Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 795: Negotiations (2)

Chapter 795: Negotiations (2)

Chu Xitong was not relieved to hear Tang Jie's proposal. On the contrary, she snorted in derision, "Tang Jie, are you making a joke? My Godhead Palace's disciples are in the middle of a gruesome battle. By saying that you would let us go free, aren't you saying that you want us to surrender? It seems that you want me to give you the Divine Will Golden Body and also open up the gates and cease resistance, no?"

Tang Jie simply indifferently looked up at the sky.

He had left several clones outside to see what was going on, purely out of habit.

He said, "In at most one hour, the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation will fall, at which point you won't even have gates to open up anymore."

"So what!?" Chu Xitong harshly replied. "Godhead Palace does not fear death, so how do you think you can threaten us with it? Tang Jie, if you want the Divine Will Golden Body, your two sects must withdraw!"

Tang Jie shook his head. "Firstly, the Divine Will Golden Body isn't worth that much. Secondly, even if it was worth that much, I'm not that good that I can make the Seven Absolutions Sect give up on a fruit that's right in front of them. Keeping your people alive is already hard enough. Human King Chu, don't get too greedy. If the people of Godhead Palace survive, at least your traditions will continue. So long as your traditions continue, hope remains. At least it's better than the annihilation that awaits you right now. Moreover, even if you don't consider yourself, shouldn't you consider your sect's ancestor? It is only when the ancestor exists that Godhead Palace can exist!"

Chu Xitong anxiously said, "Where is the ancestor of my Godhead Palace?"

The moment she asked this question, she fell into Tang Jie's tempo.

But it could not be denied that a Godhead Palace with Ye Yun had no reason to exist.

Tang Jie replied, "Earth Immortal Ye is currently in battle with the Cloud Ancestor of my lowly sect and is at a disadvantage."

"Not the Earth Immortals of Seven Absolutions and Basking Moon together?" Chu Xitong asked in shock.

She had thought that it was two Earth Immortals that had left Ye Yun unable to return, but from Tang Jie's tone, it seemed like Yun Tianlan alone was restraining Ye Yun, and he even said that Ye Yun was at a disadvantage.

Chu Xitong shouted, "I don't believe you! A thousand years ago, when Ancestor Ye exchanged blows with your sect's Immortal Monk Yun, they fought for three days without reaching an outcome, so how can your ancestor have the upper hand after only half a day now?"

"The occasional fortuitous opportunity here and some small progress there, nothing strange at all," Tang Jie coolly replied.

Yun Tianlan spent every day meditating, so it was a little absurd to hear that he somehow also had fortuitous opportunities.

Tang Jie didn't explain, saying, "I can ask a favor from the Cloud Ancestor. If Ye Yun is willing to enter seclusion for eight hundred years, not appearing until the Primordial Fog Calamity, then his life can be spared. But Godhead Palace must forsake the current territory of Nadir Hill and return to that island that is your homeland."

For him, sparing Ye Yun and making use of him in the Primordial Fog Calamity was much better than killing him.

Tang Jie could no longer consider problems just for himself, but considered the overall situation.

These words suddenly filled Chu Xitong's heart with grief.

Ye Yun secluding himself for eight hundred years wasn't a problem. After all, Earth Immortals secluded themselves regardless when they had nothing else to do.

But being forced back to that island was extremely difficult to accept.

Chu Xitong found it impossible to accept, but she didn't immediately refuse, asking, "What about the palace master and the Aspirational Lord?"

"Them" Tang Jie hesitated before answering, "Zhan Wushang and Han Wuxin are dead, while Jin Wuyu and Shi Wunian are still struggling. I can consider letting Jin Wuyu off, but Shi Wunian has to die."

Shi Wunian was the primary culprit who had forced Xu Muyang to kill himself, so Tang Jie would never let him go.

Chu Xitong turned ghastly pale.

Zhan Wushang and Han Wuxin had been slain?

Two of Godhead Palace's Deification experts had died, the remaining upper echelons were suppressed, and the main base was under attack. This was a truly perilous state.

From Chu Xitong's expression, Tang Jie knew that he had toppled her mental defenses.

In her despair, Chu Xitong had no reason to refuse his conditions.

But at this moment, Chu Xitong suddenly stiffened, her wan face gaining back a little redness.

Confusion flashed in her eyes as she wondered and questioned.

"That's not right"

These words made Tang Jie's heart leap.

Chu Xitong turned her face completely around to face Tang Jie, her eyes twinkling as they gradually brightened.

As she looked at Tang Jie, she finally cracked a smile. "Tang Jie, you're trying to trick me!"

Tang Jie felt his hands and feet go cold. "I do not understand what Human King Chu means."

Still smiling, Chu Xitong said in a very definite tone, "The Divine Will Golden Body is very important to you, far more important than you let on."

Tang Jie's heart shuddered, but just when he was about to say something, Chu Xitong spoke again.

