Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 233 (END) - Additional Chapter 3

Chapter 233: Additional Chapter 3

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Zhengda Plaza was near the city center and was a crowded and flourishing location.

Xiao Nian and his wife had arranged to meet at a certain restaurant. However, when Xiao Nian got there, he realized that the restaurant was quite dim.

Probably the result of trying to create a romantic atmosphere.

The amber lighting was mellow and added a touch of beauty to the objects under its glow. Xiao Nian felt it made him look even better.

That was great.

Trying to restrain his excitement, Xiao Nian couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to meet his wife for the first time. He firmly believed that they would have many things in common to talk about.

The wait was sweet torture. At that point of time, Xiao Nian had no mood to look through Weibo; neither did he feel like logging into WeChat. He looked up constantly, yet every time he made eye contact with a female, he’d quickly look down again.


Man up a little more.

He was already a grown man of twenty plus, not a childish high school boy!

He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself, and then heard a sweet voice over the top of his head. “Hubby?”

Xiao Nian was stunned.

With a swish, he lifted his head.

Before him stood a woman with lustrous, long and straight hair. She had delicately sculptured features and was very good-looking.

“You…” Xiao Nian widened his eyes in disbelief. “You…”

She was his online wife?

Her long dress was floating around her, and her eyes sparkled like stars as a smile slowly spread across her face, she was most attractive.

And really beautiful.

Only… she’s a little tall?

Furthermore, for some reason, the more Xiao Nian observed her, the more he felt that she looked like someone he knew.

Ji Yuanqi!

That new, shameless neighbor of his!

“What’s wrong?” The pretty woman sat down opposite Xiao Nian, resting her chin on a hand and smiling shyly. “Am I ugly?”

Her sweet voice immediately pulled Xiao Nian back from his thoughts. His face heated up and he shook his head vigorously. “No… y-you are very pretty.”

Saying that, Xiao Nian couldn’t help but secretly glance at the lady again. He wanted to slap himself.

Stupid ass! How could this gentle and pretty woman have anything to do with Ji Yuanqi, the scumbag!

“Is that so.” While Xiao Nian was shy, the woman was doubly so. She pinched the folds of her dress with her hands, looking all at once youthful and girlish. “I-I’m glad you like what you see.”

Then, as though she realized what she had just said, the woman lifted her hands to her cheeks. “Oh dear, what am I saying? I… I…”

Xiao Nian was at a loss for words.

And he felt light-headed!

She was so adorable. There was no way she was that rascal Ji Yuanqi!

Besides, she… she just admitted to liking him. Xiao Nian felt that there was a definite chance of getting attached!

“Cough, cough.” Xiao Nian cleared his throat and thoughtfully changed the topic. “I think we shouldn’t keep addressing each other as Hubby and Wifey. Let me introduce myself. My name is Xiao Nian. What about you?”

“Xiao Nian…” The woman looked at him seriously with surprise in her eyes. “Oh, you are indeed Pei Zhen’s manager. What an honor.”

Xiao Nian smiled radiantly and nodded. “Yes.”

“Who’d have thought that the champion manager is so dashing looking… I…” The woman gave a coy look and smiled, looking as lovable as anything. “Big Brother Xiao, my name is Ji Yuanyuan. You can call me Yuanyuan.”

Xiao Nian went blank for a moment.

And then he almost threw up the mouthful of fruit juice he just took in.

Ji Yuanqi… Ji Yuanyuan…

What the hell… what the hell…

“Big Brother Xiao?” Ji Yuanyuan immediately caught on that something was wrong. When she saw Xiao Nian’s stunned expression, she reached out to hold Xiao Nian’s hands. She blinked her pretty eyes and asked, “Do… do you not like Yuanyuan?”

She spoke with a pitiful expression, and her bright, sparkling eyes were like water in Autumn. It was as though if Xiao Nian so much as disapproved, the clear water would immediately turn into flowing tears.

Xiao Nian’s heart was pounding away, and he was nervous, feeling as though an electrical current had just passed through him. All his senses focused on the contact between both their hands.

Just like that, they were holding hands?

How to put it?

How was it that a woman’s hands were bigger than his own, and warmer too.

