Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Another A+, Cooperation

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Looking at the two Vacuum Wind Blades and the Prairie Rabbit King that were charging straight at him, Lin Xuan did not retreat but advanced instead.

The trajectory of the two wind blades was actually in the shape of eight and would cross at Lin Xuan’s position. Now that Lin Xuan was advancing, he could naturally pass between the two wind blades, but even so… his chest was still left with a bloody scar.

However, the danger was not over yet. Behind the wind blades, the Prairie Rabbit King was the biggest threat. Moreover, Lin Xuan had to be constantly vigilant. The Prairie Rabbit King was using the Second Stage Rear Kick.

It was not that the Second Stage Rear Kick collision was very powerful. Rather, the Prairie Rabbit King’s Second Stage Rear Kick was Lin Xuan’s winning point!

It’s coming!

The Prairie Rabbit King had already used up all its strength in the previous leap. It was at the point where it was about to reachits breaking point. However, Lin Xuan did not dare to move at this moment. The Prairie Rabbit King had an extremely strong change-of-direction ability. It could change directions in an instant. He was certain that if he pounced on the Prairie Rabbit King now, he would not be able to capture it at all. The beast would easily escape.

Why not wait for it to deliver itself to his doorstep!

As expected, the Prairie Rabbit King looked at Lin Xuan with a different expression. When it was powerless, he would kill it in one fell swoop!

Lin Xuan suppressed the excitement and nervousness in his heart. He sheathed his blade and bent down to stare at the Prairie Rabbit King who was accelerating toward him.

Lin Xuan took two steps back and jumped up. He reached down with his left hand and grabbed the two long ears that were flying in the air, he spoke.

“I’ve caught you.”

The rabbit’s advantage was its agility and extremely fast speed. If Lin Xuan did not have the agility boost from the agile body and the SSS grade blade technique template, he would not have been able to catch the Prairie Rabbit King’s two long ears in that instant.

However, if he had caught it earlier, things would have been much easier. With one strike, the Prairie Rabbit King was killed. Lin Xuan grabbed the Prairie Rabbit King’s ears and hung it in mid-air. A sharp blade pierced through the back of its neck. A few drops of blood dripped down. With that, the rain, the wind, and the dark clouds dispersed, and the Sun once again descended upon this world.


It even dispelled all the haze from before!

Two balls of light slowly fell out of the Prairie Rabbit King’s body, and then the Prairie Rabbit King turned into ashes and disappeared from this dungeon.

After the battle just now and the clearance of the rainstorm, the Prairie Rabbits that were originally heavily injured on the ground had already taken their last breaths, and the Prairie Rabbits that were lucky enough to not die had also disappeared without a trace.


[You have left the dungeon. The evaluation will begin now!]

[The system has detected that you’ve killed the hidden boss of the Prairie Rabbit Dungeon, Prairie Rabbit King. All dungeon quests completed. The evaluation will begin shortly.]

[Over 100 Prairie Rabbit monsters killed. Evaluation increased to C+. Almost all Prairie Rabbit monsters killed. Evaluation increased to B+. Obtained the title of Prairie Rabbit Killer. You have killed the hidden boss — Prairie Rabbit King — in this dungeon. Evaluation increased to A+. Low level yellow rank dungeon’s highest evaluation can only reach to A+. You may not enter the S grade evaluation.]

[Your final evaluation for this dungeon is an A+.]

[You have obtained a low level yellow rank dungeon a + treasure chest. Please collect it from your personal card. ]

[You have obtained a compensatory reward: Skill Card, Treading Wind.]

[Card: Treading Wind]

[Type: Skill]

[Level: High level yellow rank]

[Description: You will be able to sense the flow of the wind, step on wind, ride the wind, and go against the wind.]

A familiar power surged into his body. Lin Xuan could feel that his body had been strengthened. The muscles in his thighs and calves had become stronger.

Unlike the feeling of his blood surging and his body burning hot after the upgrade of his defense template, Lin Xuan felt that his senses were more attuned and his attack speed had become faster.

He looked at his personal card and sure enough, under the attack talent template, his fatigue value had reached 1/2. This was a good sign, his fatigue had been cleared!

[You have completed the mission to hunt Prairie Rabbits. The total amount gained is 1,632. The Rabbit Head commented that 1,128 of them are very satisfied with your work. The remaining 504 are satisfied. Your reward is 10 ability points. An Additional VIP card will be given to you.]

[Rabbit Head has sent you a message.]

[RH: Hello sir. Thank you for choosing Rabbit Head. The VIP card was given as a token of respect. If you are willing to sign a contract with our chain, contact me and I will set up a meeting to discuss further. Thank you once again.]

In the headquarters far away in the Imperial Capital, a person in charge of docking ability users discovered a high-quality ability user that produced high quality meat. When the shipment entered the warehouse, it was immediately reported. He gave a VIP card and a message at the end of the mission. A large supplier that could provide a large number of ingredients was a partner that they urgently needed.

“How’s it going, Ming Hua? Did the person in charge of the opposite team reply?”

“Not yet. Who did this? Does anyone know who they are?”

“I’m just as puzzled as you. Xiao Huang, contact the supplier who keeps trading with us. Is it their doing?”

“I just contacted them. They said no.”


“Interesting. Let’s take this chance while we can. Ming Hua, you must get him to reply as soon as possible. If you he agrees, I’ll grant you the rights to an S grade contact. Whether our Rabbit Head chain can can continue to expand its market share depends on you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you down!”

Lin Xuan looked at the drawing of the Rabbit Head VIP card in his hand, then looked at the tens of millions of additional funds in his account. In the end, he still did not return it. As long as he had enough money, it was fine.

“Hello sir, I am the hall manager of the Ability User Guild. There is a specially prepared personal bathroom here, and there are also free clothes provided. Do you wish to access them?”

Lin Xuan stood in place and looked at the well-dressed middle-aged man. It was very common for people like Lin Xuan, who had just come out of the dungeon space, to be dressed in shabby clothes. Therefore, the rich and powerful ability user guild was also equipped with various facilities.

“Maybe in a bit. I have to go to the dungeon again after I have a meal. Sorry to trouble you.”

After saying that to the hall manager, Lin Xuan went to the mission staff to accept another dungeon mission. He was ready to go again after eating.

Taking advantage of his free time, Lin Xuan looked at the two cards that the Prairie Rabbit King dropped.

[Item: Diting]

[Type: Skill]

[Level: High level yellow rank]

[Description: Leaning on the ground to listen to everything is part of a high-level skill.]

[Item: Second Sprint]

[Type: Skill]

[Level: Middle level yellow rank]

[Description: The Prairie Rabbit King is a genius who has further developed the Swift Rabbit Wind Steps.]

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