Chapter 559 - 559 Tour of Fallen Paradise Mountain

559 Tour of Fallen Paradise Mountain

Everyone had made their own choice to come to the Fallen Paradise Mountain. Lin Xuan couldn’t control the people from other countries, but as long as there was one person from Taixia who was forced to come to the Fallen Paradise Mountain, Lin Xuan would dare to turn the mountain upside down. However, no one was forced to come to the Fallen Paradise Mountain, not to mention Taixia Country.

There were only two heaven-rank powerhouses in the world guarding this place, so it was very safe!

This place was not within the territory of the Blue Planet nation, so they did not have to abide by any of the nation’s laws and regulations.

With sufficient security, one could experience all the happiness and pleasure in the world.

This place was the heaven everyone dreamed of in their hearts.

As he walked on the clean streets, there were many people on the road. Suddenly, a few people in suits and leather shoes walked over. They bowed to Lin Xuan and said, “Hello travelers who have traveled far, let us introduce this place to you!”

It was in pure Taixia language, but Lin Xuan could tell that they were not from Taixia.

Fifth King looked at Lin Xuan and said coldly, “Go and have a look. We will meet at the Heaven Cathedral tomorrow.”

The Heaven Cathedral was the core area of the Fallen Paradise Mountain. It was not open to the public at all, and there were no entertainment venues there. No one would go there, so those who gathered in the Heaven Cathedral were either there for a meeting or to report to the king of fallen angels.

The report work was important because it needed to be done as soon as possible, and it could not be delayed. Therefore, these three experts set up a meeting point. They had just been traveling in the air, and there would be a very popular conference tomorrow.

Based on the evil conference meeting and these top powerhouses, they must be from the Blacksky Alliance of Taixia Country!

These tour guides analyzed all this information from a few sentences, but they didn’t dare to speak carelessly about this information.

Star Moon was also prepared to walk around, so they decided to go with Lin Xuan.

Daoist Fifth King left casually. This person naturally had a place to go. He was so powerful that there was no need to worry about him.

As for Lin Xuan’s side, he randomly pointed to one person. “You. Show us around.”

“Alright, Sir. I, Peter, will be very happy to be at your service, right this way.”

The tour guide pointed out by Lin Xuan straightened his body and looked decent. He ignored the jealous gazes of his peers and politely led the tour for Lin Xuan and Star Moon. He casually called for a tour bus to stop, and the three of them got in.

“I don’t have the right currency here, take us to exchange for some money first.”

Lin Xuan said indifferently. He had just come to Fallen Paradise Mountain and didn’t have the right money. He thought that Star Moon would have some, but he didn’t expect that it was their first time here too. He didn’t even have the money to pay the fare, and it was Peter who paid for it.

“As you wish.”

The whole of Fallen Paradise Mountain was submerged in the sea, just like an iceberg, with only a corner exposed. Most of its volume was hidden in the deep sea, so the underground world of the mountain was much larger than Lin Xuan had imagined.

However, it didn’t matter how big it was. They soon arrived at Haven Mall. The first floor was the casino and pawnshop, the second floor was the restaurant, and the third floor was the special hotel. The service was a one-stop service and it had everything.

Lin Xuan did not have many things on him, but any random trash could be worth a lot of money.

For example, the corpse of an earth-ranked Demon King!

Lin Xuan could kill a large pile of such low-ranked earth-ranked Demon Kings with a single hand, so they were naturally trash to him. However, to the pawnshop, the corpse of an earth-ranked Demon King was an unimaginable treasure!

He had earned 780 million fallen coins and a VIP card that could be used in Fallen Paradise Mountain just by selling a low-level earth-rank Demon King.

Did Lin Xuan make a loss or a profit?

Naturally, it was a loss!

What was the value of 780 million fallen coins? it was worthless. It was the same principle as writing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to his deskmate in primary school. However, it still had some value, which was that it could be used in the Fallen Paradise Mountain. No one would recognize it outside the mountain.

Lin Xuan didn’t care. With his strength, all he had to do was spend some time killing another earth-rank Demon King to earn back what he lost.

He casually gave the tour guide a few hundred thousands to experience what it felt like to be a God of Wealth… He didn’t feel anything. Maybe he was just too enlightened.

“Let’s go. What is there to eat or play with? Bring us anywhere. We don’t lack money.”

A table of food worth hundreds of thousands of fallen coins was arranged in a private kitchen. It was a dazzling and sumptuous feast, and Lin Xuan ate to his heart’s content.

There was also a dance club, where they enjoyed the joy of hanging out and listening to music.

Somewhere in the Fallen Paradise Mountain, there was a natural ocean hot spring that cost a million fallen coins an hour. Lin Xuan slept in it for two hours.

Finally, it was the auction. Peter walked in front with a smile on his face. As he walked, he introduced the auction to Lin Xuan, “Sir, you came at the right time. The Fallen Paradise Mountain auction house is holding its annual auction today, and the items for sale are all extremely precious. You have a VIP card that can be used in all of Fallen Paradise Mountain so you can enter without an invitation and can enter the VIP room directly.”

Lin Xuan had no interest in the auction at all, but since he was already here, he decided to go in and take a look.

“Sir, I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

When customers were buying and selling things, some things were more secretive. He would not follow them if he was not interested.

Lin Xuan raised an eyebrow and nodded with a smile. He walked straight in.

He showed his VIP card and walked all the way into the VIP room. The room had a one-way glass design of the floor-to-ceiling windows that allowed people to see the outside but not the inside.

In the private room, there were two servants waiting. One was wearing an ancient gauze dress, which was light and transparent, but also faintly discernible. The other was wearing a modern cheongsam, which showed off her soft and beautiful curves.

As Taixia Country’s overall strength was unrivaled in the world, its culture was also dominant in all the other countries.

Lin Xuan originally did not want to be served, but when they greeted him, he changed his mind. It was not bad to have eye candy.

He sat on the sofa without any restraint. The black mist on his body dissipated, leaving only his head covered. He picked up the fruit on the table and took a big bite.

Suddenly, a soft little hand touched his neck.

“Would you like a massage?”

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