Chaos’ Heir

Chapter 744 Deal

Chapter 744  Deal

Khan's senses were terrific, but differentiating between the many strands of mana released during the spear's explosion was impossible. His eyes saw only brightness, and the symphony grew too messy to tell a story.

Nevertheless, Khan could confirm that his spell had hit the target. Fergus had remained still to endure the full might of the explosion. He didn't move even after the spear transformed into a scorching pillar that continued to release destructive energy.

That was obviously a power play. Fergus wanted to show off, but Khan didn't mind it. He was mainly curious about the exchange's outcome, and his eyes eventually became able to inspect it.

As the purple-red energy dispersed, a breathing, strong aura became visible. Its presence wasn't massive and didn't expand in its surroundings, but Khan found its density breathtaking. It almost seemed a huge amount of mana had become solid and immovable.

In the following seconds, more features became visible. Strands of smoke appeared as the chaos element dispersed. The ground was cracked and charred. A hole had also formed, but a tall figure stood proudly at its center.

Fergus' military uniform had become a burned mess. Only a few strands of fabric had survived the chaos spear, leaving him virtually naked and allowing a complete inspection. His rosy skin had turned dark, and smoke had come out of it, but Khan couldn't spot any burns.

The dark shade didn't result from the spell. Fergus had activated his element, changing the shape, color, and strength of his various body tissues, allowing him to endure the spear without moving a muscle.

'Even the superficial flesh is unharmed,' Khan noticed as his bright eyes darted between the spots releasing smoke. 'This is far better than my [Blood Shield].'

Unlike the [Blood Shield], Fergus' defensive spell had no blind spots. His mana didn't only affect the blood vessels. It invaded any kind of tissue, altering its nature to transform it into an unbreakable item.

The casting speed and reach were also incredible. Khan didn't hesitate to launch his spell, but Fergus still reacted on time. Moreover, he had covered his entire body, leaving no spot unguarded. Khan had only compliments for that demonstration of skill.

Fergus smirked as his mana retreated and his skin returned to its original color. The change confirmed that the attack had left no mark on his body, but Khan spotted another amazing detail. Fergus' energy didn't disperse. Instead, it returned inside his body to resume its normal flow.

Of course, the defensive spell had consumed mana, but not as much as one would believe. Fergus' technique couldn't only endure the chaos element. He could also use it multiple times without emptying his energy reserves.

"It doesn't cut away pain," Khan commented. "You probably can cut it away but choose not to."

A tremor ran through Fergus' eyes. Many would have felt desperate and helpless before that demonstration, but Khan was a different beast. He had noticed a detail few would even consider, forcing Fergus to hold back a gulp. The soldier had to admit Khan's senses were beyond scary.

"How much can you actually see?" Fergus couldn't help but ask.

"Wrong question," Khan replied.

Fergus felt confused, but staring into those bright eyes eventually brought clarity. Those weren't enhanced organs. They were alien, so he couldn't use human standards to evaluate them.

"What do you actually see?" Fergus questioned, correcting his wording.

Khan remained silent, slowly blinking to bring darkness to his vision. Still, as much as his eyes looked human now, the world they reflected was nothing close to that species.

"You don't look surprised," Fergus spoke again due to Khan's silence. "I was under the impression that was your best spell."

"I'm more interested in your confidence," Khan revealed. "You aren't arrogant nor delusional, which leaves only one possible explanation."

Fergus had to suppress another gulp and hide it behind his smirk. Khan looked incredibly young, but his sharp mind reeked of experience. Moreover, he seemed used to thinking outside the box. He would have never understood the truth so soon otherwise.

"I did test my defense against chaos wielders," Fergus explained. "I'm not trying to insult you when I say I've tasted stronger spears."

The puzzle was now complete. That last piece of information convinced Khan that the Global Army had handpicked Fergus due to his presence. The Major had already proven himself capable against the chaos element, making him the best man to keep Khan in check.

"I wonder," Khan announced. "Which one of us did the Global Army pick first?"

"I apologize, Major," Fergus exclaimed. "It's my turn now."

