Ace Of Terrans

416 End Of The Battle.

Shi Lang destroyed Rakht’s dantian with a punch and looked at Chun, who was watching all this from a side. He said in a calm voice, “Do you know where the spaceport is located?”

Chun nodded mechanically, and Shi Lang said, “Lead the way.”

Chun nodded and hurriedly led the young terran to a spaceport inside the palace. Shi Lang was dragging a semi-conscious Rakht behind him. The old man’s body was frail without the support of spiritual energy inside his body. The proud leader of the Ikeras clan was being dragged like a mopping cloth.

Shi Lang did not spare him any dignity; his eyes did not flinch when Rakht whimpered from the pain. Instead, his steps were calm and firm. Chun could not help but ask, “What did you mean when you said that no number of lifetimes could calm your hatred against the blood refiners?”

Shi Lang looked at her with crimson eyes and said, “Sometimes curiosity comes at a heavy price. Do you want to make a deal?”

Chun was scared and shook her head like a rattle. She led Shi Lang to the spaceport, and the young man said, “To think Ikeras even covered the place with runes to prevent spirit detection, interesting.”

He turned to look at Rakht lying at his feet and asked, “What are the passcodes for your ship?”

The old man did not open his mouth and stared at Shi Lang with hatred. The young man smiled and asked, “Are you bitter because your cultivation is lost? Do you wish to kill me?”

Rakht was a person with arrogance instilled in his bones. He said, “Yes, I want to kill you. What can you do?”

Shi Lang smiled and said, “I do not wish to obtain any knowledge or data from you. However, let us play a game since you want to do something.”

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Shi Lang chuckled, crouched in front of the wailing old man, and asked, “I have heard of methods that allow one to extract the multiple souls cultivated by blood refiners. How about it? Would you like to cooperate and satisfy my curiosity?”

Chun was confused, but when she saw the horrified look on Rakth’s face, she was assured that whatever Shi Lang wanted to do. It was not a good thing. Under her watch, Shi Lang grabbed Rakht’s head and placed his index finger on the old man’s brow. The process seemed very trivial. However, this was a way for Shi Lang to grab hold of the multiple souls inside Rakth’s soul sea.

Imagine an island full of fireflies. That is Rakth’s soul sea. The fireflies are his cultivated multi-souls. They have not yet matured, but creating a dozen would mean that the man must have spent a long time working on it and suffering the agony of dividing a soul. So now Lang channeled his full-grown primordial soul inside the enemy’s soul sea. Then he caught one of the dragonflies in his palm and took it away.

Dividing a soul would cause pain. If the will was not strong enough. The practitioner will end up committing suicide. Shi Lang had directly reaped apart the bond between the souls. The connection was so crucial that if one of them were forcefully removed, the person would feel like his spine was reaped out of his body.

Shi Lang had done that, and Rakth did not wail after the first few seconds. The old man was in cardiac arrest. After grabbing the dragonfly, the young man revived the Ikeras leader.

Rakht was stuck in a daze when he woke up. In a few blinks, he regained his senses, and his body twitched wildly. It was like he was going under again. Shi Lang smiled and said, “You must have lost the habit of suffering such pain, right?”

He opened his fist, and a tiny firefly appeared floating over it, and Shi Lang said, “I will now perform the trick called soul search.”

Rakth opened his eyes in shock, and then, before he could recover from the pain in his head, another wave of pain washed over him, and the effect was anything but pleasant.

Shi Lang looked at Chun and said, “You have another task, and then I will give you freedom.”please visit panda(-)

Chun nodded and asked, “What can I do?”

She would be a fool if she missed such an opportunity. Her image of Shi Lang had changed entirely, and she wanted to connect well with him. He was the strongest person she had ever come across. Shi Lang took down the glorious troops of the Ikeras and killed the entire main lineage. This person was someone she wished to follow.

Shi Lang could read her thoughts like an open book and said, “I want you to guard this guy here while I go raid the vault.”

Chun was about to nod when Shi Lang said, “This guy is almost dead. I have been sustaining his life by channeling my spirit energy through his vital organs. Can you do this?”

Chun was surprised and realized that Shi Lang was not joking when he said that the family leader had to suffer, and nodded in acceptance. Shi Lang left the spaceport. The vault was also among the places that were hidden by rune casting.

This method created a fog of spirit energy, so in the spiritual senses of a person, this area looked like a ball of cloud. So, Shi Lang came out to explore these areas. There were three such places inside the palace, except the spaceport, and he wanted to know what they were.

Upon exploration, Shi Lang found a dungeon where a few unfortunate people were being kept. He could judge from the equipment; these few girls were all used as blood cattle. Someone the old perverts acquired blood from. Their nerves had been destroyed, and their consciousness was also damaged permanently.

Shi Lang contacted Harley. He did not wish to take these deaths on his conscience and told her the dungeon’s location. The latter told him she would inform the sweep team to be careful, and they would take care of it.

Shi Lang did not tell her the vault’s location and emptied the entire thing with a value of nine hundred trillion credit units. This was the main vault of the palace and not the secret stash set aside by the pirates. The young man circled the palace and found Sparrow and Raz had also come inside the palace.

They both had some minor injuries. They both appeared in front of Shi Lang outside the spaceport. The two saluted him and looked at Chun, who supported the old man with great effort. Shi Lang said, “Raz, keep him alive.”

The man nodded and took over from Chun. Shi Lang said, “If you think that killing all these people was a crime, then you can come at me anytime you want.”

Chun shook her head and said, “I cannot thank you enough for releasing the bounds set on me. It is not that I have not tried to run away, but they had a good measure against that possibility. So, thank you for giving me a new life.”

Shi Lang nodded. His indifference had vanished. After he disabled Rakth, his rage slowly calmed down. He asked, “Where will you go after this?”

Chun thought briefly, then shrugged her shoulders and revealed a sad smile. Shi Lang nodded and said, “You can take out the fastest ship in this hangar and go to the Federation. In exchange for your services, I will intercede with my people and provide you with asylum. What do you think?”

The girl thought about it, then nodded with a faint smile. Shi Lang said, “My wife will arrange your job. Now, let’s go. Also, Sparrow, make sure to pick up Crystal.”

Sparrow nodded, and then the spaceship flew away. Finally, when the ship left the atmosphere, Chun shed a few tears of sadness. Crystal was unaware of her story, but she could tell that it was not her place to console the person.

The five planets were dealt with smoothly and all the officials were killed, along with their families. The task to deal with children was left to the sweep team. Ace division was cruel but not without a heart. They could not bring themselves to kill children without any reason.

Shi Lang and his team regrouped inside the spaceship but they did not meet as the team could hear heart-shaking screams. The shura was having a good time with his new toy. A few hours later, Shi Lang and his team arrived at the fleet battle region and Jill decided to regroup with the Strike force.

They will see what to do from there. The assignment has come to an end.

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