Volume 24 Epilogue


“All the viewers, hello. This is the game exclusive news.”

A reporter smiled and began to talk in a studio showing the logo of the game exclusive news.

“It has been 3 years since New World swept the online games and it currently has 10 million users playing. But this feature is different from our previous ones. What is different?”

The female broadcaster smiled at the host’s question and answered.

“Today we have Ark, who is the best celebrity of New World in the studio.”

“Huh?  Ark-nim? The legendary player Ark who resurrected thousands of users and defeated the Dark Lord half a year ago? Moreover, he is the president of the complex business Ark’s Corporation and is the first user to become a Duke in the Schudenberg Kingdom.”

“Omo, you know quite a bit about him?”

“I’m just Ark’s fan.”

The host smiled and replied.

“But Ark is known for not really appearing in the media.”

“This is something worth celebrating.”

“Something worth celebrating?”

“Listen to it yourself.”

The female broadcaster smiled as a young man entered the studio. The young man dressed in jeans and an old t-shirt was none other than Hyun-woo.

“Welcome Ark-nim!”

The host instantly greeted Hyun-woo as he entered. Then he hurled questions as soon as Hyun-woo sat.

“You’re much younger than I thought so can I ask for your age?”

“I’m turning 25 this year.”

“Oh, that’s so young. But could you tell us what you have to celebrate?”

“Let’s see. A few days ago, Global Exos gave me a position as an advisor in the company.”

“An advisor? At twenty-five years old?”

“Global Exos told me that it is unprecedented to appoint someone so young to that position.”

Hyun-woo scratched his head with an embarrassed expression. The host looked him in the eye and asked.

“It is really amazing that you were selected. Can I ask you the secret?”

“The secret…..”

In fact, the process by which Hyun-woo became the advisor was very complicated. Two months ago, Hyun-woo had swallowed Lucifer’s Immortality Pill. He thought it would give him ridiculous stats but the immortality pill ended up giving Ark the master code.

Yuna had hidden the master code inside Project: Lucifer. It was the trick of hiding the treasure inside the enemy camp! However, Park Woo-seong who knew the location of the master code had fallen into a coma so Global Exos was unable to find it. Then Hyun-woo ended up eating it. Global Exos later became aware of it and used all types of methods to regain the master code. However, the master code had already been digested by Ark. There was no method of separating the master code from Ark.

However, they couldn’t just release someone with the ability of the Creator into New World. Therefore Global Exos had given Ark the official position of ‘Manager.’ Hyun-woo recalled that time and laughed.

“I just put all my efforts into New World. Global Exos appreciated it and decided to thank me.”

“Hahaha, isn’t that a coy answer? Are you afraid that others could reach that position?”

Hyun-woo gave an easy going smile and answered.

“You seem disappointed so I apologize.”

“Not at all. If you don’t mind this impolite question, won’t you receive quite a lot of money know that Ark’s Corporation is so successful and you are the advisor of Global Exos? I don’t understand everything but it seems enough to call you a game tycoon.”

“Quite a lot of people seem to think this.”

“Are we wrong?”

“It depends on the definition of a game tycoon.”

“Are you deliberating avoiding the answer?”

“You deliberately gave me a question that is difficult to answer.”

The host laughed at Hyun-woo’s answer.

“Then I’m going to cut to the chase. You’ve gained a lot of wealth and fame after the Demonic War both in the game and reality. And many viewers are still interested in your videos. That’s why we wanted to meet Ark-nim. Ark-nim was the commander of thousands of troops and you also defeated the Dark Lord and the Red Man.”

The studio started playing the video of the Kwarian battle on the large screen. The host didn’t ask Hyun-woo any questions while playing the video. After 1 hour……

Hyun-woo looked at the clock and became surprised.

“Oh I’m sorry. We’ll have to finish this here.”

“Huh?  What…..?”

“There is another important event today.”

Hyun-woo rose and began to leave the studio.

“Wait a minute. Just one more word. What does Ark-nim think is the secret to your success?”

The confused host hurriedly asked. Hyun-woo stopped and replied.



“No matter how times change, grinding is one thing that doesn’t change in online games.”


“Hurry Burning Soul!”

Kurarara, kurarara!

