him know that his side was not empty.

On the stage, Lu Bo Yan’s gaze crossed over the crowd of reporters and landed on Su Jianan.

Under the light, Su Jianan was quiet and out of the world, beautiful and moving.

Lu Bo Yan looked at her, the corner of his lips raised in an almost imperceptible arc, signaling her to feel at ease.

Su Jianan gently nodded, looking at Lu Bo Yan for an instant.

Lu Bo Yan simply said a few words to welcome Shen Yuechuan’s return, and next, the media interview session.

The reporters had been waiting for this session for a long time, and once Lu Bo Yan’s words fell, almost everyone raised their hands.

Lu Bo Yan looked around and signaled for the Tang Family Magazine reporter to ask a question.

The reporter disregarded Lu Bo Yan’s friendship with their boss and threw out sharp and direct questions:

“Mr. Lu, the rumor on the internet is that you are Lawyer Lu’s son. May I ask if it’s true?”

Fifteen years have passed since Lu Bo Yan’s father’s car accident.

For a moment he thought that the incident had drowned in the rhythm of the times and would never be spoken of again.

After he returned to China, he also tried not to show up in front of the media, never took the initiative to talk about his origins, most people thought he was born and raised in the United States.

However, it is an undeniable fact that his father is Lawyer Lu.

Since Kang Ruicheng had already stabbed the matter through, there was nothing for him to deny.

Everyone on the stage, including the employees of the Lu Group, were all looking forward to Lu Bo Yan’s answer.

Lu Bo Yan moved his thin lips and spat out a word: “Yes.”


A backward intake of breath sounded from the stage.

The banquet hall, which was silent the last second, this moment, all kinds of whispers resounded around.

This is something that really surprises everyone.

All the voices were full of shock.

Over the past ten years, the matter of Lawyer Lu is still often mentioned, and the older generation very much lamented his wife and children.

However, in reality, Mr. Luk’s wife and son did not die by suicide.

Not only that, Lu Bo Yan, the only son of the lawyer Lu, has developed a business empire in A city, and his achievements are even better than those of Lu Lu back then.

The reporter reacted quickly and asked immediately after, “Mr. Lu, then why have you been hiding your identity?”

Lu Bo Yan denied, “I just didn’t mention it.”

“So what happened when the media broke the story that your mother took you to her death? Why were your shoes on the beach? Was this an illusion you created on purpose?”

The reporter couldn’t wait to throw all the questions to Lu Bo Yan in his head, dissecting out the secrets in Lu Bo Yan’s body for all to see.

Lu Bo Yan was noncommittal and handled the reporter with ease, “There are some special reasons for this, I’m not at liberty to disclose them for the time being, I’m sorry.” He doesn’t give the reporter a chance to pursue the question and directly names another reporter, “Next question.”

The reporter knows Lu Bo Yan’s style too well and doesn’t dare to stalk him and ask questions, so he can only turn to ask some other irrelevant questions.

It’s the only way this interview can continue.

Lu Bo Yan is calm, methodically answering reporters’ questions one by one, and it looks like the events of that year no longer have any effect on him.

Only Su Jianan knew that his blandness was actually a kind of armament.

Finally, the reporter asked about Lu Bo Yan and Su Jian An’s budding relationship since they were teenagers:

“Mr. Lu, you have said more than once that you and Mrs. Lu have known each other since they were children, exactly fifteen years to date, this length of time is the same as the time your father died, is this …… just a coincidence?”

“It’s not a coincidence.” Lu Bo Yan frankly gave the reporter’s expected answer, “After my father’s death, I then met Jane Ann, and I think …… this is the arrangement of fate.”

“So, when you were most upset, it was Mrs. Lu who was by your side, right?” The reporter asked again.

“That’s right.” Lu Bo Yan mused for half a second and then said, “So, in the future, I will always accompany Jane An.”

The crowd was caught off guard and fed a mouthful of dog food, and the entire atmosphere of the ballroom was changed.

Su Jianan, who stood at the front, instantly collected the gazes of the entire banquet hall, half of which were blessings and the other half were envy.

Su Jianan pursed the corners of her lips and smiled slightly, not looking at the others, but just looking at Lu Bo Yan who had a gentle gaze on the stage.

She was at ease when Lu Bo Yan was there.

Daisy came out at the right time and said with a smile, “Thank you for Mr. Lu’s speech, Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu’s relationship is really …… enviable! However, our protagonist today is Vice President Shen oh-”

Next, Shen Yuechuan was pushed onto the stage.

Shen Yuechuan’s condition, as well as the relationship between him and Xiao Yunyun, and his path to promotion at Lu’s, all of which are great material to be dug up.

