Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 689 - Go Hunt Them Down Until You Reach the End of the World!

Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 689 Go Hunt Them Down Until You Reach the End of the World!

The Getsuga Tensho attracted Sosuke Aizen’s gaze, causing Aizen to temporarily let go of the idea of continuing to attack Yamamoto Shigekuni. He reached out and grabbed the black light!


Sosuke Aizen crushed the black sword light with one hand and sent Yamamoto Shigekuni flying with a punch. Only then did he slowly turn his head to look in the direction of the person who had come.

Zanpakuto’s ability was unique.

Many people present knew who Getsuga Tensho’s ability was. A touch of surprise flashed across their faces, and they all turned to look at the newcomer.

Kurosaki Ichigo had arrived.

The young Shinigami’s face was full of resolution. His clothes were draped over his body and fluttered in the wind. He wore a ferocious skull mask on his head and held a pitch-black Zanpakuto in his hand. He looked somewhat valiant.

Sosuke Aizen looked at Kurosaki Ichigo, and a hint of admiration flashed across his face, “Since you came here, it seems that Ulquiorra has failed…”

“Let’s put it this way for the time being…”

Kurosaki Ichigo scratched his head. He did not know if he should complain because in a sense, Ulquiorra had indeed lost to him.

However, when Kurosaki Ichigo was about to kill Ulquiorra, Nelliel suddenly appeared and saved Ulquiorra. Moreover, she defeated his bullhead Hollow form, allowing Kurosaki Ichigo to recover sober state.

That woman…

She was truly a bit terrifying.

However, what made Kurosaki Ichigo a little puzzled was that Nelliel did not take advantage of the victory to pursue him. She even released Inoue and allowed him to come to Soul Society to participate in the battle.

“As expected…”

Sosuke Aizen slowly spread out his palm and smiled, “I’ve been looking forward to your growth from the very beginning… I hope you won’t let me down, Kurosaki Ichigo.”

Sosuke Aizen gradually revealed a sharpness that would never be restrained. His reiatsu slowly covered his body and his smile seemed a little strange under this astonishing reiatsu.

“From the beginning?”

Kurosaki Ichigo frowned slightly.

“Yes, from the beginning…”

Sosuke Aizen smiled and extended his arm toward Kurosaki Ichigo, “Strictly speaking, I have arranged everything before you were born.”

“Your father, Kurosaki Isshin.”

“He used to be Gotei 13’s 10th Division Captain, Shiba Isshin.”

“Your mother, Kurosaki Masaki.”

“She is one of the few pure-blood Quincy in the world.”

“The Hollow in your body, White Hollow.”

“It is a Vasto Lorde-class Menos, who can be called extremely talented in the entire Hueco Mundo.”




“All three forces are gathered in your body.”

Every word of Sosuke Aizen made Kurosaki Ichigo’s face change a bit. When Aizen was about to finish speaking, Kurosaki Ichigo’s face had become extremely ugly!

No matter who it was…

Knowing that his life was arranged, there was no way he would have a good face!

Especially Sosuke Aizen, who directly arranged his parents and White Hollow in his body. He had not even been born, but he was already confirmed to be controlled by Sosuke Aizen!

This guy…

Wasn’t he too dark?

Sosuke Aizen did not care about Kurosaki Ichigo’s expression at all. He even pointed at Kurosaki Ichigo with some interest and praised him with a face full of confidence, “Kurosaki Ichigo, from the moment you were born, I already knew that my most perfect work in this world was born.”

“From the moment you were born.”

“From the moment you came into contact with Kuchiki Rukia.”

“From the moment you entered Soul Society and became stronger bit by bit.”

“From the moment you obtained the Hollow power.”

“I have been paying attention to you.”

Sosuke Aizen’s words stabbed into Kurosaki Ichigo’s heart, causing this young Shinigami to have a gloomy expression.

This feeling of having his life arranged by someone…

It really made Kurosaki Ichigo feel an indescribable anger in his heart!

Sosuke Aizen seemed to not care about Kurosaki Ichigo’s mood at all.

He was just enjoying the feeling of controlling others like a god.

“I know everything about you like the back of my hand…”

“Everything you have experienced is under my control…”

“Then please tell me… Ichigo.”

Sosuke Aizen withdrew his palm and asked with a smile, “How are you going to fight me now? Does your sword have the power to resist?”


The battlefield fell into a strange silence.

Whether it was Kurosaki Ichigo who was still in the air confronting Sosuke Aizen, or Gotei 13’s team leaders who were fighting on the ground, everyone felt a little heavy.


They had to be shocked by Sosuke Aizen’s arrangements!

Kurosaki Ichigo was not born yet, Sosuke Aizen had already arranged everything for him. Would the current Kurosaki Ichigo still have the will to resist Sosuke Aizen?

It was difficult.

If they were in Kurosaki Ichigo’s position, most people might commit suicide instead of daring to wave their swords at Sosuke Aizen…

“Hey hey hey, Aizen!”

A bright voice suddenly attracted everyone’s attention. A middle-aged man shouted from afar, “You bastard, don’t put the credit of me raising this bastard on yourself. That brat is my son!”

