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Chapter 552: 100vs100

Chapter 552: 100vs100

Chapter 552: 100vs100

Deep underground in Tianlong Island, in an extremely secret underground hall, several figures slowly opened their eyes.

These figures had a powerful and terrifying aura, each of which had an aura that had been circulated for nearly ten times.

At this time , these figures all received the message.

“Huh? Someone has done something to the descendants of the gods?”

“The Temple of Heaven, the descendant of the ancestor of Yan Mo, Yan Jun? That trash guy… Hehe, he is just part of the Yan family in name.”

“Hehe, the descendants of the gods were attacked, the Divine ?Guards of the Temple of Heaven will definitely be dispatched! Well, maybe they are already on their way!”

“This news came from the elders? The Tenth Elder of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect was killed?”

“Hahaha, interesting , Someone actually dared to kill from the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect!”

“I’m going to take a look! How about you?”

“I heard that it’s just a Sea Wheel Realm. You can go, I’d better stay here!”

“That’s also good!”

After these figures communicated with each other, soon, one of the figures stepped forward and disappeared without a trace.

In the core area of ??Tianlong Island, inside a tall tower…

Outside the tower, huge words float in the void…

Chenxing Auction!

Another elder from the Chenxing Auction also agreed. “It’s interesting, why don’t you go and see it!” Mu Xueying smiled and stood up leisurely.

“Master Xueying, what is there to see about a dead person? He is at the peak of Sea Wheel Realm and wants to save the slaves on the entire island. This stupid idiot thinks that in this cultivation world, he can still enforce the so-called justice.” The second elder said sarcastically, full of deep disdain for Wang Lufei.

“That’s right, this world of cultivation is a world of cannibalism! This kind of stupid young man, no matter how talented he is, is a waste! Sooner or later he will offend the existence that shouldn’t be offended. Now, no matter how much potential and talent this Wang Lufei has, from the moment he attacked His Royal Highness Yan Jun, he was already a dead man!” Another elder agreed.

“The Divine Guards are indeed very strong! But what is really scary about the Divine Guards is not just their strength! This is the reason why we, the Chenxing Auction, will not easily offend the descendants of the Celestials!” Mu Xueying nodded, and spoke to the two.

“That’s why we at the Chenxing Auction have to keep this Wang Lufei alive!” Mu Xueying suddenly smiled, very softly.

“!!!” However, the second elder and others who were familiar with Mu Xueying felt a chill down their backs.

All the major forces on Tianlong Island wanted Wang Lufei to die!

However, Master Mu Xueying wanted to keep Wang Lufei alive!

The bottomless darkness behind this could only be understood by the Second Elder and others who knew a little about Mu Xueying…

At this time, the chaos on Tianlong Island became more and more intense!

“Ah!!!” The seventh strong man at the early stage of Heavenly Pill Realm fell to the ground and died tragically in the hands of Wang Lufei.

And the number of slaves behind Wang Lufei has exceeded tens of thousands.

At this time, many people only dared to watch from a distance, but did not dare to approach!

However, most of the cultivators here were not low-level, and they could see clearly and hear their voices clearly even if they were thousands of meters away, so they were basically not affected.

In a short period of time, Wang Lufei even broke through all the arenas, all the slave detention centers, and every figure whispering, calling for the hero to save them. They were all rescued by Wang Lufei.

But at the same time, the enemies standing in front of Wang Lufei have also reached an unimaginable level.

“Everyone, this person’s sect has killed five elders of our sect, as well as Young Master Murong Jian! As a member of the Three Swords Alliance, this sect will definitely kill this person!” Seventeen figures lined up, all in one color, all existences in the Heavenly Pill Realm.

It’s the masters of the three-sword combination!

“Hehehe, that’s not good. The first thing this person broke was the Tianlong Arena under our sect, and he also killed the tenth elder of our sect! This Wang Lufei must be defeated by our Ten Thousand Beasts Sect!” Twelve Heavenly Pill Realm powerhouses appeared, and a middle-stage Heavenly Pill Realm powerhouse at the lead spoke lightly.

“Hehe, the four slave detention centers controlled by our Temple of Five Laws were all destroyed by this person. It is absolutely impossible for our Temple of Five Laws to let this kid leave so easily! Everyone, give me face and leave it to us!” Nearly thirty figures walked out, half of them were experts in the Heavenly Pill realm, and the three leading ones all stepped into the mid-stage of Heavenly Pill.

“No no no, this person smashed our arena and should be handed over to us!”

“Hehehe, it’s useless to talk too much, how about killing this Wang Lufei first?”

“Everyone has a grudge, why don’t we go together?”

There were also nearly forty or fifty Heavenly Pill Realm powerhouses, from more than a dozen forces, large and small, all of whom were offended by Wang Lufei attacking their industries or killing their younger brothers.

At this time, many forces of the human race on Tianlong Island also discovered that the Sea Wheel Realm was no match for Wang Lufei at all, and even some early stage of Heavenly Pill might not beat Wang Lufei! After all, there were already seven early stage Heavenly Pill who died before Wang Lufei.

The existence at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm in front of them was not an ordinary guy!

“Brother Lufei, what should I do? There are more than a hundred existences in the Heavenly Pill Realm, how can you beat them?” Master of Theory hid in the crowd, shivering while broadcasting live.

Master of Theory also knew that it was useless to go up and help by himself.

So he started a live broadcast.

Maybe if the other big players or Brother Ming saw it, they might come up with a solution.

Master of Therory didn’t know what else to do.

Brother Lufei had blown up so many arenas and places where slaves were held, which was equivalent to touching the cheese of all the tribes in Tianlong Island!

This hatred had grown!

But the worst thing was that Brother Lufei beat up Yan Jun, a descendant of the gods!

This point directly caused Brother Lufei to provoke the huge power!

This was simply unsolvable!

“Let’s go together! Whoever kills him first gets the credit!!!” After some discussion , all Heavenly Pill powerhouses soon had a unified opinion.

They simultaneously besieged Wang Lufei!

“You’re doomed!” More than a hundred powerful men in the Heavenly Pill Realm burst out with powerful auras, and they were about to rush forward!”


“It’s cool!”

“Brother Lufei, hold on!”

Just when all the players and water friends shook their heads, a shocking scene happened!

“Fighting many?

“That’s just for you to see, the new stunt created by me, Wang Lufei!

“Heavenly Fire…” Wang Lufei whispered…


The next moment, the huge power of the heart flame exploded in unison, whistling away, turning into more than a hundred burning white flames!

“???” The more than a hundred Heavenly Pill powerhouses who were about to rush forward stopped.

Heavenly Fire?

So many splits?

But the next moment…

“Multiple Heart Flame Clone!!!” Wang Lufei whispered.


More than a Hundred white Heavenly Fire swayed together, and transformed…

All of them turned into Wang Lufei!

“Enter, second gear!!!” Wang Lufei assumed a classic posture, with more than a hundred Heavenly Fire behind him. They assumed the same posture!


The next moment, all Wang Lufeis broke through the Sea Wheel Realm in an instant, and stepped into the early days of Heavenly Pill REalm!

All players: “???”

All Earth friends: “???”

More than a hundred Heavenly Pills: “???”

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