After Rebirth, Mrs. He Dotes On Her Husband

Chapter 301 - 301 Finally Like a Normal Person

301 Finally Like a Normal Person

Chen Wei’er was excited. “I have finally found a blind spot in your knowledge!”

However, Chen Wei’er also didn’t know where to go. How were they going to return?

Chen Wei’er furrowed her brows, but He Xun remained calm. “It’s alright. Let’s wait for a while.”

“How long do we have to wait? Besides, I can’t tell the difference. Even if we wait until tomorrow, I still won’t know!” Chen Wei’er anxiously scratched her ears and cheeks. She looked at the four passages carefully and couldn’t see any distinction at all.

“If you can’t wait, you can still think of a way to get out.” He Xun raised his eyebrows.

Seeing him like this, Chen Wei’er wanted to pull her husband’s eyebrows off!

Chen Wei’er refused to admit defeat, but after walking for a while, she still couldn’t find the way. She didn’t know where to proceed. All the fields looked the same! She could only retreat back to He Xun’s side.

“You can’t wait?” He Xun chuckled and patted Chen Wei’er as if she was a little rabbit.

On the other hand, Chen Wei’er had already become a rabbit.

Chen Wei’er, the fuzzy rabbit, stomped her feet and said, “So annoying! Where should we go?”

“Follow me.” He Xun finally stopped teasing her. He grabbed his wife’s hand and firmly walked forward.

Chen Wei’er was confused, “Didn’t you say you didn’t know? Did you lie to me?”

He Xun turned around and glanced at her. He was half amused and half doting. “Silly girl.”

Chen Wei’er angrily flung He Xun’s hand away. “You actually called me silly!”

“Alright, I was wrong, okay?” He Xun squatted down to coax her.

“Hmph!” Chen Wei’er still didn’t buy it. She pouted and looked at He Xun. “You clearly knew where to go, yet you lied to me.”

He Xun had no choice but to compromise. “Actually, I was really confused at first.”

After looking up at the clouds with his wife for a long time, he was also confused when he turned around. After all, he had stayed in the city’s reinforced concrete for a long time. He was not used to the roads in the countryside.

But soon, He Xun knew where to go. Well, he had a mobile phone with compass software.

“I think you have been lying to me since the beginning!” Chen Wei’er felt that she had been running here and there like a fool just now. And He Xun deliberately wanted to see her scratching her ears and cheeks.

He Xun had no choice but to stuff the phone in his pocket into his wife’s hand.


Chen Wei’er looked at the direction of the compass on the screen. She was rendered speechless.

“I just thought of this idea,” He Xun patted her head. Of course, he didn’t just think of it. He just wanted to see Chen Wei’er scratching her ears and cheeks, but he couldn’t tell the truth. Otherwise, he would end up miserable…

As a husband, he still had the desire to live!

“Really?” Chen Wei’er was skeptical.

“Of course,” He Xun replied with certainty.

“Alright, then.” Chen Wei’er decided to forgive him and whispered, “You’re not that omnipotent!”

“What did you just say?” He Xun didn’t hear her clearly and lowered his head slightly to get closer to her.

However, Chen Wei’er didn’t intend to repeat herself. She tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek, “I said that my husband finally looks like a normal person!”

He Xun frowned. “I didn’t look like one before?”

“You didn’t.” Chen Wei’er nodded. He used to be like a robot because he was too perfect in all aspects! He was so perfect that he didn’t seem like a normal person. It was as if nothing could stump He Xun.

After the small interlude, Chen Wei’er and He Xun quickly saw the mountain that the villagers had mentioned. It was only about 200 to 300 meters tall. They could climb it in less than half an hour.

Chen Wei’er smelled the fresh fragrance of flowers and herbs in the air and felt as if her chest had been relieved. Then, she turned on the camera and aimed it at the rolling mountains. She was recording a promotional video.

“Hello everyone, I’m Chen Wei’er. The theme of today’s video on the tranquil mountain is mountain climbing.” As she spoke, Chen Wei’er even took a photo of He Xun, and his side profile flashed across the camera.

Chen Wei’er explained the environment as she climbed the mountain, and He Xun occasionally pulled her along.

There were various plants on the mountain road that Chen Wei’er had never seen before. She was extremely curious. “Has anyone seen this before? This is the first time I have seen it. Hubby, What is this?”

She took a close-up shot of a transparent gel-like substance on the tree for everyone to see.

“It’s sticky,” He Xun stopped to check.

Chen Wei’er stretched out her hand to touch it. It was indeed slightly sticky.

“Do you know of a tree that specializes in producing rubber?” He Xun asked.

Chen Wei’er shook her head like a rattle-drum. It completely showed her lack of knowledge. “Do trees still produce rubber?”

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