Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 732

Chapter 732

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Seven Three Two Towards Eternity (The Finale)

Eight thousand years later? Everyone looked at the nameless like an undead, what a joke? After eight thousand years, the situation will be here?

"I use a special time magic device, which is a work you created two hundred years later. Unnamed looked at the drive:" I came here using it. "

"After eight thousand years, Alex wakes up again." Anonymous expression said solemnly and solemnly: "At that time, no one could stop his army of undead. The tribe of people and demons joined forces and were not his opponents, when I left At that time, only the real dynasty's realm was left for the three demons ... "

"After eight thousand years?" Broken wind sighed. "It seems that we are still dead ..."

"You are not dead." Wuming looked at the broken wind. "But you are not really ruling the imperial dynasty. Soon after being unified by the Demon Continent, you found a way to condense the godhead, and later taught it to you. Each of you They have condensed their ultimate Tao into a **** and become a god. One thousand years after the unification of the man and the demon continent, Broken Wind was tired of boring life and asked to go on a star adventure tour. All of you left the true policy dynasty together. Adventure travel, said to return some time ... But! Seven thousand years have passed! You have not returned! Alex has returned! "

Anonymous body trembled lightly, and his army of undead quickly lit the flames of war, holding the creatures on this earth.

"Are you coming to us? Do you want us to stay in the real policy dynasty for the next eight thousand years?" Broke looked at the name curiously.

"No!" Anonymous shook his head: "I came to ask for help. It should have appeared at the time when you killed Alex, but my strength was not as strong as the drive, I could accurately control everything, and the result appeared With some deviations, before the rookie king contest, I also wanted to see how powerful the rumors were, so I participated in the rookie king contest. "

The enthusiasm slowly nodded, and he began to understand why Anonymous used the situation, and when he met Alex, his expression was so panic and fear. In the history of the eighth millennium in the future, the real policy dynasty entered Afghanistan. In the great dark age of Alex, people from that era will indeed be extremely scared to see Alex.

"I'm here to ask for your help. Come back to me eight thousand years ago and completely destroy Alex!" The anonymous expression looked stubbornly and determinedly: "I finally understand why Alex didn't Destruction is under your chaos. It turned out that Gan Zhanxuan's hegemony made him survive. "

Eight thousand years later? Energetic and silent looking at the nameless.

"Go! Why don't you go? I also want to go and look at it after eight thousand years!" Broke out the first, exclaimed.

"I want to check it out, too." Li Dongfeng looked at the motivation very excitedly. Things like time journey have only been heard by bards before, but have never experienced it for themselves.

"What about the magic weapon that travels through time?"

Energetic questioning appeared, and Anonymous has grabbed a magic weapon like a huge warship from the bucket world, which can carry thousands of people! Almost filled with the entire unknown world!

"This is the magic guide that travels through time?"

Enthusiasm wandering around his forged magic device in the future, observing the chaotic inscriptions above and nodding frequently: "Indeed! According to this theory, you can travel through time."

"So what are you waiting for?" Broken Wind first flew to the battleship.

Everyone immediately followed the battleship, standing next to the enthusiast, explaining to the enthusiasm how to control the warship. Now the nameless power has improved a lot, but it is far less powerful than the enthusiast. It is far worse than that. Back to the moment of departure eight thousand years ago, only a strong person such as motivation can thoroughly grasp it.

"Start! Goal! Eight thousand years later!"

Broken wind furiously roared, the huge warship disappeared into the ancient desert sand and sea in the space distortion.

In the real policy dynasty eight thousand years later, the sky was gray.

There is no sunlight, no blue sky, smoke and war flames everywhere, and undead walking in the wilderness aimlessly with a sword in their hands.

This is the world of the undead. This is the kingdom of the undead. The three demons and people are huddled in the realm of the true policy dynasty, and they cooperate with the undead to fight.

Sitting in the chariot belonging to the undead emperor, Alex enjoyed watching the falling of undead warriors and the fragmentation of undead corpses.

Eight thousand years! Alex looked at the beauty of the death in front of him, and erupted all the depression in his heart. This scene, which should have been seen eight thousand years ago, was delayed by a whole eight thousand because of the appearance of an ordinary human being. Time of year.

hateful! As soon as Alex thought of energy, he could not help pulling his fingers together and crushed the metal wine glass: "Energize! You can't think of it! Your offspring will be killed by me a little bit! I won't kill immediately They! I will let them taste their fears, sorrow, and then kill them! "

"Well ... drive! Drive! Drive!"

Suddenly, the surging roar screamed from the slayer, and the morale that was so low to the verge of collapse these days was completely restored in an instant, even surging than ever before.

"Regent! Regent! Regent!"

The demons on the side of the devil and man are screaming excitedly with a strange title that Alex cannot understand. Who is the regent?

