Chapter 1200 A Battle Between "Gods" And" Demons"

Chapter 1200 A Battle Between "Gods" And" Demons"

This was not the first time Bai Zemin had killed innocents, and deep in his heart, he knew it would not be the last.

Not even the strongest being would be able to avoid involving innocents in some situations.

Only an absolute and totally omnipotent existence, the one whom no one could oppose because a single word from it could erase the existence of its enemy; only an existence of such magnitude could rest without having to affect others if it so chose.

Back in Oblon World, for example, Bai Zemin killed billions of asuras and in the process even killed beasts when he tried to destroy the world.

However, although he felt some regret in his heart since among those deaths were newborns, Bai Zemin knew that all asuras would eventually become killing machines that did not mind licking the blood of innocent souls from the blades of their swords.

This time it was different.

Approximately twenty thousand truly innocent souls were killed by him, because it had been Bai Zemin who used an air spear to destroy the missile facility in Xicheng District.

Twenty thousand innocent human beings.

The fact that life experiences and information of their souls joined him did not help him feel better.

His eyes blazed with fiery anger, the veins on his temples pulsed as he clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

His gaze was completely focused straight ahead, on that small but growing closer and closer point of bright purple light.


His voice didn't sound human at all but sounded like the roar of a beast that had just been released from the last and most terrifying level of hell.

A large part of the sky was dyed deep red like blood, and in the sky vault, two thin lines opened up revealing a beautiful pair of extremely cold golden eyes.

Ash-gray wings, pure white luminous wings, shining golden wings, crimson lightning... Bai Zemin even activated Heavenly Wind, and thanks to the fact that he could fly by himself, the third Option of his boots increased his movement speed in the sky even more. Furthermore, Bai Zemin was continuously using Air Manipulation to exploit the gusts of wind to his advantage and boost the power of Heavenly Wind and Crimson Lightning Flash.

His speed could only be described as massive and thunderous.

The ground became an indistinguishable blur below him as he pushed his body to the limit, his muscles tensed to the max and the veins throughout his body seemed about to burst as a result of using Heavenly Wind. Every breath felt like fire in his lungs, but he refused to slow down, his mind focused solely on the enemy he would definitely never forgive.

The sound of his heartbeat and the rush of air filled his ears, drowning out everything else.

"I'll kill you! I'm definitely going to kill you!" his voice rang out over 60 kilometers as he inadvertently activated War Cry in the midst of his rage.

What Saint of the Absolute failed to do in over a thousand years, Bai Zemin promised to do today!

[Your murderous intent has reached its limit].

[Your murderous intent increases beyond.]

[The power of Lonely Wolf Aura and Domain of the Wolf Emperor grows.]


Shun looked back with a pale face as he tried to push his speed beyond his allowed limits. Seeing Bai Zemin's practically demonic face getting closer and closer, Shun cursed aloud, "Son of a whore!"

Although the two of them were many kilometers apart, the speed at which Bai Zemin was flying was easily at least four or five times higher than his at this point!

His right arm was nowhere to be found, his left leg was missing halfway, and his back was burned as if someone had used a flamethrower on him.

Shun simply could not understand how it was possible for Bai Zemin to stop, contain, and practically nullify the destructive power of five nuclear missiles together!

Five nuclear missiles combined!

Just one was enough to force a soul evolver above level 200 to turn and run away, but he contained 5 and came out perfectly unscathed!

Corruption Demon thought that by using the power of several nuclear missiles he would be able to kill Bai Zemin, a logical and completely rational thought. Instead, he was the one who almost died after partially revealing his location.

'What the fuck is going on here! What is all this shit about!' The roars were getting fiercer and fiercer in Shun's head, trying unsuccessfully to find a minimally logical explanation for what was happening.

Bai Zemin shouldn't have these strange skills he was using!

Shun could still vividly remember how Bai Zemin was unable to close a distance of only two or three kilometers in a short time as Shun tried to flee to the center of Hero City.

However, now...

'How the hell did this brat suddenly become so fast!' Shun didn't understand and definitely wouldn't understand.

[Your killing intent is below that of your enemy and thus you are affected by the gaze of the Wolf Emperor].

[All your natural stats will be reduced as long as you are in the effect range of the Domain of the Emperor Wolf].

[Agility -20%, Strength -20%, Health -20%, Magic -20%, Mana -20%. Your Spiritual Power is too low resulting in it falling to 0].

(A/N: Yes, Shun gained some spiritual power after coming to this dimension and killing. I know this may break the immersion a bit but some people can't add 1+1, sorry).

Shun's face distorted into a horrible expression not only from the pain and pressure he felt in his soul when 1/5th of his records were cut off but also from rage and terror.

