Beauty and the Beasts

Chapter 1583 - Young Eagle Hiding Someone

Chapter 1583: Young Eagle Hiding Someone

The bathroom’s glass door was shrouded by a thick layer of fog, and he could see a glimpse of a lean human figure. Not daring to look straight toward it, Mu Ya put the clothes close to the door.


A skinny and small hand reached out from the opening on the door, grabbed the clothes, and then shrank back.

Mu Ya also walked out quickly, standing by the window and gasping.

After a while, a skinny girl, holding onto a pile of wet clothes while wearing extra-large-sized male clothing, came out from the bathroom.

The pants were rolled up three times and the hems of the clothes covered her bum. The oversized clothing made her look increasingly small and fragile. Her chest was very flat and her spine was slightly bent. However, it was still possible to see the two awkward protruding points at her chest area.

Shen Yin didn’t dare to look at him. She turned aside and asked, “Do you have a hairdryer? I’ll dry my clothes.”

“Y… yes.”

The usual calm Mu Ya wasn’t any calmer than Shen Yin. His nose was filled with the light plant fragrance that came from her body after she had used their body wash and shampoo.

This made him feel a little different as well as have a strange feeling of satisfaction.

Mu Ya stumbled around to look for the hairdryer. Thankfully, Shen Yin didn’t dare to look at him and didn’t notice his awkwardness.

“I can bring you a set of my mom’s clothes. She has a lot of clothes, so she will definitely not notice it,” Mu Ya said.

Shen Yin shook her head. “I’ll dirty them.”

After saying that, she switched on the hairdryer. The sound coming from it suppressed the awkwardness a little.

Mu Ya felt uneasy. He took a whiff of himself, then looked for a set of clothes as well before heading to the bathroom to take a shower.

Shen Yin relaxed as if a huge burden had been taken off her shoulders.

After he came out all clean, Shen Yin had already changed back into her own clothes. He had no idea if they were dry, but she was now drying her hair.

“You… I’ll bring some food upstairs.” Humans had to eat every meal, right? Just like their mommy.

Thinking this, Mu Ya got up and went out.

Mu Tian and Mu Tian had already filled the table with duck feet bones. When they saw him, Mu Hai beckoned to him and said, “Hurry up and come to eat. There’s still ten or more of them.”

“Third Brother, this shop’s duck feet tastes really good. Come and try,” Mu Tian also said.


Mu Ya took a big stainless steel basin and poured all the remaining duck feet into it without standing on ceremony.

Mu Tian and Mu Hai were speechless. (Are you really not letting us eat anymore?)

Mu Ya wasn’t sure of Shen Yin’s appetite and preference. He was scared that she might not be able to take spicy food, so he went to the kitchen and took a big piece of bread, a bottle of yogurt, a packet of instant noodles, three ham sausages, and other stuff. He only came out after the basin-sized stainless steel bowl was filled to the brim.

Bai Qingqing looked up at him and asked strangely, “When have your preferences become so mixed? I thought you didn’t like snacks?”

Mu Ya’s grip on the bowl tightened. “Relief pressure.”

“Go on. Have an afternoon nap after you’re done eating, then get up and go back to school at 1:30 PM.”

“I got it,” Mu Ya replied, then hurried upstairs.

Mu Tian and Mu Ya followed after him. When they reached the door, Mu Ya paused.

“Hurry up,” Mu Tian urged.

Mu Ya said, “You guys go and rest in the attic on the tree. The scenery there is good.”

Mu Tian looked at him suspiciously, then suddenly guessed, “It can’t be that you…”

Mu Ya immediately opened the door, pushed his two older brothers inside, then closed the door.

Upon entering, Mu Tian and Mu Hai froze.

Shen Yin also jumped from the bed and stood at the side, looking reserved. She threw a glance toward Mu Ya, asking for his help.

Mu Ya’s heart suddenly softened, and he handed her the food. His voice sounded a lot gentler than usual. “Go on, eat.”

“You you you…”

Mu Tian pointed at Shen Yin, feeling so astonished that he couldn’t make a complete sentence.

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