As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills.

Chapter 742 - 742 Don't Leave Yet

742 Don’t Leave Yet

“Wait, don’t go yet!”

Sikong Wuyuan seemed to have suddenly discovered something. He raised his arm and picked up the club at the side, hitting the gongs and drums again.

As the gongs and drums sounded, a door opened at the front of the temple.


There was a dragon head at the innermost part of the door.

The dragon head had sharp teeth and a mini drum in the middle.

Seeing the mini drum, Sikong Wuyuan seemed to have thought of something. He held a club in his hand and struck the mini drum.

The secret door that was originally closed was instantly opened. Sikong Wuyuan looked at Jiang Ming and said seriously, “Lord Ning Caichen, let’s go in.”

Jiang Ming thought for a moment and then thought of Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an. He said to Sikong Wuyuan, “Can I bring my friends along? My friends can help us a lot. I want them to come with us.”

Sikong Wuyuan shook his head and said, “The traps here are dangerous. I don’t want your friends to fall into unknown danger. It’s better not to let them in.”

Jiang Ming felt that Sikong Wuyuan’s words made sense, so he did not say anything more and followed Sikong Wuyuan in.

However, Sikong Wuyuan suddenly had a headache, and the pain was particularly severe. Then, he looked at Jiang Ming, and the latter supported him before he fell.

Sikong Wuyuan closed his eyes and lay down beside Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming did not go in when he saw that things were not looking good. He directly helped Sikong Wuyuan to the side room next to the temple.

Seeing the unconscious Sikong Wuyuan, the little elves panicked. They all came to Sikong Wuyuan and looked at Jiang Ming. “What happened to Sikong Wuyuan? Why did he faint for no reason?”

“I don’t know either. He fainted in the temple. He looked like he was in pain before he did.”

One little elf walked to Sikong Wuyuan’s side and looked at him. She quickly said, “Sikong Wuyuan can’t stand the pressure of the temple’s barrier. That’s why he’s like this. We’ll just take Sikong Wuyuan away. You should go in quickly.”


Jiang Ming was also curious about what was behind the door, so he handed Sikong Wuyuan to the elves.

The elves brought Sikong Wuyuan to his bedroom quickly.

When Jiang Ming entered the door, he saw a woman drenched in blood. Blood was flowing from the corner of the woman’s mouth, and her eyes were dark. She was motionless like a puppet.

Jiang Ming was stunned for a moment. Then, he raised his hand and shone a light to wake her up.

The woman was shocked. Then, she looked at Jiang Ming and heaved a sigh of relief.

“I am the eldest daughter of the prime minister’s residence, Wang Zisheng. Who are you?”

“Prime minister’s residence?”

Jiang Ming looked at Wang Zisheng in confusion.

“Yes, I came to pray to change my fate. This is what I have to do.”

Wang Zisheng became serious.

“Change your fate?” Jiang Ming could not help but laugh. “Only you can change your own fate.”

Wang Zisheng was stunned. Then, her expression became gloomy. “But I only have the ability to predict the future. I have no other abilities.”

“What do you mean?”

Jiang Ming was curious.

Wang Zisheng recounted the conflict between her and the king of the Qiqihar Kingdom, as well as the prime minister and the general.

Jiang Ming’s eyes flashed. “Do you want to get back at the king of the Qiqihar Kingdom?”

He felt that it was time to punish this king.


Wang Zisheng was stunned.

“Take us back to the prime minister’s residence, I can help you. Let’s go. My name is Ning Caichen.”

Jiang Ming treated Wang Zisheng’s injuries, and his attitude was very obvious.

Wang Zisheng gritted her teeth. “Alright.”

Now, she could only rely on the person in front of her.

After they left the temple, Jiang Ming brought Princess Qingmiao and the others back from the Daliang Kingdom. He then brought Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an to the prime minister’s residence.

As Jiang Ming and the others were honored guests of the palace, the prime minister welcomed them warmly.

It was the day before the Leng family’s general, Leng Jinyan, was going to break off the engagement with Wang Zisheng.

Jiang Ming whispered something into Wang Zisheng’s ear.

Wang Zisheng’s eyes lit up, and she did as Jiang Ming said.

“I want to break off the engagement!”

The next day, when Leng Jinyan came, his entire body was stiff. He looked disdainfully at Wang Zisheng.

Wang Zisheng smiled and did not say anything. She continued to tell Jiang Ming her story.

Leng Jinyan was supposed to be her future husband.

To be precise, he was the husband she desperately begged for.

He did not love her. He loved his childhood sweetheart, Wang Siqing.

Wang Siqing was her half-sister. She was the daughter of the prime minister’s favorite concubine.

Her father, Prime Minister Wang, had killed Wang Zisheng’s mother for her.

Wang Zisheng knew that her father did not love her at all. He loved Wang Siqing.

If it was not for his cowardice, her father would have killed her personally for Wang Siqing’s sake.

According to her predictions, in the future, Leng Jinyan would only fall in love with her when she was about to die. Only then would he start to hold Wang Siqing, who had always abused her, accountable.

But what use was that?

Her illness was caused by Wang Siqing.

No matter how sorry Wang Siqing was, Wang Zisheng would not come back to life. Her soul was imprisoned in that temple.

Jiang Ming sensed Wang Zisheng’s emotions and secretly comforted Wang Zisheng in his heart.

“It’s all in the past. Now that there’s another chance, you won’t miss it. We should get close to a new force and get rid of General Leng.”

Jiang Ming encouraged Wang Zisheng.

“General Leng, don’t treat her like this.”

At this moment, Wang Siqing twirled her handkerchief and spoke up for Wang Zisheng with a fake smile.

If not for her smile, Wang Zisheng would have thought that she was being kind.

Jiang Ming grinned and looked at Wang Siqing.

Wang Siqing was despicable.

“Siqing, you’re the only one I love. In this life, I won’t marry anyone but you. I’m willing to be with you for the rest of my life.”

Leng Jinyan expressed his love to Wang Siqing.

“General Leng!”

Wang Siqing lowered her head shyly.

Wang Zisheng felt disgusted and continued to talk to Jiang Ming.

The reason why Leng Jinyan was engaged to her was because Wang Siqing had asked him to do it.

Wang Siqing wanted to see if Leng Jinyan really loved her.

Essentially, Wang Zisheng was just Wang Siqing and Leng Jinyan’s plaything.

Now, Wang Siqing was still lovey-dovey with General Leng in front of her.

Right at this moment, the head eunuch brought people over slowly.

Jiang Ming laughed internally.

He was finally here. Helping Wang Zisheng was paying off.

The day before Leng Jinyan broke off the engagement with Wang Zisheng, he helped Wang Zisheng spend the night with the king of the Qiqihar Kingdom. He promised to confer Wang Zisheng the title of queen today.

“The king has decreed that the prime minister’s daughter, Wang Zisheng, has a good character and is conferred the title of queen.”

Wang Siqing gave Wang Zisheng a strange look, then stepped forward and tore the royal edict. She smiled at the head eunuch and said, “Please tell the king that the Wang family is unwilling to let Ms. Wang enter the palace.”

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