Ark raced over the seas on Burning Soul. He appeared at an island after flying for a while. It was Seutandal that was previously known as the Netherworld. Ark flew across the coast and headed towards Haman Fortress. But something was different about Haman Fortress. The flags of every kingdom were hung and there were a large number of flowers all over the place. Today an unprecedented event was occurring at Haman Fortress.

“I’m a little late. Damn, that guy will become grumpy……”

He landed in a square in Haman Fortress. Then a group of people stampeded towards him.

“Ark, you only arrived now?”

“It has already started.”

The men were the rehabilitation members.

“Don’t you know you’re the last one to arrive?”

“Is everyone else already here?”

“Yes, they arrived a while ago.”

“Where is JusticeMan ajusshi and my mother?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.  You know what they’re like now that they’re getting married soon.”

Jjak-tung frowned and pointed to one side. The pair of them were stuck together without caring about the gazes of other people….. They were JusticeMan and So-mi.

After the Demonic War ended, JusticeMan finally managed to successfully propose to So-mi. And their wedding was occurring in one month. Therefore JusticeMan and So-mi weren’t afraid to show their affection everywhere.

“Damn, do we have to grow old as bachelors?”

“I have to find a lover quickly.”

Bul-kkun pouted and grumbled. Then someone muttered from behind them.

“I think it is impossible with your face.”

“What the? What scum….”

Bul-kkun turned around and was about to shout when he flinched and closed his mouth. The man standing behind him raised an eyebrow and asked.

“It is me. What will you do?”

“Ah no, you’re Isyuram hyung-nim? Hehehe, have you been living well these days?”

“That’s creepy. Don’t touch me.”

That’s right. The one who caused Bul-kkun to cringe was Isyuram. Isyuram had played an important role in stopping Maseutyu from restoring the shield so he had received quite a lot of achievement points. However, that wasn’t the only thing Isyuram obtained from the Demonic War. Ark had all the data of New World thanks to the master code so he obtained the information of the criminal organization for Isyuram. Thanks to that achievement, Isyuram became the team leader of a special cyber investigation squad. Isyuram had to live in the stuffy game unit again but he didn’t hate New World despite his complaints.

“Teacher-nim, have you been well?”

“Yes, I know you’re busy but you should come to the gym sometimes.”

Isyuram said before heading into Haman Fortress. Bul-kkun breathed a sigh of relief when Isyuram suddenly shouted.

“Geez, it is almost finished. Let’s go!”

Ark and the rehabilitation members hurriedly ran into the fortress. There were familiar faces inside.

Sid holding a large backpack (Sid was currently the chief of Seutandal’s branch of the merchant’s guild), Buksil, Sapjil and Ulmeok running around drooling at the food (the three pig brothers were the Seutandal branch chief of Ark’s store), Bread and Redian (both of them were now officially in a relationship) and Wormer who was already dozing off (after the Demonic War, Wormer was the chief of the Magic Institute’s engineering division).

Aside from the NPCs, Haman Fortress was also full of NPCs. The reason they were all gathered today…..

“Look over there. Kikiki, that guy who is always so smug is frozen.”

“Didn’t you hear? That guy drank alcohol and cried when he proposed.”

“He also gave up his profession as an assassin.”

The rehabilitation members laughed and pointed towards someone standing in front while people lined up on both sides. They were a man and woman wearing formal clothes. They were Shambala and Isabel. That’s right. Today Shambala’s long-time dream had become a reality. For the first time in the history of online games, a user was marrying a NPC. It was Shambala and Isabel’s wedding. Apart from the NPCs and users, there were many reporters present.

“That guy, he really is marrying an NPC.”

He had heard about the wedding for a while but actually seeing it was strange. But what was the difference? They were just like people. Wasn’t this New World where anything was possible? Jjak-tung nudged Ark’s side and smirked.

“Hey, when are you going to get married?”

“Huh?  I…..”

Ark scratched his head and blushed.

“Now the bride Isabel is going to throw her bouquet.

Isabel laughed brightly and threw her bouquet high into the sky. Then two women suddenly jumped out from the crowd. The two throwing their bodies was Roco and Lariette! The guests burst out laughing.

That was…… Anyway, Ark’s worries would definitely continue.


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