Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 612 - Uehara City

Chapter 612 - Uehara City

The residential area of Uehara’s clan.

Strictly speaking, this was no longer just a residential area.

Inside Seireitei, Shinigami liked to call the residential area of Uehara’s clan “Uehara City” because this was a city that occupied a central location in Seireitei.

The whole city was divided into the inner city and the outer city.

Whether it is the inner city or the outer city, the city walls were all made from spirit-reducing stone. This material can completely negate Reiatsu and form a spherical barrier, making it a double barrier.

Suppose a dead soul from Rukongai wants to sneak into Uehara City. In that case, they first have to break through Seireitei’s spirit-reducing stone barrier, then break through Uehara City’s outer city spirit-reducing stone barrier, and then the inner city spirit-reducing stone barrier. They would then have a chance to face the current head of the Uehara clan…

Whether it was the inner city or the outer city, there would be a Shinigami team patrolling the city wall every day. Their duty was to protect Uehara City from being invaded.

In fact…

They were only equivalent to ordinary guards.

Behind the outer city wall was the most prosperous outer city of Uehara City.

The outer city has many facilities, such as training grounds, production areas, residential areas, commercial streets, spiritual arts institutes, hospitals, etc. It seems to have become a small Seireitei.

In the outer city, all of Shinigami and their family, who had sided with the Uehara clan for thousands of years, lived here. Even though some of them had already exhausted their spiritual energy and died, their descendants and family were still allowed to live here.


Most of these descendants will enter the spiritual arts academy established by the Uehara clan to study. From the perspective of time, the spiritual arts academy of the Uehara clan has actually existed longer than Seireitei’s Spiritual Art Academy.

The teachers of the Spiritual Art Academy will judge those students based on their grades, expertise, talents, hobbies, etc., and decide whether these subordinates can take up jobs in Uehara City or become the Shinigami of the family.

This was equivalent to raising a child from childhood to adulthood.

This was also a place that many dead souls in Rukongai were envious of.

Because once they joined the Uehara clan, they would no longer need to worry about the future. They only needed to work hard in training or study.

Even guys who don’t know the Uehara clan could know a few words from the Shinigami who belong to the Uehara clan; that was, the head of the Uehara clan has always been very generous to their people.


This also made many of the Uehara clan’s Shinigami subordinates fearless, even though they were actually controlled by Impure World Reincarnation’s technique.

Because many dead souls and Shinigami were living in the outer city, the outer city of Uehara City was much more prosperous than any other place in Seireitei.

When some of Gotei 13’s Shinigami were allowed to enter Uehara City sometimes, they always liked to stroll around the outer city to buy rare things.

For this…

Many nobles also hoped that the outer city would be opened to everyone.

However, this was unrealistic because the real purpose of the outer city’s existence was to protect Uehara City’s inner city, which was also the core area of the entire Uehara City.

The inner city walls were even more tightly defended.

There were at least ten teams of ten people on the city wall. These hundreds of shinigami were patrolling back and forth on the walls, protecting the inner city from being invaded by anyone.

Even a subordinate shinigami of the Uehara clan had to be approved by one of the 13th Death Servants if they wanted to enter the inner city.

As the core of Uehara City, there were not many buildings in the inner city. There were only Uehara’s mansion, House of Parliament, Research Institute, Hidden Rain Tower, Secret Arts Institute, Impure World Reincarnate Villa, 13th Death Servants Residence, etc.

Compared to the prosperity of the outer city…

The inner city was simply too simple.

The tallest building in the inner city was the Hidden Rain Tower, which was also the center of Uehara City, but it was empty all year round and looked like a symbolic building.

Near Uehara’s mansion was the 13th Death Servants Residence, which was also their training area.

The 13th Death Servants.

These death servants were the peak combat power of the Uehara clan

Almost every death servant possessed the strength of a captain-level Shinigami, and the strongest might even possess strength that surpassed captain-level!

First Seat: Uchiha Madara.

Second Seat: Senju Hashirama.

Third Seat: Gol D. Roger.

Fourth Seat: Edward Newgate.

Fifth Seat: Senju Tobirama.

Sixth Seat: Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Seventh Seat: Namikaze Minato.

Eighth Seat: Uchiha Obito.

Ninth Seat: Uchiha Itachi.

