After Her Engagement Annulled, the Weak Rich Daughter Becomes a Big Shot!

Chapter 159 - Chapter 159: A Wasted Trip

Chapter 159: A Wasted Trip

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“You said that you want to attend the next few auctions?” Edwin didn’t expect Caroline to make such a request. He pondered for a moment before asking, “Are you looking for something?”

Caroline nodded. “I do have something I want, but I don’t know if I’ll be lucky enough to see it inside.”

After all, according to the information from Will Sr., the customers had only received news that the item would appear at the auction. As for whether or not the item would really appear, or when it would appear, that was still an unknown.

When the situation was still unknown, she could only try her luck and be prepared to work for free.

However, this was also normal. If it was so easy to get the item, the bounty wouldn’t be so high.

Edwin wanted to ask her what she wanted, but at the same time, he was hesitant to tell Caroline that the underground auction house was founded and operated by the Anderson family.

But in the end, Edwin didn’t say anything. The next day, he handed her an invitation. “I heard that because there was a commotion at the auction site the last two times, a powerful cat burglar managed to win over the owner of the invitation and sneaked into the auction as a follower. Therefore, the auction has a new rule that everyone must bring an invitation to enter, so each invitation can only be used by one person. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to go in with you on that day.”

“What’s with the coincidence?” In that case, Caroline wouldn’t be so thick-skinned as to ask Edwin to give up his qualification. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would turn out like this. You can take back the invitation.”

Edwin didn’t move. “I’m not very interested in the items at the auction, so even if I have an invitation, I rarely attend. It’s just a piece of waste paper in my hands, but you’re the one who needs it.”

Seeing that he did not seem to be lying, Caroline wavered. “You really don’t need it?”

“I really don’t need it.” Edwin nodded solemnly.

Caroline took the invitation. “You’ve done me a great favor.”

“It’s my honor.” After being praised, Edwin’s body temperature obviously rose.

“When the next invitation letter comes, I’ll give it to you directly.”

Even Caroline felt that she had gone too far with how nice Edwin was to her. Hence, she decided that even if she missed the target of the mission, she would bid for an item and give it to Edwin as an engagement gift. She even checked how much money she had left in her account.

It was a good thing that she didn’t usually spend a lot of money on anything, so it was still okay for her to buy something that wasn’t too outrageous.

Three days later, Caroline took the invitation letter, put on a disguise mask, and a long cloak to the gathering place. Then, the black-shirted man put on the blindfold, and she went around in circles until she arrived at the wine cellar of a winery.

There were about 30 to 40 guests attending the auction that night, which was neither too much nor too little. Everyone knew the rules and silently lined up to enter the auction.

There was a verification machine at the entrance of the wine cellar. Caroline opened the invitation and scanned the barcode inside. The machine then spat out a random number plate, which was their seat number.

The waiter, who was also wearing a mask, looked up at Caroline and handed her the invitation card and number plate.

Caroline went to her temporary private room with the number plate of 08. There was a comfortable sofa, tea, and snacks on the table, the auction list, and a big screen on the wall for guests to see the auction items.

Caroline remembered her goal. The first thing she did when she entered was to pick up the auction list and check the items for tonight’s auction. It was a pity that she could not find the mission target even after looking through it from beginning to end.

Caroline sighed, but she wasn’t too disappointed. She looked through the list again. There were a total of 18 items, and many of them had a history. Unfortunately, for Caroline, who wasn’t very rich at the moment, these items were within her reach.

As for the remaining items that she could barely get her hands on, none of them were to her liking.

“It seems like I’ve made a wasted trip tonight,” Caroline mumbled softly..

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