The reporter was nonchalant and threw out all kinds of sharp questions, and Shen Yuechuan answered them one by one in a witty way, not only coping with the reporter, but also causing the crowd on the stage to laugh happily.

In terms of playing Tai Chi, the reporter could never be Shen Yuechuan’s opponent.

In the end, the reporter was flirted with by Shen Yuechuan and was speechless, while Shen Yuechuan on the stage, spirited and happy.

Xiao Yun Yun looked at Shen Yuechuan and wanted to laugh a little, but her eyes were inexplicably a little moist.

When the reporters asked about Shen Yuechuan’s condition without any fear, they didn’t even think about what Shen Yuechuan had gone through during that time of treatment. They don’t even know that there were several times when Shen Yuechuan almost couldn’t open his eyes anymore. The last surgery, Shen Yuechuan even walked back from the door of the ghost.

They only wanted to pick open Shen Yuechuan’s wounds to please the audience, but never thought about how deeply Shen Yuechuan had been hurt.

Even so, Shen Yuechuan is still a look of indifference, should smile and laugh, should snicker where snicker, for once happened to him hurt and trials never mention.

Xiao Yunyun finally understood why Shen Yuechuan always looked like he was having no trouble.

Because he never spoke of his sweat and scars to outsiders.

Such Shen Yuechuan, amusing others, made her feel like crying.

Su Jianan noticed Xiao Yun Yun’s abnormality and squeezed her hand, “Yun Yun, those things are in the past, don’t think about it. You and Yuechuan will only get better and better in the future.”

“Uh-huh!” Xiao Yun Yun sniffled and nodded, “I have nothing to be sad about!”

“Right.” Su Jianan’s voice was soft and gentle, “You have to remember that you’re Yue Chuan’s wife, when there’s media on the scene, you have to always maintain perfect grooming and not let the media catch you with any flaws or handles, so that when they want to write about you, they can only praise you it’s a kind of support for Yue Chuan. ”

Xiao Yun Yun understood what Su Jianan meant.

Shen Yuechuan was already the vice president of Lu Group, and from now on, her every word and action would be linked to Shen Yuechuan.

Therefore, Su Jianan wanted her to be strict and not make any mistakes in front of the media so that she could be the perfect Mrs. Shen.

Xiao Yun Yun’s surprise was not Su Jianan’s request to her, but she finally realized that the original Su Jianan was requesting this of herself.

She recalled that every time the gossip magazines mentioned Su Jianan, in addition to sighing at her luck, they could only praise Su Jianan, her “divine face”, her clothes, and her cleverness…….

In short, under the media’s pen, Su Jianan was a perfect goddess.

As it turned out, it was because Su Jianan had never made a mistake in front of the media, and the media simply couldn’t find any attackable loopholes in her.

Xiao Yun Yun looked at Su Jianan with even more admiration, and solemnly declared, “Cousin, from today onwards, I’m going to learn well from you!”

Su Jianan smiled, “Aren’t you about to start your graduate program? It’s better to go and study well with your teacher.”

“Hey, yeah.” Xiao Yun Yun then remembered the main event, “I’m almost ready to report to school!”

Shortly after Shen Yuechuan’s successful surgery, Xiao Yunyun received an acceptance letter from the school.

She still decided to go black on the road of medicine and continue her education to become an excellent cardiac surgeon, not inferior to Shen Yuechuan too much!

Twenty minutes later, Shen Yuechuan’s interview ended with thunderous applause and the reception officially began.

Lu Boyan and Mu Sijun each carried a glass of wine and walked to a corner of the banquet hall.

Mu Sijiu shook the red wine in his glass while looking at Lu Boyan: “Have you ever thought about what you’ll have to face after disclosing your birth?”

Lu Bo Yan looked cloudy, “I’ve thought about it and prepared for it.” He mused for a moment and then continued, “My life, sooner or later, will be exposed. Exposing it at this time, in addition to causing an uproar, there might be other effects.”

Mousie asked with interest, “What does it do?”

“Wait.” Lu Bo Yan laughed, a few hints of mystery in his smile, “You’ll know soon enough.”

Mu Sijiu made an expectant look, clinked glasses with Lu Boyan in tacit agreement, and said, “Yuning is alone in the hospital, I don’t feel at ease, so I’ll go first.”

After Lu Bo Yan sent Musi Jue away, he turned back to the banquet hall to look for Su Jian An, and in the meantime, he told her about the fact that Musi Jue had already left.

“I knew that Sijue wouldn’t stay long.” Su Jianan thought about it and said, “Tomorrow is Saturday, if you have time, let’s go to Sijue’s house together to see Yuning, okay?”

Of course Lu Bo Yan wouldn’t refuse and said, “I’ll free up the afternoon.”

Su Jianan happily took Lu Bo Yan’s hand, “Good.”

At this point, they don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow ……

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