“Captain Isshin!”

“Kurosaki Isshin…”

“Bastard father…”

The people present looked at the middle-aged man who had rushed over in a Shinigami uniform. He was Kurosaki Ichigo’s father, Kurosaki Isshin, the father who had raised his son.

When living in Human World, Kurosaki Isshin never revealed his identity in front of Kurosaki Ichigo. He was just like an ordinary father. No, he was even more old and disrespectful than the other fathers of the Human World.

However, at this time…

Kurosaki Isshin appeared like a savior!

“You are too greedy!”

Kurosaki Isshin’s figure stopped in front of Kurosaki Ichigo. He ignored his son and just watched Sosuke Aizen while digging his ear.

“The birth of this bastard Ichigo is not for the so-called Quincy and Shinigami’s power. He is just an accident in a married couple’s life…”


Kurosaki Ichigo’s face darkened again.

Although he knew what his father meant, his father’s words made him feel even worse…

Kurosaki Isshin did not seem to have thought about taking care of his son’s face. He still continued, “This was just an accident. The woman I loved the most wanted to be a mother, so we chose to give birth to this bastard…”

“What does our family matter have to do with your arrangements… Don’t put all the credit on yourself!”

“And you, brat!”

Kurosaki Isshin looked at his son with a face full of displeasure, “You are the person who, the woman I love the most, risked her life to protect. How can you because of a few words from this guy…”

“I didn’t!”

Kurosaki Ichigo looked at his father with a dark face. Under his father’s gaze, he became a little dejected, “Alright, actually, I know all of this. I just feel a little uncomfortable…”

“This is a battlefield, brat!”

Kurosaki Isshin lifted his own Zanpakuto, looked at Sosuke Aizen in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “In order to win, the enemies on the battlefield will use any despicable means… They won’t care about your feelings!”

“I understand…”

Kurosaki Ichigo took a deep breath, tightened his grip on his Zanpakuto, and pointed it at Sosuke Aizen!

Although the two of them seemed to be teasing each other, when they faced Sosuke Aizen, the eyes of the father and son became serious at the same time!

This guy’s reiatsu…

It had already far exceeded their understanding!

Even a man with an open-minded character like Kurosaki Isshin could not help but feel a little heavy in his heart. The current Sosuke Aizen was not only scary… Looking at it now, perhaps it could be called terrifying?

Urahara Kisuke and Shihoin Yoruichi stood by their side. The two of them were faintly preparing to support Kurosaki and his son at any time…

Senju Tobirama, the only one who could support them in the battle with Sosuke Aizen, was now dealing with Orochimaru. This battle could only depend on themselves…

Just as Kurosaki Ichigo was about to launch Getsuga Tensho, a voice that was like a curse appeared in his mind.

“You have no way to defeat him.”


“Right now, there is no way you can defeat him.”


“Don’t make fearless sacrifices, there are limits to your strength.”

“This is…”

Kurosaki Ichigo frowned slightly. In an instant, he seemed to have thought of something. He then appeared in his inner world, “…Old-man Zangetsu? “

According to Kurosaki Ichigo’s knowledge, this bearded man was his Zanpakuto.

Speaking of which, it was a little strange. The other Zanpakuto was either a girl or a young girl. Only his Zanpakuto was a bearded man…

In Kurosaki Ichigo’s inner world, the bearded man who Kurosaki Ichigo thinks was his Zanpakuto floats in the air. His voice was somewhat illusory.

“Here, your safety can be protected.”

The entire inner world changed.

In the next moment, the inner world changed its appearance and changed into Seireitei’s appearance. A location was marked out.


Kurosaki Ichigo shook his head and said in a deep voice, “I haven’t tried it yet, how can I give up so rashly?”


The bearded man was silent for a moment, then quietly disappeared from Kurosaki Ichigo’s inner world. His voice was still somewhat illusory, “I hope you can survive this war… because this war has just begun.”


The war had just begun.

Even though everyone else thought that this war had reached its peak.

Everyone had no way to retreat. In order to protect Seireitei and Soul Society in Sosuke Aizen’s hands, they had put everything on the line.

On the battlefield in Seireitei.

Gotei 13 was on the verge of losing.

The Impure World Reincarnated Army of the Uehara Clan was also constantly retreating. Tobirama, the 5th seat of the 13th Death Servants, was also showing signs of being defeated by Orochimaru.

Only Kurosaki Ichigo, Kurosaki Isshin, Urahara Kisuke, and Shihoin Yoruichi remained on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, they did not last too long.

Sosuke Aizen showed his terrifying strength. Just by using the terrifying reiatsu brought by Black Zetsu’s possession, he suppressed everyone present!

“Prepare to respond and save them.”

Yamamoto Shigekuni glanced at the battle in the air and ordered in a deep voice, “Everyone… retreat to the entrance of Soul King Palace… Ukitake, contact Zero Division’s Hyosube Ichibe.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Ukitake Jushiro was the captain of the 13th division, and he was also one of Yamamoto’s students. He knew some hidden secrets like the Soul King Palace.