Tenth Seat: Third Raikage Ai.

Eleventh Seat: Second Tsuchikage Mu.

Twelfth Seat: Second Mizukage Hozuki Gengetsu.

Thirteenth Seat: Fourth Kazekage Rasa.

These people were all from Uehara’s collection.

Every one of them had already died in their original world. Their souls were absorbing spiritual energy from Soul Society, restoring their peak strength and even advancing a step further.

The top four were undoubtedly the strongest existences.

These people’s rankings were originally not divided into any order. It was just that Madara, this guy, might have some problems. Once he encountered Hashirama, he would have to fight for a higher position… Hashirama, Edward Newgate, Gol D. Roger, and the others did not care.

Under normal circumstances, the top four seats never move out.

The four of them practiced in their own residences almost every day, and their existence was also the pinnacle of the Uehara clan’s current combat power.

The other nine seats were responsible for dealing with all the big and small things in Uehara City.

As the former Second Hokage Tobirama, he naturally took over all the miscellaneous things unceremoniously. In fact, it seemed that there was no more suitable candidate than him.

It had to be said that…

Under Tobirama’s governance, the entire Uehara City in Seireitei slowly slipped to the embarrassing position that Uchiha once held in Konoha…

In addition to managing everything in Uehara City on the surface, Tobirama secretly selected a batch of Shinigami to be controlled by Impure World Reincarnation and arranged for them to lurk in the various divisions of Seireitei!

Any sign of trouble…

It was impossible to hide from Tobirama!


Tobirama also led the Secret Arts Institute and the Research Institute. He was mainly responsible for studying how to use spiritual energy. Kido and Hado, there was almost nothing that Tobirama didn’t study…


There seemed to be nothing that Tobirama couldn’t understand.

Thousands of years ago, when the Uehara clan was first founded, there was no Secret Arts Institute. As time went by, in order to store the various forbidden arts created by Tobirama, they had to build a Secret Arts Institute.

This former Second Hokage…

His talent in these evil ways was simply ridiculously strong.

The former Third Hokage Hiruzen was in charge of the Spiritual Arts Academy. He was mainly responsible for teaching. Other than the will of fire, he was very good at teaching.

The Former Fourth Hokage Minato commanded all of Uehara City’s Shinigami. The other Kage, who was used to make up the numbers, was responsible for assisting him. They were responsible for acting on the surface of Uehara City.

Other than them…

Obito and Itachi were responsible for protecting Uehara, or rather, showing the existence of the 13th Death Servants in the outside world…

The 13 Death Servants.

Every single one of them was used to the best of their abilities.

If the 13 Death Servants were the apex of the Uehara clan…

Then, the one who supported them to stand at the apex from behind was Uehara Naraku, who had slowly changed the history of Soul Society from thousands of years ago!

This enormous power…

It was definitely not something that Seireitei’s Gotei 13 could shake!

In the inner city of Uehara City.

When Uehara returned to his residence, the first four death servants were already waiting for his return. Each of them had different expressions on their face.

When Uehara participated in the assessment in the Human World, they were in Hueco Mundo, between the Human World and Soul Society, blocking the Menos Grande, who wanted to attack Uehara.

To tell the truth…

There was no need for this kind of thing.

After all, the Menos Grande that Sosuke Aizen secretly sent to attack Uehara was almost all at the level of Gillian, and even Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Obito could easily solve them.

“Hmph, going to participate in those children’s exams again…”

Madara let out a cold snort, and the corners of his mouth curled into an evil smile, “I really can’t understand why you always like to pretend to be weak…”

“If you show too much strength, it will make too many people despair, right?”

Uehara chuckled and shook his head. He casually explained, “It would be too cruel for those strong men with ambition to suppress their ambition to rule the world because of fear…”

“Heh, that kindness…”

Madara naturally disagreed with this. He sneered and retorted, “Hmph, draw out their ambition with one hand and push them to stand on a high place with the other…”

When Madara said this, the expression on his face gradually darkened, “When they stood at the top of the world, they thought they had realized their dream of controlling the world, and then pushed them from the sky into the quagmire…”

“Isn’t this good?”

Uehara slowly said, “They stood at the top of the world and saw the scenery that they would never have seen in their lives, and I also maintained the justice and peace of the world. In other words, everyone gets what they need…”


Madara fell silent.

