After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 644 No Way

Chapter 644 No Way

Qiao Mei asked puzzledly, "Then where are her two sons? Shouldn't they be by her side at this time?"

Li Dong did not help out with anything at home and would not have any money to give to Old Madam Li. At most, he only did some chores at home and then go to the village to earn some work points. He could not be bothered to do anything else.

Old Madam Li did not dare to look for Li Xiong after so many years. She heard that Li Xiong had become rich, but when Li Xiong cut ties with her back then, it was all signed and stamped with witnesses present. So she felt too shameful to look for Li Xiong!

"They've all gone out to work. They don't have access to phones and we can't contact them. The only person she can count on now is you, Li Gui," Zhao Hong said as she held Li Gui's hand.

She had to think of a way to persuade Li Gui to go back with her today. To make Li Gui go back, she would say anything.

There were still two children waiting for her at home. If she could not persuade Li Gui by tomorrow night, these two children would not be able to survive the winter.

"Then what exactly is her illness? Didn't the doctor say?" Qiao Mei asked.

Zhao Hong stammered and could not say anything. She had made it all up, so how could she know what illness Old Madam Li had!

She said casually, "Mother doesn't have the money to go to the doctor. All the money at home has been taken by the Zhang family. We can't even afford to eat now, so how does she have the money to save herself? That's why she asked me to look for Li Gui."

"So she needs money because she's sick. But my younger sister is lying in bed and also needs money to treat her illness. We don't have any money left." Since they kept making themselves out to be so pitiful, Qiao Mei might as well start complaining about being poor too.

Zhao Hong turned around and looked at Zhang Miao. She had also heard about this matter, but she thought Qiao Mei had paid for Zhang Miao's medical fees when Zhang Miao was unconscious? Then Qiao Mei must still have money.

"Li Gui, go back and save mother. If you don't save her, she will really die!" Zhao Hong cried.

"Is whatever you said true?" Li Gui asked.

"Absolutely true! If it's a lie, why would I come all the way here to look for you!" Zhao Hong said.

? Li Gui could not stand Zhao Hong's pleading, but she did not have any money left and could only ask Qiao Mei for help.<.com>

She pulled Qiao Mei out of the house and whispered, "Um… Mei Mei, can you lend me some money? Take it that I'm borrowing it! I'll definitely return it to you! I'll write you an IOU! I want to go back and see my mother."

Qiao Mei looked at Li Gui in disbelief and said, "Don't tell me you really think that Old Madam Li is sick! She's lying to you!"

Could anyone really be so stupid?

If she was really sick, how could she beat Zhao Hong up like that? If she had no food, she would definitely have fainted on the way like Zhao Hong. It would definitely not be the current situation.

There was no clarity on her illness and they only knew that she was about to die. This must be a lie!

"I don't think she's lying… You've also seen her condition when she brought the children over these past two days, so can you… can you lend me some money first? I'll definitely return it to you!" Li Gui begged.

Qiao Mei shook her head helplessly and looked at Li Gui in disappointment. "My money is not meant to be squandered like this. This is clearly a trap, so why do you still want to go?"

"I… But what if it's true! What if she's really sick?" Li Gui still did not believe that Zhao Hong would lie to her.

Her reasoning was that Old Madam Li did not use her own life as an excuse to ask her for money for so many years, so why would she say that now? This matter must be true. Even if it was not true, she still wanted to make sure that her mother could remain alive.

"I won't lend you this money. Think of another way. If Old Madam Li dies and needs to buy a coffin, you can come and tell me. I'll definitely fork out the money to get a beautiful coffin to send her on her way!" Qiao Mei shouted towards the house.

On one hand, she was saying it to Li Gui. On the other hand, she also wanted Zhao Hong to know that there was no way they could get money from her!

"Mei Mei! Please! Don't be like this! Can't you take it that I'm borrowing from you? Just treat it as you're helping me, okay? Just treat it as you're saving me!" Li Gui said.

"No! You'd better think of another way! I'll need money when I give birth! No matter what you encounter this time, I won't help you anymore! Find someone else!" Qiao Mei said angrily.

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