"Hydra! Hydra!"

"The Li family is invincible! The Li family is invincible!"

"Rebirth! Rebirth!"

In the moment, the camp of the demons and mankind seemed completely mad, even more crazy than when they saw the undead.

"What the **** is wrong?" Alex looked puzzledly into the depths of the battlefield. The magic of the six eyes lifted off directly from the sky, and he wanted to see clearly what happened to the demons and men.

Drive! Alex's six eyes twitched vigorously again, and all of his pupils were unbelievable. How did this guy who had not disappeared in the real policy dynasty appear? Isn't he a god? wrong! There is no godly breath on him! He ... this dress ... this dress?

Eight thousand years ago? After seeing the motivation team, Alex finally understood what happened! The human race traveled through time and space to bring back energy from 8,000 years ago.

On the battlefield, the human defense camp suddenly opened! They are no longer defending. All the people and fierce warriors, holding the weapons in their hands, accepting the various blessings of the magicians to stimulate magic, excited, rushed into the battlefield, and cheerfully cut off the heads of undead!

Suddenly, the camp of the undead was rushed open, and countless undead fell into the hands of the warriors of the three demons.

The next moment, the energy moved! He has an Alex Undead detector in his hand, which can easily find the location of this Undead Emperor!

Undead camp! Washed away completely! The aggressive impact does not need to make any shots at all, and just relying on the wind pressure generated during the impact is enough to crush everything that is completely crushed in front of you.

"Not good!" Alex saw motivation, and the first reaction was not revenge, but to leave! The law of time is a very strange thing. If you are not the person who masters the law of time, you cannot stay in the torrent of time that does not belong to him for a long time.

Alex didn't become a god, but he is very proficient in inscription magic guide. Although he can't make such a thing, he can understand the principle.

As long as the delay is over, the energy will be abandoned by this time and space, throwing him back to the original world.

Huh! The bow and arrow in the enthusiastic hand issued a roaring blast, and the Horcrux-level bow and arrow could be completely exploded only once in the enthusiastic hand. The arrow turned into a comet and crashed the chariot under Alex!

The chariot moving in space is instantly damaged! Can't move again!

"Energize!" The anger in Alex's chest ignited again, flying from the broken chariot, and a black emperor's robe made a hunting sound in the wind: "Eight thousand years ago, you stopped me! Eight Thousand years later! Do you still want to stop me? I was trying to find a way to find you! I didn't expect you to come first! Good! Let me bury you after these eight thousand years! "

Energetic stepped up into the sky, like a tyrannosaurus suddenly lifted from the ground, chaos brewing and rising throughout the body: "Alex! I can kill you eight thousand years ago! I can still kill you again after eight thousand years! This time there is no battle, you will die! "

"All undeads are turned into sacrifices into me! Help me become a god!"

Suddenly the body of countless undead melted, and a large amount of gray breath entered into Alex's body. At this moment, he was stronger than 8000 years ago! Quantity, sometimes gathered together, can be transformed into quality!

"It's too late! God will fall in the same way between chaos and rise and fall!"

The enthusiasm blasted out, and countless chaotic seeds evolved all things in the world. They alternated, stimulated, and collided with each other. Like the destruction of the earth and the destruction of the land, Alex has reached the true ultimate death. Once again The vigorous fists turned into powder.

"Energize! I will be back ... Next time! I will come back and kill you with a brand new power you have never seen!"

Alex's body exploded again and again, and in the blink of an eye, his trace had completely disappeared. Only the roar before he died, echoed quietly in his enthusiastic mind.

Never seen power? What kind of power is that? The enthusiasm of his head turned slightly, did his so-called soul extend to the distance again in the 8000 years? What's wrong with the endless continent?

"Alex's Fighting World! Come out for me!"

The enthusiasm for the volley was to grasp the fighting world that has always belonged to himself and absolutely cannot be opened by others. From this void, he began to realize the concept of the law between time and space. .

Alex's huge fighting world was presented in front of motivation. A large amount of alchemy materials were used to condense a special battleship. The shape of this battleship has never been seen, and it does not belong to the real policy dynasty. Objects on the continent.

In addition to the battleship, there are endless alchemy materials floating quietly in his bucket world, and a thin notepad attracts the attention of energy.

diary! That's Alex's diary!

The first few pages opened did not have anything too special. At the beginning, he directly recorded his loneliness and loneliness. At the same time, he also hated Black, Enrack, and energy.

"I have found a new power, but this state of soul cannot be learned."

"It turns out that the endless continent is not really only one continent. My continent is called the soul power continent! And my newly discovered continent is called the Dafa continent. The power here is very strange. I do n’t know how strong they are? I I dare not go deep, afraid that my soul will be sensed by the strong. I can feel that the people here are very sensitive to the soul, unlike ours. "

"It turns out that the endless continent is not just two continents. In addition to the Taoist continent, there are ..."

