After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister’s Treasure

Chapter 671 - Chapter 671: Xiao Hanzheng Is Poisonous

Chapter 671: Xiao Hanzheng Is Poisonous

Both Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng had led their troops to travel at night.

A day later, they would quietly meet up near the border city where the Third Prince was.

The scouts from Ge Kingdom had all been taken care of by their people. The exhausted army was also arranged to go to a mountain not too far from the city.

This mountain was also the one that Shi Qingluo had used to fly in the Fallen Wing Suit previously. She was quite familiar with it, so she led everyone to a mountain with dense forests and a bird’s eye view of the border city to rest.

Although the journey was a little tiring, they ate very well. They had white steamed buns and canned meat. Everyone was even given a pair of rubber-soled leather shoes to wear.

Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo had fought for them.

Xiao Hanzheng had asked for the rubber- soled leather shoes from the Emperor.

The Ministry of Revenue did not have that much money, so the Emperor had to find a few families with rubber to pool together.

The canned food was requested from King Yi, and could be directly shipped over from the canned food workshop at the border.

Xiao Hanzheng also told them that if they could defeat the army of Ge Kingdom, when they were able to defeat Ge Kingdom, when the time came, everyone would be rewarded according to their contributions. He would personally help to keep an eye on the rewards and ensure that they were in place.

Since Xiao Hanzheng came to the border in the last two to three months, he had won so many battles. Not only had he saved the situation from the beginning, he had also turned the tables.

This also made the soldiers at the border trust him greatly.

Not only did their morale soar, but they were also extremely happy.

After all, there were only a few people who relied on military merit to be promoted. Most of the soldiers were rewarded with silver.

In the past, when they fought wars, they always said that they wanted rewards, but the Ministry of Revenue had no money, and the Ministry of War had no choice but to delay it.

Therefore, many of them did not have any hope for the so-called reward, but now that they heard Xiao Hanzheng’s promise, they all believed it.

That night, when Xiao Hanzheng led his army to attack the army led by the prince of the North King, the soldiers were all excited.

The North King had been busy with the army led by ‘Xiao Hanzheng’ and he did not expect that he would be ambushed when he was about to attack Liang Hengxiao.

Seeing Xiao Hanzheng and his wife, the prince of the North King knew that they had been tricked.

Then, he immediately led his men to retreat.

However, they were blocked by Xiao Hanzheng’s army again.

Now, he knew that this was all a trap set by Xiao Hanzheng to lure them into it.

Especially after hearing that the other two cities had failed, the heir of the North King wanted to vomit blood.

Why was Xiao Hanzheng so difficult to deal with?

Wasn’t he just a scholar and a civil official? Why was he so good at fighting?

No matter what the heir of the North King thought, he did not escape the fate of being captured.

Since the heir of the North King was captured, the army he brought with him was naturally annihilated as well.

It was also because the Ge Kingdom had only invested a hundred thousand soldiers since the start of the war, and there were not many left.

Not only were the armies they sent annihilated, but all the commanders were captured without exception.

Then, Xiao Hanzheng gathered more than 60,000 soldiers of Daliang and marched toward Ge Kingdom.

The news quickly spread back.

The Emperor and the courtiers of Ge Kingdom also wanted to vomit blood. They all thought that Xiao Hanzheng was poisonous.

Many people in Ge Kingdom were afraid of Daliang’s strong offensive, so the peace faction and the war faction quarreled every day.

A few days later, Xiao Hanzheng led his troops to attack another important city in the Ge Kingdom.

The Emperor of Ge Kingdom immediately sent reinforcements, but before the reinforcements arrived, Xiao Hanzheng had already knocked on the gate of the city with a lot of newly improved siege weapons and taken it.

It seemed that they would continue to head west toward Ge Kingdom’s Imperial City.

This time, Ge Kingdom was really panicking. They were unwilling to accept this, but there was nothing they could do.