Yamamoto Shigekuni urged in a low voice.

This war…

At present, there was no hope of victory.

At least from the current point of view, Gotei 13, who had stayed behind in Seireitei, was simply unable to contend against Sosuke Aizen, Orochimaru, and Arrancar Army under their command.

They were already on the verge of losing.

If he continued to fight with Sosuke Aizen under such circumstances, it would undoubtedly be a meaningless sacrifice.

If he could use his Bankai: Zanka no Tachi…

Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni’s gaze fell on the Zanpakuto beside him. His palm slowly pulled his Zanpakuto out and he once again return the sword to the scabbard.

The current Seireitei not only has Gotei 13.

If sacrificing Gotei 13 could stop Sosuke Aizen, Yamamoto Shigekuni would definitely not be stingy with this kind of sacrifice…

The power of Zanka no Tachi was enough to destroy the entire Soul Society!

According to Yamamoto Shigekuni’s observation of Fuka Hoin(Fire Sealing Method) that Orochimaru was using, that kind of Kido spell could not stop the release of Zanka no Tachi!

However, there was still the Uehara clan in Seireitei.

Among them, the first four seats of the 13th Death Servants were currently investigating the traces of Yhwach. None of them were in Seireitei, and even if they stayed in Seireitei, they might not die under the Zanka no Tachi power.

If they waited until Madara and others returned and found that Uehara City had been turned into ashes by his Zanka no Tachi, then Seireitei would definitely start another world-destroying war!

Rather than that…

It was better to let Zero Division attack.

Perhaps he could use this opportunity of Sosuke Aizen’s invasion to let the Uehara clan recognize the strength of Zero Division and make Seireitei more united.

Gotei 13’s retreat was not concealed.

Tobirama led Impure World Reincarnated Army and also retreated.

“Do you want to escape?”

Sosuke Aizen glanced at the retreating army, and a black-colored Cero appeared on his fingertips, “Soul Society is so small, where can you escape to?”

“Getsuga Tensho!”

When Kurosaki Ichigo saw this scene, he instantly rose into the air. He waved his Zanpakuto and released a black sword light, interrupting Sosuke Aizen’s condensing of Cero!

If it was any slower!

Who knew how many lives would be lost under that Cero attack!

“Mr. Isshin, let’s go first!”

Urahara Kisuke covered the wound on his arm and appeared beside Kurosaki Isshin. He said softly, “They are retreating in the direction of… Soul King Palace’s entrance… should be…”

There were some things that need not be said.

They had all heard about Soul King Palace and Zero Division.

“I know!”

Kurosaki Isshin stood horizontally in front of Sosuke Aizen and shouted, “Kisuke, Yoruichi, take Ichigo first!”


“Hurry up!”

Kurosaki Isshin grinned and laughed as he repeated the words he had said many times, “Ichigo, the person who, the woman I love the most, risked her life to protect…”

Kurosaki Isshin no longer looked at Kurosaki Ichigo. He turned to look at Sosuke Aizen, who was like a god, and continued in a deep voice, “So… Ichigo… you must live well!”

“Bastard father!”

Kurosaki Ichigo wiped his red eyes with one hand and clenched his teeth, “But… I don’t want to be like how I was back then…”

A pitch-black reiatsu exploded on Kurosaki Ichigo’s body like lightning. Just as a new skull mask gradually appeared on Kurosaki Ichigo’s face, an arm suddenly hugged Kurosaki Ichigo’s waist!

“Stupid son really wants to go all out!”

Kurosaki Isshin, who was still resisting, picked up his son. Then he ran toward the direction of Soul King Palace’s entrance in a blink of an eye, “Everyone here has withdrawn, why do you still want to stay here!”

This guy…

He really didn’t have any moral integrity.


Sosuke Aizen thought for a moment and finally raised his finger. He shot a Bala in the direction where Kurosaki Isshin and his son fled!

The Bala instantly exploded, causing a shock wave!

However, when the shock wave and the smoke gradually dissipated, there was no longer any trace of Kurosaki Isshin and his son on the ground, as if they had died under that Bala.

As the smoke dissipated…

The shadow of the smoke was also slowly dissipating…


Sosuke Aizen frowned slightly because he knew that the Bala could not kill Kurosaki Isshin and Kurosaki Ichigo so easily. However, no matter how he used his reiatsu to search, he could not detect their traces!

“Forget it.”

Sosuke Aizen’s brows relaxed as he looked in the direction where the Shinigami Army and Impure World Reincarnate Army were retreating. Then, he looked at the Arrancar Army below.

They won.

Because of Kyouka Suigetsu’s ability to control five senses, the Shinigami Army and Impure World Reincarnated Army were directly on the verge of collapse. Coupled with the defeat of Yamamoto Shigekuni and Tobirama, they finally won this war…

This war…

No, it should be said that they had won the first battle.

“Go, chase after them.”

Sosuke Aizen slowly waved his hand and pointed in the direction where the Shinigami Army was retreating. He said his order, “Go, Arrancar Army, hunt after those Shinigami until… the end of this world!”

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