Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 2344. Prediction

Chapter 2344. Prediction

Noah inspected the various crystals figures that had come out of the sky. They were identical to the body they had just destroyed, but the energy flowing inside them felt slightly stronger.

"We are glad that you reached this level," Heaven and Earth spoke through their various bodies. "It would have taken a while to perfect our new energy otherwise. You can accomplish your purpose now."

The arrival of various crystal figures didn't surprise the group too much and didn't even lead to worry or fear. Noah's ambition had pushed everyone's power past their normal limits, so those incredible bodies didn't appear as threatening as before.

Yet, that show of power highlighted an issue that Noah and a few others had always been aware of. Heaven and Earth's energy reserves were immense, and they lacked clear weak points. It was simply impossible to target them when they were the very sky.

Noah honestly didn't know what to do, and the same went for King Elbas. The two even exchanged a glance that conveyed their helplessness. They had a limited number of options in that situation, and only one of them sounded reasonable.

"We might need to keep doing this for a while," King Elbas eventually suggested.

Noah knew that his companion was right, but that didn't solve the problems. A prolonged battle would allow Heaven and Earth to perfect their crystal energy. Moreover, the landmass couldn't last much longer.

Still, the lack of alternatives pushed Noah toward the usual conclusion. He and his companions had to give everything they had, no matter how many of them died in the process. After all, that was the last battlefield.

Marcella and the Eternal Snake couldn't avoid Heaven and Earth's massive display of power. That offensive covered the entire higher plane, and the ice couldn't stop it.

The situation only worsened when Heaven and Earth summoned multiple avatars. The addition of various bodies allowed the rulers to channel more power and thicken the amount of crystal energy that filled the higher plane.

Marcella and the Eternal Snake were ill-suited to stop that offensive, but their insane resilience allowed them to recover and resume their battle in no time. The ice also always reappeared to divide them from the main fight, but that slowly started to change.

The additional bodies allowed Heaven and Earth to launch offensives that could last longer. Moreover, Noah and the others only affected a fraction of those massive attacks, so Marcella and the Eternal Snake often took a defensive stance.

As Noah and his team began to counterattack, more and more areas of the higher plane gained some clarity. Still, random white currents continued to fly everywhere, so the ice never managed to reform fully.

Marcella and the Eternal Snake didn't stop fighting either, but the change in the scenery disturbed their usual pace. The damage created by the white currents opened lasting paths through the ice that Marcella wanted to use, but the Eternal Snake never gave her the chance to escape.

That would typically push Marcella to bring her focus back on the snake, but the latter solved that issue for her. The Eternal Snake noticed Noah during one of its reckless charges, and the sight instantly changed its priorities.

"Defying Demon!" The Eternal Snake shouted when it caught a glimpse of Noah fighting against the group of crystal figures.

Noah obviously ignored that call, and white currents soon hid his figure again. The Eternal Snake also found an attack flying through the opening on its ice and landing on its body, but the severe injury it caused didn't distract it from its target.

"Where do you think you are going?" Marcella shouted while launching a massive spear made of roots and branches toward the snake.

The spear pierced the Eternal Snake and tried to immobilize it. Flowers and plants also grew from its surfaces to build a cage. Still, the creature ripped itself away from that offensive and voiced a hiss that affected the ice in the area.

The Eternal Snake's ice carried the same innate ability that affected its body. It wouldn't disappear unless the creature wanted to, but a reason to remove it had finally appeared.

The immense frozen layer shattered when the snake's maimed body slammed on it. The ice crumbled to fall on the creature, and even the chunks destroyed by the white currents reappeared to join the process.

Marcella wanted to interrupt the technique, but she held back. A path toward Heaven and Earth had finally opened, so she let the Eternal Snake do as it wished.

All the ice in the area converged toward the Eternal Snake to create an immense frozen armor. Once the technique stabilized, the creature became almost as big as the landmass, and its sprint toward Noah's battlefield generated storms that shot everywhere.

The snake's charge was beyond reckless, but its eternal properties were quite impossible to counter. White attacks fell on the frozen armor and pierced its body, but its sprint never slowed down. Those missing parts even reappeared as soon as the crystal energy left the areas.

Marcella inspected the sprint for a few seconds before summoning a series of flowers. Heaven and Earth wouldn't care about her, so she needed to protect herself from the white offensive, but a curious event interrupted her technique.

A shattering noise resounded near Marcella and forced her to turn. Black and purple shards flew everywhere as three figures appeared among them. Decumia, Vesuvia, and Queen returned to the higher plane, and none of them carried injuries.

"Decumia!" Marcella instantly called. "Heaven and Earth are going all-out. Let's help them!"

Decumia glanced at her companion before turning toward Vesuvia. Her expression revealed deep doubts, but a question eventually left her mouth. "How much of that is true?"

"Who knows?" Vesuvia giggled.

"Stop playing games," Decumia ordered. "I know you didn't influence that prediction. Will that truly happen?"

Decumia appeared off compared to her usual self. She was so serious that even her opponents felt the need to address the question adequately.

"Go ahead," Queen sighed.

"I truly don't know," Vesuvia admitted while wearing a complicated smile. "Still, you saw it, so it has a chance of becoming real."

The answer didn't satisfy Decumia, but she still lowered her gaze to think. Marcella could see the conflict on her companion's face, but she couldn't allow those issues in that situation.

"Decumia, what are you doing?" Marcella called. "Did you forget your position?"

Decumia lifted her gaze to study the final battle. Pure chaos shone in her eyes, but she didn't feel attracted by it. Far deeper thoughts flowed through her mind and made her lose interest in the scene.

"I'll stay here," Decumia eventually stated. "I want to see the future with my own eyes."

Marcella almost couldn't believe what she was hearing. Decumia had never been the smartest privileged cultivator, but she had always been reliable when it came to battles. Yet, she had decided to remain on the sidelines at that time.

"I guess we have a new opponent," Vesuvia teased.

"I don't think we'll have a proper battle," Queen exclaimed, and the entire area suddenly lit up. It didn't take long before everything turned white and forced them to summon defensive abilities.

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