Er… but given her height, it wasn’t exactly strange.

Xiao Nian was easily embarrassed, and his face was already beginning to turn a bright scarlet. “No… I don’t dislike you…”

“Really?” Ji Yuanyuan gave a long, troubled sigh. “I am tall, so many men don’t like me… Big Brother Xiao, what about you? Will we meet again?”

“Of course we will.” Xiao Nian’s heart ached to think that people would dislike such a beautiful woman just because she was tall. “You are tall because you have good genes. Those people who dislike you are just short-sighted and shallow!”

“So then, Big Brother Xiao does like Yuanyuan?” Ji Yuanyuan was already holding Xiao Nian’s hands in her own, in an easy manner. “Hubby, you are so good.”

Xiao Nian’s face was beet red, and his heart was racing. It felt like his soul was floating out of his body, dancing amongst the clouds.

Ahhhhhh… Daddy, Daddy Pei, your son is about to get hitched. It’s really going to happen!

Xiao Nian wasn’t too fussy about height. Having fought through life and death situations in solidarity for more than half a year on the online game, he had long regarded Ji Yuanyuan as a confidante, a soulmate!

And they really had a lot in common to talk about; there wasn’t a moment of silence throughout the meal.

Xiao Nian was overjoyed, and sweetness oozed out of his heart. Only, when it came to footing the bill, Ji Yuanyuan was faster than Xiao Nian and ended up paying for the meal.

Xiao Nian was at a loss for words.

The way that the woman fought to foot the bill reminded Xiao Nian of that rascal!

Xiao Nian’s hand that was holding on to his wallet started to tremble. Looking at Ji Yuanyuan, he couldn’t help but ask, “Yuanyuan, what… what’s your relationship with Ji Yuanqi?”

“Eh?!” Ji Yuanyuan looked even more surprised than Xiao Nian. “You know my brother?”

“Your brother?” Xiao Nian was once again surprised.

“That’s right.” Ji Yuanyuan looked even more like Ji Yuanqi when she smiled. “My brother and I are twins.”

Xiao Nian glared at her fiercely.

Twins? The world is really that small!

Xiao Nian suddenly felt a complexity of emotions. The moment he thought of Ji Yuanqi, he felt an uncontrollable anger welling up inside, and he could do nothing to suppress it.

How could such a scoundrel have such a lovable sister!

“Big Brother Xiao.” Ji Yuanyuan immediately spoke up for Ji Yuanqi the moment the topic of her brother was broached. “My brother is an extremely good person, handsome and rich. He has an eight-pack… and he is a full 18 centimeters there…”

There… Xiao Nian thought, meaning where…?

“And my brother is a loyal lover.” Ji Yuanyuan seemed to have no reservations in extolling the virtues of others. “He had liked his senior in University and till today still likes him.”

“Him…?!” Xiao Nian was shocked, “Your brother… he…”

“What’s wrong?” Ji Yuanyuan had a grieved expression on her face and withdrew her hands. “Big Brother Xiao, do you have something against gay people?”

“No… No.” Xiao Nian felt really bad for causing Ji Yuanyuan to grieve. “I don’t hate gay people. Just that I…”

“Hehe, I knew Big Brother Xiao has a big heart, unlike those ignorant people.”

Ji Yuanyuan was quick to get upset but was even quicker to smile. Without waiting to give Xiao Nian a chance to speak, she started to extol the virtues of her brother again.

“He was the University genius and won lots of medals.”

“He was a real stunner from the time he was a child, and charmed countless numbers of males and females equally.”

“All-rounder genius, he’s National Television’s youngest station director.”

Xiao Nian was at a loss for words.

Then suddenly he thought of the public service announcement assignment that Pei Zhen took on. At that time he had thought that Fu Sichen was the one who clinched this deal, but as he pondered, it seemed odd.

“Pei Zhen’s public service announcement…” Ji Yuanyuan immediately confirmed his suspicion. “My brother arranged that.”

Damn it, Xiao Nian thought, so it was indeed!

And if that were indeed the case, then wouldn’t it mean that he owed Ji Yuanqi a favor?

