Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce

Chapter 352 - Melancholic

Chapter 352 352 Melancholic

Originally, Chen Nian wanted to persuade Shen Yan to visit Fu Hang. However, she sighed and kept quiet when seeing Shen Yan had started another match in her game.

Lin Nan left Shen Yan’s apartment. He stood downstairs and looked up to see the window of Shen Yan’s apartment. In the end, he sighed helplessly and drove back to Fu Hang’s apartment.

He didn’t know when Fu Hang got up, but he was now sitting on the sofa in his pajamas. Not to mention, his face was pale.

Lin Nan put the food he bought on the dining table. He didn’t dare to tell Fu Hang that he went to find Shen Yan, so he said, “President Fu, eat some food and take a fever medicine. You will recover soon.”

Fu Hang heard Lin Nan’s voice, and his gaze moved from the tablet in his hand to Lin Nan’s face. Finally, it fell on the food on the table. He thought of something and looked lonely.

Lin Nan pursed his lips slightly and braced himself to say, “President Fu, if you don’t take care of your health, those people are still watching Miss Shen in the dark. If it weren’t for you, Miss Shen might have been ambushed by those people.”

Hearing Lin Nan’s words, Fu Hang’s eyes gradually lit up. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, “She was just cold to me before. Someone opened her memories from the time she was in Sai City, but these memories were all sealed. Now, she hates me very much!”

“President Fu, why did you seal these memories? Didn’t you want her to remember everything?” Lin Nan looked at Fu Hang in confusion. He didn’t understand why Fu Hang would give up the happiness that was within his reach.

“Her memories were forcefully opened by someone with ill intentions. If her memories develop, her brain would be overwhelmed, so I could only seal them. When she recovers, she will be able to look for an opportunity to open her memories in the future,” Fu Hang muttered.

But Fu Hang was very afraid.

He was afraid that Shen Yan would be with Lu Yan just like that.

If she was really with Lu Yan, she would never open her memories. Because sometimes, it was better to forget some things.

Fu Hang coughed twice, picked up the cup on the coffee table, and took a sip of water. His head felt a little dizzy.

Every since Fu Hang grew old enough to remember things, he was brought up by a nanny in the countryside. Later, he was brought back to the Fu family, but everyone’s attention was still on his big brother and Fu Xiaoxiao.

A father who liked cheating, a weak mother, and a grandfather who was ruthless.

Only Shen Yan truly liked him.

If it weren’t for those people, the two of them probably wouldn’t have gotten to the point of divorce.

Fu Hang had always thought that he could control the entire world, but now he realized that he might also be a chess piece in someone else’s hands.

Although the room was brightly lit, those lights could not shine into Fu Hang’s heart.

Lin Nan looked at Fu Hang’s appearance. Back in Sai City, Shen Yan had voluntarily sealed her memories in order to protect Fu Hang.

But now that Shen Yan had lost those memories, Lu Yan was attempting to snatch her away. That was why President Fu was forced into this desperate situation.

Lin Nan walked to Fu Hang’s side, and he said softly, “A small company has been secretly buying the stocks of the Fu family. Moreover, those people are already contacting the other small shareholders of the Fu Corporation. It seems that they are very impatient.”

Fu Hang sat on the sofa and didn’t make any movements.

Lin Nan thought for a moment and added, “President Fu, you can pursue Miss Shen again. As long as Miss Shen is not with Lu Yan, you still have a chance.”

Fu Hang looked up at Lin Nan.

“What you need to do now is to take your medicine and take care of your body. Then, you can find that organization and catch them all in one go.” After Lin Nan said that, he quietly left.

When Lin Nan came out of Fu Hang’s apartment, he sighed helplessly.

When he asked Shen Yan to visit Fu Hang, and Shen Yan heard that Fu Hang was sick, her face was expressionless.

It seemed that Miss Shen only remembered the cold and cruel side of Fu Hang.

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