After reading Alex's diary enthusiastically, I found that if it wasn't for Alex's hallucination, then in addition to his soul power continent, there are four continents outside!

"Maybe I should also explore it?" The frown slightly, the power radiated to the Quartet, and found that there was indeed no residual power of Alex, that is to say, his so-called soul was also shattered this time. He could not be resurrected.

Hum! The sky began to twist, and the energy felt that an irresistible force was tearing him away from the continent.

Buzz ...

The sky's twists and turns are getting stronger and stronger, and he found that he was still unable to resist such a force for the time being, but he could only forcibly rely on his strength. He found that as long as he supported it for an instant, he could feel more in this confrontation. The law of time and space.

It's not just motivation, everyone coming together is forcibly bracing themselves, taking the opportunity to exercise themselves.

Anonymous stared at those who were forcibly taken away by the swing: "How come? I didn't have such a reaction when I went."

"Boy! Are we the same as you? When such a large group of strong men come over, the strength must be more easily discovered by the laws of time and space, of course ..."

Before the wind breaks, the body has disappeared in the confrontation, and then Chekforte disappears, and the energy persists and disappears into the air.

The three demons looked at the air dumbly, and the superpower who was eight thousand years ago only appeared for a moment, and killed Alex and disappeared! If it hadn't been for Alex's death, he wouldn't even believe it to be true.


The broken wind yelled unwillingly, and his body was heavily planted into the yellow sand of the ancient deserted sea.

Immediately, Chekforte stood quietly on the yellow sand, not as embarrassed as the broken wind Fujie. The long, handsome eyes were full of provocation, and he constantly looked at the location of the broken wind Fuji. .

"Cut handsome, you don't need to be arrogant! I can catch up with you the other day." Broke off the wind and get up from the sand and watch the enthusiasm floating in the sky: "You see, people can just suspend, even better than you. "

Cheek Forte glared at the broken wind, and split it with a sword. The sky was really cut! Although it is only one foot long, it is endless darkness and space!

Cekforte's sword has certain spatial attributes! Breaking the wind and twitching again and again, this half-breed freak is really getting stronger and stronger, and can always follow the promotion of that freak to improve.

"Now that we're back, let's go to the Demon Race." Broken Wind continued to move his shoulders: "I'm looking forward to it! When I meet the Devil King, this time I will fight with him one-on-one alone! You are on the sidelines! Just look at it! "

"I want to, too," said Li Dongfeng with a smile. "This time, everyone has a lot of insights. I can't let you go to the Devil to experience it alone."

The energy fell back to the ground and looked at a few partners who did not want to let it go: "First go to the ground and then talk to the Mozu first."

Everyone found that the initiative proposal was the only way to eliminate everyone's immediate action, and nodded-and began to walk away from the ancient desert sand.

Energeticly took two steps to look back into the depths of the ancient deserted sand and sea, thinking secretly: Is there really a so-called Taoist continent at the end? Isn't it time to take a look? Will an outsider like me come to be regarded as an enemy? Is it correct to disturb others' living environment? Or do you first become a god?

"Let's go. Comrade!"

Broken by the wind, shouting happily in the sand, everyone disappeared into the ancient desert sand and sea, and when it appeared again, it was already the border of the demons.

Drive! It's motivation!

Demon warriors at the front of the Demon Clan saw their energy and suddenly became nervous. Why did this demon's opponent come back again? Isn't he here to kill us?

Hundreds of magic warriors on the border of the demons looked eagerly, but found that these young people entered the territory of the demons in a leisurely manner, compared to the last dignity. The magical feeling is only relaxed.

Come back to Mozu again! The news spread again in the Demon Clan, and all the Demon Clan stayed at the news. What happened? How many days has he left? Why are you back again?

Cheek Forte defeats the King of the Elements, Qiao Zu, the ultimate awakener!

Qiao Zu, who was trying to stop the enthusiasm, reluctantly announced to all the demons that he couldn't even get a finger from Chekforte.

When the news spread again, the entire demons were silent. If faced with the previous enthusiasm, the demons could anger and inspire warfare. In the face of such a crushing form, the demons did not keep silent except for the silence. I know what to do.

The fallen city is still as majestic as ever, only a little less angry than in the past. Today, the fallen city, or the demons, has not completely recovered from the last battle and is broken. So far, the square has not been completely restored.

In this case, the drive is here again! What are they going to do? Facing the emergence of motivation, the many powerful family members of the demons can gather in the fallen city.

The strong have unyielding glory and dignity, and even if they die in battle, they cannot discredit their families.

The huge Demon Hall stood safely, and a dozen Demon Clan powerhouses sat on both sides of the feast of the Demon Hall, His Majesty's throne was still empty, and only one demon who followed the Demon King stood beside the throne on weekdays.

