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Chapter 550: With me, Wang Lufei, no one can hurt you

Chapter 550: With me, Wang Lufei, no one can hurt you

“Who is that guy wearing a straw hat? Which family is it? Which sect? Which force?”

“Does he know the weight of the words “descendant of the gods?”

“He is dead! No matter who is behind him, he can’t save him!”

Many audiences present were in an uproar, all looking at the boy in the straw hat.

“Boy, don’t think that you are a big shot if you step into the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm! The waste accumulated by relying on the power of the pill, dare to act wild here?” At this time, a figure slowly walked out, and wearing a high-grade Earth-level armor, he stood in front of Wang Lufei.

It was the person in charge of the main arena, who was once a small champion of this arena, and was extremely powerful!

But the half-step Heavenly Pill man suddenly had a hole on his chest.

“???” The half-step Heavenly Pill man was full of question marks, and he didn’t even see how Wang Lufei killed him.


The half-step Heavenly Pill man fell to the ground, completely out of breath.

“Hold the grass! The lord was killed!”

“This guy, he, he killed the half-step heavenly pill with one punch?”

“Isn’t this young man at the Sea Wheel Realm? Hasn’t he cultivated by accumulating pills?”

The more than a hundred guards who rushed over from the main arena originally came to catch Wang Lufei, but they saw the person in charge punched to death by Wang Lufei. These guards were the strongest in the late Sea Wheel Realm, and the weakest was at the early Sea Wheel Realm. Who would dare to step forward?

“Old grandpa, with me, Wang Lufei, no one can hurt you!!!” Only at this time did Wang Lufei turn around and look at the old man and the half-demon child.

“Grandpa!” The half-demon child broke free from the crumbling chains of sand and dust, and ran to the old man’s side.

The old man was already almost dead at this time.

Even if a powerful healer came, or if he took the healing elixir, he would definitely die.

“Thank you… you, you beat the descendants of the gods, run away! I’m… hopeless… just please, take this child…” The old man struggled to say this with the last of his strength.

“I won’t let you die!” Wang Lufei said, slowly raising his right hand.

“Hehe, this old man is doomed! It’s useless even if you have great healing power!”

“That’s right, the meridians are shattered, and the heart veins are shattered! It’s strange if he don’t die!”

“Even the elixir refined by the master can’t cure him!”

Many viewers shook their heads one after another, thinking that Wang Lufei was a stunned young man, and it would be hell if he could be saved.


“Life is Endless!!!” Wang Lufei raised his hand, and activated Life is Endless! The

green light shot up into the sky, then fell down suddenly, and sank into the old man’s body.

The broken meridians gradually healed.

The broken heart was gradually recovering!

The majestic life force was constantly flowing in the old man’s body.

The wound on the old man disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye!

“I… am I still alive?” The old man opened his eyes and found that he was in better condition than before the injury!


It is a miracle!

“The descendant of the supreme god, His Highness Yan Jun, I will kill the ants who injured you now…” At this time, another half-step heavenly pill roared over, speaking with a strong disdain and mocking expression.



The next moment, the half-step Heavenly Pill died on the spot.

“Hiss, hiss!” Seeing this scene, many viewers were shocked!

Another half-step heavenly pill was killed in seconds?

The boy… why is he so strong?

“The savior…you must be the savior in everyone’s legend…” the old man cried, with tears flowing down his face.

Although in the legend, the savior was a man with seven stars on his chest!

But the old man didn’t care.

The boy in the straw hat in front of him must be the savior!

“Thank you, big brother! But, can you save the red-faced aunt? And Uncle Yang Jiao, they are all good people!” At this moment, the half-demon child suddenly ran to Wang Lufei, knelt on the ground and said loudly.

“Huh? Where are they?” Wang Lufei turned his eyes and asked directly.

“They are slaves just like us!” the old man said, raised his hand, and pointed in a direction not far away.

That’s where the slaves were held in the Tianlong Arena.

“Alright!” Wang Lufei nodded. No nonsense at all, let alone hesitation. Raising his hand, he grabbed Yan Jun, the so-called descendant of the god who passed out not far away, and dragged him directly to the place where the slaves were held.

“What is this kid doing?”

“Hold the grass, does he want to rescue those lowly slaves?”

“Looking for death, really looking for death, he has already injured the descendants of the gods, and the guards of the gods will arrive soon. When that time comes, he will die!”

“Yes, he has provoked the descendants of the gods, and now he wants to rescue the slaves of the Tianlong Arena? Doesn’t this kid know that behind the Tianlong Arena, there is the Beast Gate!”

Although most of the audience was scared away, there were still a few courageous ones who quietly followed.

At this time, a corner of Tianlong Island.

“Hold the grass, where did Brother Lufei go? Damn, he doesn’t respond to messages!” Master of Theory wiped his sweat with a helpless expression on his face.

He searched for a long time, but he couldn’t find anyone.

At this moment, suddenly many people were discussing something.

“Have you heard? Someone beat the descendants of the gods?”

“Hold the grass, this guy is looking for death!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, he is really brave. I guess he just came down from the upper realm and knows nothing about the situation in the Chaos Star Sea. He’s really very stupid!”

Many people started to discuss.

“Huh? Someone hit the descendant of the god?” Master of Theory was taken aback, then immediately found a small book, and soon found the descendant of the god.

“After the Heavenly Pill, it is the Yuanying! The Yuanying is the ultimate, breaking through the boundaries, it is the Deity Transformation! They refer to him as a celestial!

“Hahaha, what a fool, so stupid, actually beat a descendant of a god… Hold the grass! No way! No way!!!” Master of Theory laughed, and suddenly his smile froze.

Oh my god!

Why is this plot so familiar?

Hold the grass!

No way?

Master of Theory panicked and hurried to Tianlong Arena in the direction of many people.

At this time, the periphery of the Tianlong Arena was already surrounded by countless strong men who rushed over.

“Listen up, the ants inside! Hurry up and hand over His Highness Yan Jun, the descendant of the god, otherwise, you and all the forces behind you will be completely wiped out!”

The one who stood up and shouted was a powerful existence at the early stage of the Heavenly Pill Realm!

“It’s me, the tenth elder of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect! A self-righteous genius in the upper realm, thinking that he is from the upper realm, so he can do whatever he wants in this Chaos Star Sea!

“He’s really stupid!

“The water in this Chaos Star Sea is much deeper than you imagined!”

The tenth elder secretly thought.


At this moment, the gate of Tianlong Arena was blasted open!

A boy wearing a straw hat, a red vest, and a pair of straw sandals came out step by step.

Behind him, there were thousands of slaves supporting each other, covered in scars, and some in shackles.

All of them were slaves imprisoned in Tianlong Arena.

There were human races, demon races, beast races, Pippi Shrimps, goatmen and other alien races.

Not only that, but there were also half-demons, half-demons and other mixed races.

At this time, all these slaves were rescued by the boy wearing the straw hat.

“Hold the grass!” Master of Theory happened to see it, and also saw this scene, and everyone was dumbfounded.


Brother Lufei!

We are here to negotiate!

Why are you making such a big fuss when you come up?

What should I do?

I can only…

take out the Deep Sea King skewers and skillfully start a live broadcast!

“Hello Hello , this is me Master of Theory. I am on Tianlong Island, and the original plan was to negotiate with the human race forces! But because… so…

“Brother Lufei has become the most wanted criminal on Tianlong Island! What should I do, brothers? Hurry up!”

Following the live broadcast of the theory master.

Soon, players and forum friends errupted!

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