Khan's eyes widened as his figure shot into the air. A thudding noise followed, and creaking sounds spread through the area. A huge hole had appeared on the trunk behind his previous position, and the gap was big enough to make the entire tree bend forward and fall.

Baoway's trees were massive, so their fall would attract much attention. However, Khan only had eyes for the dark-blue figure standing before the gap. Fergus had reactivated his defensive technique, but the recent attack showed far more.

'What's that speed and strength?' Khan cursed. He almost didn't notice Fergus' charge or the activation of his mana. Everything had been too sudden even for him, and the power display wasn't even close to negligible.

Khan would have to use a spell to take down one of Baoway's trees, but Fergus only needed a punch. Moreover, the attack shared some properties with the previous technique. As Fergus' skin regained its normal color, Khan confirmed that the charge didn't deplete much mana.

"You can freely alter the nature of your body tissues," Khan exclaimed from his safe position in the air. "But defense is more in line with your element."

"I repaid the favor by holding back," Fergus declared, gazing at Khan, "But I hoped for a bit more than flying away."

"At least you won't die so easily," Khan uttered, lifting his left arm.

The symphony responded to Khan's silent request and gesture, converging above him to create more than twenty purple-red unstable spheres. As they transformed, those masses of mana gathered more energy, stretching into spears and slowly tilting toward Fergus.

Fergus soon found himself under an array of chaos spears. The sky had disappeared, and only the color of Khan's element existed in the scenery. That was a barrage entirely made of one of Khan's best spells, and he had created it in a matter of seconds.

"You must be joking," Fergus muttered, but Khan lowered his arm, and all the spears fell.

Baoway's forest experienced inhumane destruction as every spear converged on Fergus' position and exploded. Violent gales spread among the trees as scorching pillars piled up, fusing their energy to create a single but massive attack. The rain of spells' sheer pressure shattered even the ground meters away from the impact point.

Khan let the destruction unfold, but no surprise arrived when the energy dispersed, showing Fergus standing in the middle of the charred ground. The man had endured the rain with the same defensive spell as before, but his smirk had disappeared.

"I take back my previous statement," Fergus announced, his voice full of energy. "Your spears are stronger."

"Not yet," Khan declared, and mana gathered above him once again. An even bigger array of spears soon formed and descended before the two could exchange additional words.

The destruction's range increased during the second round of attacks. The entire clear area shattered and burned under the chaos element's might. Smoke invaded that peaceful piece of the forest, turning it into a hellish scenery coming straight from Khan's nightmare.

Nevertheless, once the pillars and smoke dispersed, Fergus' intact figure reappeared. His legs had caved into the ground due to the barrage's pressure, but his back had stood straight. No harm had come to his skin or hair either. Only his military uniform was completely gone.

Khan could summon another round of spears. He also had different techniques at his disposal, and the cursed knife was still in its sheath. Yet, he didn't do anything and remained in the air, waiting for Fergus' move.

Fergus understood that silent message. Khan wouldn't reveal anything else until he did the same. However, looking at the just-created destruction gave birth to a different option. Khan definitely was worthy of respect, and a serious battle between the two might ruin a big chunk of the quadrant.

From the outside, the scene would have given birth to countless legends, especially among primitive species. Khan stood in the air, unfazed by the destruction he had created. The grass had disappeared, trunks had burned, and holes still released thick smoke. He was a walking catastrophe who didn't even need to lift a finger to unleash his power.

Meanwhile, Fergus stood tall on the ground, his perfect build in the open. His naked feet adhered to the burning ground without taking any damage, and his face was proudly pointed at the walking catastrophe. A tinge of defiance even enveloped him as if he were a titan challenging a monster.

Luckily for the two, they had gone deep enough into the forest to avoid attracting an audience. Khan and Fergus could settle their differences privately, but someone had to make the first step, and the newcomer ended up behind the one budging.

"I want a spot in the political trips," Fergus announced.

"Done," Khan stated.

"And the lab won't get dust," Fergus continued.

"I'll plan something," Khan promised.

"Deal," Fergus uttered, and Khan gracefully landed before him to shake his hand.

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