Astral Apostle

Chapter 71 - Roping In (3)  

Chapter 71: Roping In (3)

No one died? Did this hunt go so smoothly this time?

Lutt was a little puzzled, but mostly he was pleasantly surprised. Either way, it was good that none of the hunters perished.

Seeing that the hunters were in a good state, he rolled his eyes and immediately came out with a plan.

“Everyone resolved the threat for the town, so it’s worth celebrating. It’s night time, and you haven’t eaten because of the hunt. I want to hold a banquet to entertain everyone and discuss the remuneration. Does everyone have time?”

Even after hearing this, the hunters’ expressions did not change.

Every time there was an emergency expedition against mutated beasts for the town, the lord would always hold a banquet to entertain them and build a good relationship with them after the hunt. Everyone was used to it.

“I plan to go back and recuperate. I won’t be attending the banquet.”

“I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.”

“The lord invited me, so it would be inappropriate not to go, haha.”

Everyone had their own ideas. In the end, six hunters accepted Lutt’s invitation.

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Zhou Jing was not familiar with the situation in White Plains Town, so he naturally did not refuse.

Weber and Weiss also accepted the invitation, but Barong didn’t go. He said that he wanted to go back and recuperate.

The group followed Lord Lutt and soon arrived at the lord’s long house in the center of the city.

The residence of the Lord of White Plains Town was a small four-story castle. Everyone came to the banquet hall on the first floor and sat down at the long table.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, Lutt chatted with everyone. He roughly understood the hunting process and learned about the contribution of Zhou Jing, a newcomer.

Lutt picked up his glass and smiled in greeting. “So our town has a new mutant beast hunter. Jason, thank you for fighting for White Plains Town.”

Zhou Jing was not used to such an occasion and chose to only casually reply, “That is my duty.”

Lord Lutt took a sip of wine and asked curiously, “Speaking of which, I’ve never heard of your surname, Wood. I wonder which tribe you’re related to?”

Zhou Jing’s expression was calm.

As expected, he knew that a true blood relative of the tribe would definitely ask this question. This time, he had met someone who knew the ropes…

According to the aristocrats in the early days of this world, this was their way of doing things. Lutt wanted to see if he was a true “noble.”

However, Zhou Jing was very calm. “I didn’t know that as a mutant beast hunter, my background has to be investigated. Does being Mutant Beast Hunter also depends on one’s background?”

For an aristocrat, the more he explained, the easier it would be for him to make mistakes. It would be difficult to convince others no matter what, so he had long made up his mind not to explain anything… As long as he had the identity of a hunter and the credit for slaying the beast, no one would object if he did not want to say it.

Lord Lutt was taken aback, but he quickly laughed it off and changed the subject.

“No, I was just curious.”

He could tell that Zhou Jing did not want to talk about it. Although he was curious, he could not force a hunter who had just fought the mutant beasts for the town to speak, so he did not ask further.

Soon, the servants served the food. The hunters were also hungry, and thus everyone turned their attention to the food, wolfing it down.

Lord Lutt ate slowly as he discussed the remuneration with Weber and settled on the amount.

In addition to submitting the processing payment for the hunter workshop, as the lord, he would also provide an additional 100 Terra silver coins for each hunter.

After calculating, the lord gave out 1,200 silver coins, which was a huge sum.

However, Zhou Jing secretly curled his lips… Wool could only be naturally found on sheep. Since the lord had the right to collect taxes, whatever money the hunters took and spent in the town would, in the end, still flow back to the lord. Thus, he had the confidence to be generous.

Still, at least he was willing to pay and was not too stingy. After spending a short time together, Zhou Jing’s impression of Lord Lutt was not bad.

There was not much nightlife in this world. The town had a curfew at night, so the dinner was very simple. The hunters were also more pragmatic. After eating, they bade farewell and left.

Zhou Jing was also about to leave, but Lord Lutt stopped him.

“Jason, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“What is it?” Zhou Jing turned around curiously.

Lord Lutt said slowly, “I heard from them just now that you are a freelance hunter trained by Barong. Do you plan to stay in White Plains Town for a long time or return back to Frostwood Village?”

“That depends on the situation. In short, I’ll just move around this area,” Zhou Jing replied ambiguously.

“I hope you can stay in White Plains Town. With your skills, you won’t have much chance to showcase them in Frostwood Village.”

“Is that so?” Zhou Jing raised his eyebrows. “Frostwood Village is also under your rule, but you don’t seem to care?”

“It’s not that I don’t care. As a lord, I have the responsibility to protect Frostwood Village… But White Plains Town has a larger population and is more important. I have to allocate my limited manpower to secure the town first.”

Lord Lutt explained. He paused, finally revealing his true intentions.

“Actually, I also want to hire you as my personal guard.”

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