Chapter 554 - 554 Treat

554 Treat

Director Zheng glanced at Mo Rao, who was standing beside him, and raised his eyebrows at Gu Ci. “President Gu, what’s the matter?”

Gu Ci smiled gently at Director Zheng. “To thank you guys for taking care of Rao Rao, I want to treat everyone in the production team to a meal.”

“Everyone in the production team?” Director Zheng asked in surprise.

Gu Ci nodded and confirmed, “Yes, everyone.”

Director Zheng’s gaze changed. Seeing that Gu Ci wasn’t joking, he agreed.

He picked up the loudspeaker at the side and said to everyone in the production team, “Everyone! President Gu is treating all of us to a meal tonight! When we can eat the feast prepared by President Gu today will depend on when you can finish filming today’s scenes! Do you guys have the confidence to finish work early?!”

“Of course we have to be confident in this situation. We have to finish work faster!”

“That’s right. We can’t let Mr. Gu off so easily!”

“Hahahaha! This is all thanks to Sister Rao Rao. We have to make President Gu pay up no matter what!”

All the staff members in the production team knew that Gu Ci was pursuing Mo Rao, so they naturally understood why Gu Ci was treating them this time. In addition, there were many people, so they were bold enough to tease him.

Amidst everyone’s laughter, Yu Ye looked at Gu Ci even more menacingly.

Because he knew that Gu Ci was a formidable love rival that he couldn’t ignore!

Facing everyone’s jeers, Gu Ci replied kindly, brightening up the atmosphere of the production team.

Fortunately, everyone knew why Gu Ci was here this time. They also knew that they had to complete today’s work before they could eat the meal Gu Ci mentioned.

Therefore, very quickly, everyone went about their own business, giving Gu Ci and Mo Rao some privacy.

“You seem to be very familiar with Yu Ye?” Gu Ci asked casually.

Mo Rao smiled. “Yes, when I was in ‘Celebrity Gourmet’, Little Ye helped me a lot. After that, he kept calling me ‘Sister’, so I really started to treat Little Ye as my younger brother.”

Hearing Mo Rao’s words, Gu Ci thought about the words “Little Ye” and “Little Brother” before revealing a meaningful smile.

“I see,” Gu Ci said thoughtfully. “I think Yu Ye is quite cute as well.”

Yes, in his eyes, Yu Ye was just a child.

He believed that Mo Rao wouldn’t be interested in a child.

Not to mention, this child was Mo Rao’s “little brother”.

However… he had to be on guard.

“In front of Director Zheng, why did you…” Mo Rao hesitated.

Gu Ci didn’t seem to understand what Mo Rao meant. He looked at Mo Rao in confusion as he said softly, “Huh?”

As Mo Rao stared at Gu Ci’s beautiful eyes, she thought for a moment, but in the end, she didn’t say what she was thinking.

Although it was a little overboard, her relationship with Gu Ci… From Gu Ci’s perspective, it probably wasn’t a big deal to say something like that.

“No, it’s nothing,” she denied.

Gu Ci didn’t continue asking. He changed the topic and said, “How long will the filming take?”

“It should take a few months,” Mo Rao replied. “In another month and a half, the production team would start filming elsewhere.”

Gu Ci stopped in his tracks for a moment, but then he quickly returned to his previous pace.

“Are you guys going to film live scenes after that?”

“Yes, the live scenes have to be filmed in A City.”

Hearing Mo Rao’s words, Gu Ci immediately looked disappointed.

“A City?” He repeated in a low voice. “Wouldn’t it be even harder for me to visit you at work in the future?”

When Mo Rao met Gu Ci’s disappointed gaze, she subconsciously looked away and said, “Actually, you don’t have to visit. It’s very convenient to contact each other on the phone now. We can even video call each other.”

“Yes, you’re right. It’s fine as long as you can finish filming properly,” Not wanting to affect Mo Rao too much, Gu Ci said calmly.

Mo Rao nodded and smiled at Gu Ci. “Sorry for making you break the bank today. There are many people in our production team.”

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