The motivation is a bit unexpected, and these homeowners arrived a little too much today, right? Aren't you afraid of killing them all at once? They are all the backbone of the demons!

"The rapids are connected ..."

On weekdays, the demon who was waiting for the big demon suddenly raised his voice. The sharp voice echoed throughout the demon house. All the demon owners were also curious. What did His Majesty think? Need to call everyone? Not only the big family, but also the owners of the small family, are now standing by.

Energized for a moment, rapids flying? This name has not been heard for a long time, how could the devil suddenly send such a decree.

On weekdays, he serves the demon of the Demon King. At this time, regardless of whether he is keen to kneel or not, he reads the decree with a loud voice: "Jiangzhui rapids marry with Lucifer flowing water. The next Demon Emperor. I am tired, I want to go out and keep my country, and I am here. "

To the surprise of everyone and the demon, His Majesty the Demon King left the Demon Race? Where is Her Majesty the Great Devil now? Isn't rapids flying just motivation? The devil acknowledged their wedding? how can that be? The devil's breath is harder than that of Qian Zhanxuan. How could he agree?

The motivation is also unexpected. Although he has little contact with the Devil, he can feel from his vindictiveness that he really wants to unite the Devil and the Three Tribes.

"Rapid flying, this is a private demon letter from Her Majesty the King."

The demon who waited for the demon king delivered an unopened letter into the hands of the enthusiast.

This is a short letter with a few words on it that explain the idea of the devil.

The desire to unite people and demons is to eliminate the tribal killings and give the demons a higher status. Now you do it! You will do better than 朕! In order to seek unification of people, I gave up my childhood dream, and now it is time to complete it. I am a good emperor, not a good father, and the flowing water lacks fatherly love. You can make up for it.

Childhood dream? Staring energetically at the letter, I was curious. His Majesty, the almost invincible Lord of the Devil, had what kind of dreams in the end. I could not imagine that he had other dreams besides war.

"All people, have you heard it?" Broke the wind and smiled at the demons around him: "The child of my comrade-in-arms is the new demons emperor. Do any of you disagree? If anyone disagrees, you can Seek from the Regent Wang Xiaozheng to ensure that you are cool from the inside out! "


Cheek Folter snorted, the sword spreading around his body, and the true Saints could feel the pain of the skin to be cut.

The demons remembered the end of Qiaozu not long ago, and there was no years to fight the ultimate bloodline fighter of this fallen angel.

Mu Nazhence looked at the faces of the demons around him and whispered in Chekforte's ears, "I look at a few demon princes, it seems that they are very disdainful. I am afraid that you will have to suppress several royal rebellions in the future to be true Shocked the scene. "

"No," Chekforte said flatly. "Whoever is hostile, I can feel the disapproval. When I leave, I will come back again, and I will take all the disapproval directly. Kill them all without giving them a chance to rebel. "

The demons heard such ruthless words, and did n’t know how to pick up such words for a while. After all, now they are holding hands with His Majesty's decree, and they have enough reputation and enough. Strength, although the Devil's throne has always been inherited by blood, this time, it seems that the blood will not bleed too much and you can complete the perfect transfer.

"Everyone, just follow the previous operation, just don't attack the real policy dynasty for the time being."

The demons laughed immediately when they heard the enthusiastic message. Are you kidding me? Is your brain broken? A group of freaks like you are here and enter the battlefield of humans and demons, the demons are going to suffer! In this state, everyone simply does not want to continue the war.

"Then, do it first." Energeticly walked outside the hall door: "My child is too young to handle government affairs, and everything is first handled by Regent King Chekforte. You can find him if you have any questions."

As soon as the enthusiasm is over, several alert homeowners have already rushed to the front of Qi Shuai and started to talk. The benefits of allegiance in the first time these years are often much more than the benefits of allegiance in the second time. ~ ~ Mu Nazhence smiled with a smirk: "I never thought that the ending would be so happy, I thought it would be a big deal."

Breaking the wind looked at Cheek Flit, who was wronged by the demons, and laughed again and again. This kid, who is not a very talkative guy, had to speak in order to handle political affairs.

"Yeah, it's a happy ending." Li Dongfeng smiled and nodded and attached Mu Na Zhence, but did not know that Mu Na Zhence returned to God and received the letter left by his fourth brother to him. It was necessary. He was sad for many days.

"Li Dongfeng." Jiuyang Fenghua suddenly said: "No matter what the drive is, let's find a time to duel and see who is the strongest among the three ultimate blood awakenings of Dizhence Dynasty. "

"Good!" Li Dongfeng looked at the drive: "Drive, be a notary."

Jin looked up at the stars: "Fat, Lao Tzu is in danger! Do you see it? Lao Tzu is really the strongest fighter on the mainland now!"

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