He had just lost thousands and thousands of stat points in just the blink of an eye...

"How can the murderous intent... of a brat... be stronger than mine..." His words barely made it out from between his clenched teeth.

Suddenly, Shun sensed danger of real death, and it was then that he realized he had no place or time to run anywhere.

When Corruption Demon looked over his shoulder again and saw that Bai Zemin enveloped in golden light was less than two kilometers behind him, he finally stopped running.<.com>

Shun stopped and roared as he activated over a dozen skills in an instant, consuming huge amounts of Mana.


His body was surrounded by bright purple flames and his slightly cracked black glove glowed as a series of black lightning flashes rumbled noisily around it.

In an instant, not only had Shun's attack power grown terribly but his defense had also increased as his size expanded to twice what it was.

"You're just a newborn bra... You have neither the right nor the qualifications to port such immense power!" Instead of running, Shun charged against Bai Zemin with a crazed expression shining in his eyes.


Shun looked like a small purple sun with black lightning bolts charging towards him.

Bai Zemin's expression did not change, and although his face seemed masked by indifference, his eyes burned with a fury rarely seen in him.

First, blood-colored flames burned on his Godslayer Spear.

Immediately after, the Endless Blue Lotus Flame burned and both flames merged into a single dark, dull purple flame.

However, this was not all as less than a thousandth of a second later there was a gust of wind blowing from the south. As a result, the power of the flames increased by almost 20%.

Although the two were many, many kilometers away from the settlement where Bai Zemin had stayed for the past week, the power of the two was too high for the short range of a world that had just changed to mean anything.

Although it was only a brief second for the superhumans, all of them could clearly see how the flash of golden light and the flash of purple light that had stopped fleeing charged head-on towards each other.

'Shangguan Bing Xue', 'Wu Yijun', and Sylvia watched with their hearts stuck in their throats at the imminent clash.

Then, all they saw was a powerful flash of white light shining even brighter than the sun itself.

The flash of light continued to shine even several seconds later, but what left everyone perplexed was that there was no thunderous explosion or catastrophic destruction.

"... What is that?" 'Shangguan Bing Xue' managed to notice that, surrounding the huge flash of white light that did not let her see inside, the world seemed to be experiencing some kind of unknown malfunction.

She didn't know it but this was the result of Bai Zemin using Gravity Manipulation to create a field of amplified gravity a couple of kilometers around him as a center.

The gravity there was such that he had ensured that the world would suffer the minimal consequences of the battle going on inside.

But this would not have been possible were it not for the fact that Shun was not in his best condition, as this would have forced Bai Zemin to give his all to evade death.

Using his expertise in Gravity Manipulation and still partial knowledge of Air Manipulation, Bai Zemin had created a near-perfect separate vacuum space.

This was only possible because Bai Zemin made the difficult decision to sacrifice innocent lives to seriously wound his enemy. Because of this, he was able to divert some attention to other things, and thus avoid harming everything else in the range of the possible; thus avoiding the destruction of this planet.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ...

Shun's pupils trembled as the veins in his arm swelled and then exploded one after another at the same time as the cracks in his left glove grew in size rapidly.

"How can this be possible!"

He was the strongest when it came to physical power!

His demon race was among the most physically powerful races in existence while the human race was one of the weakest in the universe!

How could... How could a little level 100 human defeat him in a head-on clash with physical attacks!

But Shun had no way of knowing that Bai Zemin's race was not simply Human.

Bai Zemin suddenly released his grip on his spear, and faster than wind and lightning advanced, closing the distance between him and Corruption Demon to 0 practically at the level of teleportation.


Shun's eyes opened wide and the veins in them swelled as he felt a great surge of pain in his chest.

On the other hand, Bai Zemin gazed at the purple flame protecting Shun with bloodshot eyes, "Fuck off!"

Then, he used Blood Manipulation to make his punch tougher, Air Manipulation to boost his attack speed, and Gravity Manipulation in negative and positive at the same time to make a terrifying shockwave with his fist as its core.

The Heaven Devouring Flame was a divine flame in no way weaker than the Endless Blue Lotus Flame, but like the latter, it was nowhere near its peak... and therefore, it was absolutely impossible to absorb certain attacks that exceeded its current limit.


When the purple flame shield exploded and sparks of fire flew everywhere, Shun's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as his body was sent flying skyward with spurts of blood pouring out of the seven holes in his head.

The power of the attack was such that the gravity barrier was shattered into pieces as Shun's body flew upwards.

But Bai Zemin was even faster as he was waiting for him even before Corruption Demon managed to free himself.

With his ancient spear firmly gripped by both hands, Bai Zemin fiercely stabbed forward a total of five times, activating his most dangerous single-target skill five times.

"Rending of the Night!"

* * * * * * *

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