Previously it was just borrowing a motorbike, and even then the rascal had so shamelessly wanted a meal. With another favor owed over the public service announcement, would the scumbag, Ji Yuanqi, ask to live under the same roof?!


Xiao Nian was indeed right, and it wasn’t just living under the same roof. Ji Yuanqi had bigger plans—he wanted to sleep on the same bed as Xiao Nian!

He didn’t go through all that hard work for nothing, moving across the city from his classy luxurious mansion to an apartment in a small district. How easy was that?

Of course, it wasn’t easy.

And furthermore, to help fulfill his Hubby’s fantasy, he had to cross-dress as a woman.

Theatrical play, broadcast director, performance… they were exactly what he studied in University. He had manipulated his voice so that no one could see through his disguise.

Initially, Ji Yuanqi thought that Xiao Nian would see through his disguise in a jiffy, but unexpectedly, he didn’t. After so many years, his senior was still so simple and pure.

How cute.

Ji Yuanqi looked at him fervently and had the urge to kiss him. Surely it would be so sweet.

The both of them left the restaurant after the meal.

In the daylight, looking at the ‘woman’ next to him, Xiao Nian realized with surprise that ‘Ji Yuanyuan’ was considerably… well-built.

Although she was beautiful, Xiao Nian couldn’t help but feel that her physique bore an uncanny resemblance to her brother’s!

Feeling too embarrassed to ask, Xiao Nian instead secretly looked up the online encyclopedia.

“Will adult twins of mixed-sex share the same physique?”

It was as tactful as Xiao Nian could manage. He couldn’t bear to directly probe this matter of Li Yuanyuan having the physique of a man.

The online encyclopedia came back with a rather taunting answer, which was a negative, naturally. The question was similar to asking why “one and one would make two”—something as absurd as it was philosophical.

“Big Brother Xiao.” the cross-dressing Ji Yuanqi was pondering how he could take their relationship a step further. He had no idea that Xiao Nian had checked the online encyclopedia. Turning to look at Xiao Nian, Ji Yuanqi was pretty as a picture. He smiled demurely, saying, “There is a giant Ferris wheel nearby. Shall we go for a ride on it?”

Xiao Nian felt that something wasn’t quite right.

But the moment he looked at Ji Yuanqi’s pitiful expression, he nodded his head as if possessed.

And before he knew it, he found himself standing below the Ferris wheel.

“Big Brother Xiao, can you wait for me here?” Ji Yuanqi’s gentle voice made Xiao Nian’s heart quiver and filled him with wonder. Before he could even offer to get tickets, Ji Yuanqi had already rushed over to the ticketing office.

The Eye of Dong Hai was Dong Hai City’s architectural landmark.

Although it was a weekday, there was an endless stream of human traffic.

However, most of the visitors were young couples walking hand-in-hand with unmistakable shyness on their faces and lovey-dovey expressions in their eyes when they looked at each other.

Xiao Nian was still feeling a little nervous.

Although he was not a celebrity, he was nevertheless recognized by a few people, being a champion manager.

He quickly retreated to a corner and lowered his head when he felt people throwing sidelong glances at him. He wouldn’t have dared go to the crowded ticket office.

Hmmmm… he’d return her the money through WeChat. He couldn’t allow a woman to pay for him.

After a short time, the cross-dressing Ji Yuanqi came running back with the tickets in his hand.

“Let’s go,” he said passing a ticket to Xiao Nian. He very naturally held Xiao Nian’s hand. “I heard one can see the whole of Dong Hai City from the very top, and it’s beautiful.”

Xiao Nian’s hand was warmly wrapped in Ji Yuanqi’s.

Xiao Nian hesitated for a short time but eventually didn’t withdraw his hand.

He wasn’t one who would take the initiative normally, although he’d like people to believe he was a real tease and was looking to fall in love. When it came to the real thing, he was terrified.

However, “Ji Yuanyuan” was different.

They not only understood each other and could talk about anything under the sun, but Ji Yuanyuan was a very passionate person.

Since the object of his interest had taken the initiative, Xiao Nian was naturally quite relieved. Although he had turned red in the face, he nevertheless held on tightly to the hand of the cross-dressing man.