After so many defeats, Ge Kingdom did not have enough soldiers.

Thus, the peace faction finally gained the upper hand and proposed a truce with Daliang.

This was something that even the people of Daliang had not expected. Xiao Hanzheng had really shocked them.

He had actually won so quickly without any warning.

Xiao Hanzheng was not only a good civil servant, but also a tough fighter.

Gradually, he became known as the War God of Daliang.

He became famous in one battle and became a household name in Daliang.

Along with him, there was also the lucky star, Shi Qingluo, who was praised by everyone. She was the disciple of the old immortal, but the rumors about her were quite magical, and the people were talking about her with relish.

Daliang could not hold on for long either. They had a large number of soldiers, but their rations and armaments could not hold on for long.

The reason why Xiao Hanzheng led his army to the west and acted as if he was going to attack Ge Kingdom was to deter them and make it easier for Daliang to negotiate for the victory.

This time, they had to scrape off a layer of skin from Ge Kingdom.

The news of successive victories and the capture of Ge Kingdom’s main cities spread back to Daliang. The Emperor, the aristocratic families, and the people of Daliang could not help but feel excited.

When he received the peace treaty from Ge Kingdom, the Emperor was even more delighted and praised Xiao Hanzheng.

Even those who did not want Xiao Hanzheng to rise to power would not dare to do anything at this moment.

Otherwise, they would be drowned in the saliva of the people. After all, Xiao Hanzheng was now the famous god of war.

The Emperor naturally wanted to take down Ge Kingdom, but he was very rational. He knew that Daliang was still a little weak.

If they were impulsive, the good situation that Xiao Hanzheng had created would be ruined when the food and military supplies were not enough.

After all, if they attacked Ge, they would become invaders. The soldiers and citizens of Ge would resist crazily to protect their country.

Ge Kingdom was very strong to begin with, and the strength of their counterattack was not small.

The Emperor didn’t want to fail in the gutter, so he stopped while he was ahead.

Thus, he ignored the Ge Kingdom envoy for more than ten days before meeting him. After that, they began to bargain intensely.

On the other side, in the city of Ge Kingdom.

Xiao Hanzheng did not commit any crimes like the Ge Kingdom.

They locked up the Ge Kingdom soldiers guarding the city, but they did not move the commoners.

Of course, he also had people monitor them. If they found any rioters or problematic citizens, they would kill them without mercy and throw the others into prison.

They had been here for more than a month, and Shi Qingluo was also helping with some official matters.

Xiao Hanzheng walked in.

Shi Qingluo took the initiative to pour him a glass of water. “Are you done?” Xiao Hanzheng took it and drank it in one gulp. “I’m almost done.”

“I received news from the capital that the peace talks are coming to an end. The Ge Kingdom has given up a lot of benefits and will also pay a large amount of resources, gold, silver, and jewelry.”

Shi Qingluo was not surprised. After all, there were still many capable officials in the capital.

“Then can we return to North City soon?” she asked with a smile.

Xiao Hanzheng nodded. “We’ll be back in a month.”

Shi Qingluo had long wanted to return to North City. She was relieved to hear him say that.

She smiled again. “By the way, your scumbag father mentioned the matter of the North King’s concubine again. How’s your arrangement going?”

Xiao Hanzheng replied, “It’s almost done. The show at the North City mansion will start soon.”

Shi Qingluo shrugged her shoulders in pity. “It’s a pity that it’s too far away. I can’t see it.”

Xiao Hanzheng chuckled. “I will get someone to write a letter to you in detail.” Shi Qingluo smiled and hugged his arm. “Zheng Zheng, you’re the best!”

The two of them chatted and laughed for a while before eating together. Today, the kitchen made steamed fish.

Shi Qingluo picked up a piece with her chopsticks. Before she could swallow it, she could not help but feel nauseous.

So she ran to the door and retched.

Xiao Hanzheng was startled and he stood up immediately.. “Wife, what happened to you?”

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