As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills.

Chapter 1051 - Chapter 1051: Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051: Chapter 1051

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When Yuan Hehe heard this, he could not help but be surprised. He then looked at Sikong Wuyuan with a sullen expression.

“Sikong Wuyuan, you were really fooled by him.”

“He’s not lying. Otherwise, you can test him,” Sikong Wuyuan said helplessly. He did not want to believe it either, but he had no choice but to believe it. After all, the monk was too sincere.

Jiang Ming took out a pill from his pocket. “Let me test him. He must be telling the truth.’

The monk felt like they were going to stuff pills into his mouth. He shook his head frantically. “No! I’m telling the truth. Don’t be like this.”

At the end of his sentence, he started crying again.

“How can you bully a monk? I haven’t done anything bad. I haven’t even stepped on an ant.”

“Stop crying,” Yuan Hehe said. “Why are you acting like a baby?”

The monk started to cry again.

Jiang Ming felt so embarrassed that he could not help but shake his head. He went forward and used his spiritual energy to conjure a piece of cloth to cover the monk’s mouth.

“l think this is more suitable for you.”

He nodded and stuffed the pill back in.

With the effect of the pill, the monk immediately fell into a state of fatigue, and his eyes became confused.

“Do you know where this exit is?” Jiang Ming asked directly.

The monk said the same thing he said to Sikong Wuyuan.

“He doesn’t know.” Sikong Wu Yuan spread his hands. “Look at him. He doesn’t know at all.’

Yuan Hehe was unhappy.

“Great! We have to find the exit ourselves again.”

“Don’t be discouraged. We can definitely do it.”

Jiang Ming patted him on the shoulder, indicating that they should work hard together.

Seeing this, Yuan Hehe could only nod.

There was no other way now.

The monk also regained his consciousness.

But soon after, he started to panic again.

“Something strange seems to have appeared in this temple,” he muttered to himself. If Jiang Ming was not beside him, Jiang Ming would not have been able to hear what he was saying.

“What strange thing? What did you see?”

Jiang Ming was confused and looked at the monk carefully.

However, the monk did not say anything else. Instead, he continued to retreat. He kept shaking his head in horror.

Seeing this, Yuan Hehe could not help but feel terrified.

“Could he have been possessed by something? Or did something happen?” Sikong Wuyuan did not believe it.

“Don’t think like that. It might be because of something else. It’s okay. Let’s continue to take a look.”

As he spoke, he stepped forward to stabilize the monk. However, the monk spat out a large mouthful of worms on his body.

These worms wriggled and writhed, wanting to continue moving forward.

When Sikong Wuyuan saw this, he took off his outer robe and threw it away.

After the worms touched the ground, they began to speed up, and they rushed toward Jiang Ming and Yuan Hehe.

“What’s with these worms? Why were there so many worms in his stomach?

How is he still alive?”

Sikong Wuyuan was also confused, but he soon realized the problem. He led Yuan Hehe and Jiang Ming to the side.

He had been in this space longer than the two of them, so he knew the terrain of this place.

Yuan Hehe’s head started to hurt.

“Our difficulties are really endless. I don’t know when he swallowed these worms.”

The monk roared in shock. His body also grew antennae.

Then, he closed his eyes and fainted.

Sikong Wuyuan wanted to go up and see him, but he was stopped by Jiang Ming.

“He might not be dead. He might have been corroded by something. If you go over, you might be contaminated by something in his body.”

There was nothing wrong with Jiang Mings statement. The monks skin was peeled off by the thing in his body, and many worms appeared inside.

Jiang Ming led Yuan Hehe and Sikong Wuyuan directly into the boat. He raised his hand and used his spiritual energy to release a ball of fire around the boat. The ball of fire stopped the worms directly. However, a flute sounded, and the worms shot forward again.

Jiang Ming released another wave of spiritual energy to create a barrier. The worms were blocked by the barrier and fell into the fire.

“Who is behind this?”

Jiang Ming looked around. However, he could only hear the sound of the flute. He could not see anyone.

Sikong Wuyuan released his spiritual energy and hammered the stones around him.

The stones fell one after another, but the person playing the flute still did not appear.

“Stop it. We won’t be able to get out by then.”

Seeing that these stones were beginning to block the boat’s path, Jiang Ming quickly stopped Sikong Wuyuan.

He had also discovered this problem and could not help but regret it.

“If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have done that. What should we do now?”

Yuan Hehe had an idea. He had seen a huge rift in front of him. He used his spiritual energy to conjure a rope and used brute force to make the rope cling to the walls of the rift.

Then, he dragged Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan up.

However, as soon as they got on the walls of the rift, the boat immediately left them.

Jiang Ming felt that this method was inappropriate, but now that it had come to this point, they had to continue moving forward.

They kept climbing forward, but when they were about to reach the top, the rope suddenly broke.

Jiang Ming leaped into the air and grabbed the rock wall with one hand. He then grabbed Yuan Hehe and Sikong Wuyuan.

However, due to the weight of the two of them, Jiang Mings hand began to ache. He frowned.

He could throw the two of them up now, but he would be easily injured.

He began to hesitate again. Sikong Wuyuan felt that he was dragging Jiang

Ming down. He quickly said, “Let go. Don’t worry about me. Just take Yuan Hehe.i

Yuan Hehe felt that he was the one to blame for their predicament, so he added, “No, save Sikong Wuyuan. I brought this on myself. I can find the exit myself.”

When Jiang Ming heard their words, he suddenly felt a headache coming.

Both of them wanted him to save the other, but they were both his friends. It was not good for him to give up on either one.

Jiang Ming had no choice but to hold on and use his hand to support himself. He tossed the two of them up.

However, his arm was dislocated.

Jiang Ming endured the pain and straightened his arm. He found that there was an open field in front of him. It was a grassland.

A cowherd passed by. Jiang Ming ran over and stopped him. “What is this place? Can you tell us?”

The cowherd was very enthusiastic and even invited them to stay at his house for a while..

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