After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Chapter 77 - Chapter 77: Follow Me

Chapter 77: Follow Me

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On the way back, Song Yao slept for two whole days, but she did not see the young man selling instant noodles. She sat on the hard bed, her mind filled with the words Zuo Huo had told her.

Would she ever have a chance to see him again?

For some reason, Song Yao kept thinking about him, but it was only the kind of longing between friends.

She hoped that Zuo Huo would be better off. She hoped that he would find a good wife who was really worthy of him. Only then could she heave a sigh of relief.

“Madam, do you want a bowl of instant noodles? It’s 50 cents a bowl. I still have ham sausage and soda…”

The familiar young man’s voice sounded in her ears again. Song Yao looked up and saw the young man standing in front of her again.

“Sister, I see you again!”

Song Yao smiled. After not seeing him for a few days, the young man seemed to have become thinner, and his clothes were dirty. “Where have you been these few days? Also, when you were on the train the other day, why did you suddenly disappear?”

man scratched his head and said embarrassedly, “Actually, I actually got on the train without a ticket.”

“What did you say?” Song Yao was dumbfounded.

“Lower your voice!” The young man seemed to be panicking. He whispered, “If you call the train attendant over, I won’t be able to get on the train again…”

“But you can’t do this, can you?” Song Yao’s tone was a little helpless. Even though she knew that it was not easy for everyone these days, and it was common to not pay for a ticket, if it was not an urgent matter, she would not let this happen!

“Can’t I just pay it for you?” After saying that, Song Yao called the train attendant over.

The young man subconsciously wanted to escape, but he was stopped by Song Yao. She took out more than 40 yuan and said, “This is to make up for a train ticket to Sangqiu County. My brother got on the train in a hurry and lost the ticket.”

The attendant took the money and glanced at the young man’s face. Then, he said coldly, “You’re lucky that someone helped you buy a ticket this time. The next time you escape, don’t blame me for taking you to see the police!”

man said dejectedly, “A ticket costs 45 yuan. How can I have that much money?”

Song Yao smiled. “Then you shouldn’t have run away, right? Besides, don’t you sell instant noodles? A bowl of instant noodles costs 50 cents.

It’s not that difficult to earn 45 yuan, right?”

The young man lowered his head. “How easy do you think it is to earn money? I sell instant noodles, but someone has to buy them. I’ve saved up so much money from selling instant noodles for so many days. Not to mention train tickets, I don’t even have enough to eat!”

After the young man finished speaking, he took out a crumpled stack of fifty cents from his pocket and handed it to Song Yao. “This is all I have left. As for the rest, I’ll return it to you when I find a job.”

Song Yao counted for a long time and there were about 20 yuan. “What kind of job are you looking for? If you really can’t do it, do you want to work with me?”

“Really? What job?” the young man asked excitedly.

Song Yao smiled. “My family runs a small restaurant. Just help wipe the table and sell something. I’ll give you 12 yuan a month.”

man sized up Song Yao and increasingly felt that she was like a goddess in his heart. “You, aren’t you afraid that I’m a liar? Or that I’ll secretly run away?”

Song Yao smiled. “You? Who can you lie to? Besides, after you officially join the company, I’ll want your identity information. This way, even if you run away, I can contact you!”

Hearing this, the young man’s heart warmed. “Thank you, Sister. You’re the best! My name is Liang Jie. You can call me Jie from now on!”

Song Yao took the initiative to shake his hand. “Song Yao! From today onwards, I’m your boss!”

After getting off the train, Song Yao brought Liang Jie to look for Sun Hao.

Because the train tickets they bought were not in the same carriage, Song Yao circled the train for a long time before she saw Sun Hao in the corner. “Cousin, are you looking for me?”

“That’s right. The big city is really too big. A country bumpkin like me who has never traveled far can’t even understand by train.”

Song Yao smiled. “You’ll get used to it sooner or later. In the future, when your cousin’s business expands, don’t you want to stay in the city and enjoy life?”

However, Sun Hao noticed Liang Jie. “Is this the young man selling instant noodles?”

When Liang Jie heard this, he immediately shook hands with Sun Hao.

“Hello, Big Cousin! From today onwards, we’re colleagues!” Sun Hao was dumbfounded. “You recruited him too?”

Song Yao said, “The restaurant always needs manpower.”

Sun Hao thought about it and felt that it made sense. The few of them chatted on the way and got to know each other better.

When Song Yao returned to Song Manor, the big truck from Sang Qiu City had already arrived at the door.

Song Yao called Song Xiao, Sun Hao, Liang Jie, and the others to carry the things they had bought into the house.

Just as she was about to pay the chauffeur, the other party smiled and said to her, “Captain Zuo has already paid!”

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