Her brother was a separate matter.

Even if her brother liked men, Xiao Nian had no interest in him.

Ji Yuanqi was probably just trying to test the water or scare him the day before.

Xiao Nian secretly heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that he had found the probable explanation. He and Ji Yuanqi made their way towards the ticket inspector.

Ji Yuanqi insisted that Xiao Nian had his tickets inspected first. After Xiao Nian had crossed the ticket checkpoint, Ji Yuanqi whipped out seven or eight tickets. “One cabin, please. Thank you.”

The ticket inspector acknowledged that he understood and looked at Ji Yuanqi with a stupefied expression. He turned around to instruct his colleague to reserve a cabin for two, for the large girl.

After getting into their cabin, Xiao Nian noticed that the cabins before and after his were all filled to the brim. He looked somewhat troubled and asked, “Er… why is there just the two of us?”

Putting on a pitiful expression, Ji Yuanqi lied without even batting an eyelid. “They… probably don’t want to be near me.”

What was one cabin to him, really? If it weren’t for the fact that he probably wouldn’t be able to pull it past Xiao Nian, he’d have booked the whole Ferris wheel!

Xiao Nian, who completely didn’t realize the filthy intentions of this cross-dressing man, said with a pained expression, “There’s nothing wrong with you! You are so beautiful and have done nothing to anyone. They are just jealous that you’re so tall!”

Ji Yuanqi almost died trying not to laugh. His senior was really pure and simple—that hadn’t changed a bit. He was full of nasty words but was really kind and simple at heart, and was caring and thoughtful.

Same as ever…

Ji Yuanqi’s expression softened. As if having thought of something, he reached out and held Xiao Nian’s hands. “Big Brother Xiao, let’s not get angry. Big Brother Xiao, I’m more than happy if you alone like me, really.”

Ji Yuanqi had really pretty eyes, like the vast expanse of Autumn water, holding many feelings and emotions. Xiao Nian felt his heart pound, and his face turned red looking into them.

“Cough, cough. I… I…” Xiao Nian was deeply embarrassed and had turned redder than an apple. “I… I really think you’re beautiful.”

“Really?” Ji Yuanqi quickly dropped his reservation and moved from across him to sit next to him instead. He batted his eyelids and came up close. “Big Brother Xiao, do you really like me?”

That time around it wasn’t the casual sort of ‘like’ he was talking about; it was the more serious sort of ‘like’.

The moment Xiao Nian looked into Ji Yuanqi’s eyes, he felt his soul being mesmerized, and he was so nervous all words escaped him.

“I like you.” Ji Yuanqi smiled. “I really, really like you.”

Xiao Nian’s heart was racing wildly, and after Ji Yuanqi planted a kiss on his lips, he felt as though it would explode.

The kiss was like a dragonfly brushing the surface of the water.

Ji Yuanqi practiced restraint and went back to his seat opposite Xiao Nian after the kiss.

Their cabin had reached the top of the Ferris wheel at that point. He could see the panoramic view behind Xiao Nian, and the endless traffic of Dong Hai City. It was a very pretty sight.

After they got off the Ferris wheel, Xiao Nian felt weak and floaty.

It wasn’t from being scared, but purely from the excitement and uncontainable happiness—that sweet feeling.

Ji Yuanqi’s disguise hadn’t been blown. After the kiss, he felt content. The two of them parted ways under the Ferris wheel. “Big Brother Xiao, I’m very happy today. Can we meet again tomorrow?”

Although Xiao Nian’s face had turned scarlet, he realized they were probably officially an item. He quickly put on an air of being someone’s boyfriend. “Yes, of course, we can meet. I… I’d like to see you too.”

Xiao Nian was a shy person and saying sweet nothings made him turn even redder. He quickly added, “Where do you live? I’ll send you home.”

“It’s okay. I’ll hire a taxi…”

“Big Brother!”

Before Ji Yuanqi could finish what he was saying, a voice came from behind, shrieking excitedly. Immediately, a silhouette charged towards him and slammed right into him.

“What a coincidence! What are you doing here? Looking for inspiration, or hunting for a good catch?”