"You feigned it very well, pretending that the Divine Will Golden Body was only a supreme treasure of my Godhead Palace and regarding it as only a treasure. But you forgot about one thing: you charged into the formation precisely to take the Divine Will Golden Body, even risking your life for it!"


Tang Jie inwardly cursed, knowing that he was in trouble.

Sure enough, Chu Xitong continued, "When you arrived and saw that I already had a hand on the ancestral statue, you pretended to not care and started to haggle with me. But don't forget about your hatred toward Godhead Palace! Your opening offer seemed fair and tempted me, but you forgot all the hatred you aimed at Godhead Palace over the last several hundred years! This makes your offer seem even more overly generous!"

Chu Xitong's voice turned sharp, and the two elders began to shake in agitation.

Through Chu Xitong's words, they saw hope of preserving Godhead Palace.

Tang Jie took in a deep breath. "Human King Chu, as expected, you aren't easy. I truly do have a lot of use for the Divine Will Golden Body. I hope to use it to study the Guangfa Godhead's power, which is far more valuable than the Divine Will itself, able to assist me in ascending higher on the Great Dao. I didn't think that the Human King would see through me."

Chu Xitong laughed. "As they say, Tang Jie truly is a sly one. Tang Jie, you're still trying to trick me? While the Divine Will of the ancestor is powerful, your Basking Moon Sect doesn't lack for this kind of treasure. No matter how formidable the abilities of other sects are, they can't compare to the system of one's own sect. While referencing them is possible, there's no need to devotedly research them!"

Cultivation was an extremely complicated systematic undertaking.

Cultivating a certain art wouldn't make one invincible.

To take the Beast Refining Gate for example, although the other five sects possessed the Myriad Beast Union Mantra, they would never be able to become the Beast Refining Gate.

This wasn't only because they lacked the complete Myriad Beast Union Mantra. Even if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to make much use of it. This was because the Myriad Beast Union Mantra was only one part of a vast cultivation system that supported the Beast Refining Gate.

For example, the beast tamers needed both the Myriad Beast Union Mantra and powerful fiend beasts.

But where did the fiend beasts come from? One could not rely only on subduing them. The stronger the fiend, the more unwilling they were to serve humans. Starting from Mind Opening, intelligent fiends would not easily submit. Raising the fiends was the only solution. Thus, the Beast Garden and the Red Sulfur displayed their value. Besides that, there were also various mantras, treasures, and spell arts that could strengthen fiends. All of these things were interlinked and complemented each other.

Taking only one of them would have limited effect.

Godhead Palace and the Basking Moon Sect were the same. They had long ago established their own systems. In these systems, only the core objects possessed by their respective sects were ideal. While things from other sects could be learned, learning them ultimately wouldn't allow one to achieve great things. This was why sword cultivators of the Beast Refining Gate and beast cultivators of Godhead Palace could have their own unique uses but never reach the apex. This was what it meant that walking the unexpected path could lead to only a moment of power.

This was why the methods left behind in the Guangfa Godhead's Divine Will could be comprehended and referenced, but focusing on them was the wrong path.

For the Basking Moon Sect's cultivation system, Godhead Palace's system was inappropriate, unless Tang Jie didn't mind spending one thousand years reconfiguring the entire system.

A hasty lie would ultimately show some openings. Another person might not have noticed, but Chu Xitong had seen the flaw in time.

Although she didn't know what Tang Jie needed the golden body for, at that moment, she could feel Tang Jie's anger, and even a sliver of panic.

Yes, "panic"!

This was the fear and immense disappointment that he might not get the golden body.

This emotion appeared on Tang Jie's body for only a brief instant, but the meticulous Chu Xitong still caught it.

She stared at Tang Jie and laughed. "Tang Jie, just as you say, in one hour, the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation will fall. When the formation falls, I will shatter the ancestral statue with my hand. Tang Jie, if you want it, then immediately stop the offensive of the two sects."

"I can't do it!" Tang Jie sternly said. "Do you think I'm someone that can order around the Seven Absolutions Sect?"

"I don't care!" Chu Xitong bellowed, no longer elegant and graceful. Like a person about to drown who had suddenly grasped a rope, she held onto it fast without regard for anything else.

No matter what, she had to force Tang Jie into making the enemy withdraw.

Upon seeing how fervent Chu Xitong had become, Tang Jie realized that anything he said wouldn't matter. Chu Xitong was certain that she had his number.

Lowering his head and thinking to himself for a while, Tang Jie suddenly turned and left.

This left Chu Xitong and the two elders stunned.

What was going on here?

Tang Jie's voice drifted in on the wind: "You are very agitated right now. Calm down first, and then we can talk."

The three fell silent.

Was this allowed?

Those who hadn't experienced Tang Jie's past life would ultimately never be able to keep up with his train of thought.

For Tang Jie, when negotiations were at a stalemate, changing perspectives and rethinking the issue was completely normal. If negotiations weren't working, then taking a break was also nothing to be surprised about.

Standing outside the hall, Tang Jie fell into deep thought.

What should be done?

Just what did he have to do to make this woman give up on her mad delusions?

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