After a long time, Madara looked at Uehara with a complicated expression and said, “Every time you talk nonsense, you are really serious…”

“Alright, Madara.”

Hashirama walked to Madara and patted his friend on the shoulder. He turned to look at Uehara and asked softly, “Speaking of which, we caught the mastermind who commanded the Menos to attack you this time. An Adjuchas-class Menos…”

When he said this, Edward Newgate and Gol D. Roger stepped aside, revealing a ferocious menos who had collapsed on the floor.

Adjuchas-class Menos…

It was rare even in Hueco Mundo. This level of Menos Grande was ranked second in the entire Hueco Mundo Menos’ ranking. They could control Gillian-class Menos to attack.

This Menos didn’t seem to have evolved much. Now that Hashirama’s Myojinmon(Gate of the Great God) bound it, it couldn’t move, but it still maintained its original ferocious appearance…

“It doesn’t look like much…”

A look of disdain appeared on Uehara’s face as he slowly shook his head. He sighed and said, “Just sending out an ordinary Adjuchas to attack me. Captain Aizen is really petty…”

“Hmph, this isn’t useless…”

Madara walked to Uehara’s side, folded his arm, and slowly said, “That bastard Tobirama suggested that we give it to Gotei 13 and secretly guide them to find the person behind it…”

“It’s useless.”

Uehara shook his head and said softly, “If we hand it over to Gotei 13, Gotei 13 should be able to get Kabuto’s name from the mouth of this hollow… Perhaps before it attacked me, Aizen had already considered the result of its capture?”


On the ground, the Menos Grande’s body trembled slightly.

This Menos Grande forced himself to raise his head and look at the young Shinigami, standing in the middle of a group of strong guys. It seemed that his status was extraordinary.

That was the target that it was sent to attack…

‘This young Shinigami is really not simple. He actually guessed Lord Aizen’s plan. No wonder Lord Aizen did not have much confidence in this plan…’

Before it was sent by its master, Sosuke Aizen, to attack Uehara, it had received an order. Once it was arrested, it would find a way to induce the person to interrogate it and shift the crime of attacking Uehara to Kabuto…

This kind of thing…

Aizen was very skilled.

If he could lure out Gotei 13, Kabuto, and Uehara clan to continue fighting, Aizen could completely hide under the muddy waters of their battle and continue his plan.

On the other side, the Menos Grande struggled to get rid of his shackles, but in the end, he could only give up powerlessly. He looked up at this group of people and smiled strangely, “You bunch of fellows, how do you want to deal with me…”

“How should we deal with it?”

Uehara reached out his hand and rubbed the space between his eyebrows. He turned to look at the people around him, “Speaking of which, I remember that the research institute doesn’t need any Adjuchas-class Menos, right?”

Madara grinned and sneered with disdain, “Hmph, what is there to study about this kind of trash? If even this kind of trash needs to be studied, then the guy in charge of the research institute must also be trash!”


Everyone’s expressions gradually became subtle.

Because everyone knew who was in charge of the research institute.

Hashirama looked at Madara with a hint of melancholy in his eyes, “Madara… the one in charge of the research institute… has always been Tobirama…”

“That’s why I said he is…”


Uehara waved his hand, stopping Madara from arguing or slandering. He slowly extended his palm towards the hollow.

A Zanpakuto condensed and appeared in his hand!

In the next moment, Uehara waved his own Zanpakuto and slashed at the Menos!

In an instant, this Menos Grande’s body was directly split in two. At this moment, Uehara was completely different from the gentleness he had shown in the outside world!


Madara looked at this scene and seemed to have thought of something. He could not help but sneer, “You really are ruthless… Do you still want to prepare a soul burial ceremony for this guy?”

For some of Uehara’s actions…

Madara was really not used to it.

As the former head of the Uchiha clan, Madara really couldn’t bear Uehara’s style as the head of the Uehara clan.

“Of course, there will be a soul burial.”

Uehara narrowed his eyes. A piece of paper appeared in his palm and turned into a bunch of paper flowers in his hand.

Uehara held the bunch of paper flowers and slowly lowered his head to reveal a kind smile, “Only by maintaining a good habit will you not reveal any flaws in front of others.”

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