The pretty girl turned and glanced at Xiao Nian, her face immediately lighting up with a mischievous smile. “Oh, you’re that sister-in-law of mine? You’re handsome!”

Big Brother? Sister-in-law?

Xiao Nian’s expression froze, and he took two steps back in shock. “You… you’re…”

“Oh, I’m Ji Yuanqi’s twin sister.” The girl’s lips curled upwards in a smile; she was cheerful and sweet. “Ji Yuanyuan. Sister-in-law, you can call me Yuanyuan.”

Ji Yuanyuan indeed shared the same features as Ji Yuanqi.

But the lady’s physique was ultimately delicate, and furthermore, she didn’t share Ji Yuanqi’s imposing height. At most, with her heels, she was 175 centimeters.

In rapid sequence, the events of the day flashed through Xiao Nian’s mind. He turned pale. When Ji Yuanqi turned to look at him, he immediately delivered a solid punch without a word.

You bastard!

On the impact of the solid punch, Ji Yuanqi’s lustrous, long and straight wig fell to the ground with a thud.

No more lustrous long hair, only a mop of short, slightly messy hair was left on Ji Yuanqi’s head.

“You… what are you doing.” Ji Yuanyuan hurried over to her brother in fright. “Big Brother… Big Brother… are you alright?”

Her Big Brother wasn’t in the mood to bother with her right now. He wanted to explain things to Xiao Nian, but when he turned to look at Xiao Nian again, the angry man delivered a hard slap across his face.

A loud crack.

Like a whip.

He had never felt so furious, being manipulated that way. He glared at Ji Yuanqi with eyes ablaze, then turned and walked away!

Crap! Crap! Crap!

Freaking hell! What a fool he had been!

Just because of his voice, and to think that he was foolishly trying to comfort that person!

“You are very pretty.”

“Those people don’t know any better.”

“I like you.”

The more he thought about it, the angrier he was. From behind him, he could hear Ji Yuanqi calling out. Xiao Nian really felt like turning back to deliver another two tight slaps.



That man was a real pig’s hoof!

That was the first time in his life that Xiao Nian dated his online “lover”, and it was such a huge failure. His heart ached, and he felt faint.

He hurried all the way back to the apartment. He just wanted to be alone till death. But then his mobile phone rang.

He ignored the ringing.

The calling party was insistent. The calls came in again and again until he couldn’t tolerate it.

It was an unregistered number on Xiao Nian’s phone. He picked up the line and sounded sullen. “What do you want? Make it choppy.”

“Big Brother Xiao, it’s me. I’m sorry…”

The familiar voice irritated Xiao Nian. His expression darkened, and he disconnected the line. The next moment, the phone rang again. Xiao Nian didn’t pick it up and blocked the number without a word.

Finally, there was peace in the world.

World peace lasted all of two seconds.

The gaming app on the phone gave an alert.

“Big Brother Xiao, I was wrong.”

“Big Brother Xiao, I really like you.”

“Big Brother Xiao, please don’t ignore me.”

Just reading the messages, Xiao Nian could see Ji Yuanqi’s beautiful eyes that were like water in Autumn.

The online gamer that he had thought to be his wife all along turned out to be a cross-dressing man after all. Pei Zhen’s words had come true. At that point, Xiao Nian couldn’t even find the tears to cry.

“Big Brother Xiao, I’ve been looking for you a long time. I’ve liked you from a long time ago.”

The online gamer was confiding in a genuine and sincere tone and adequately proved that the other party’s actions up until then had underlying motives.

He had made contact through the online game in order not to arouse any suspicion on Xiao Nian’s part. And when the right time came, he moved in to become Xiao Nian’s neighbor.

Damn it!

With a sudden outburst, Xiao Nian angrily hit his bed with his fist. There was too much grievance in his heart, and he needed someone to confide in. But on the other hand, it was quite an embarrassing situation.

If it was a judgment error through the game, so be it. But to have made the same judgment error in real life? He must have been blind!

“Big Brother Xiao, please give me a chance.”

Ji Yuanqi was quite persistent. Xiao Nian didn’t reply, but Ji Yuanqi didn’t give up messaging him. Looking at that familiar account name, Xiao Nian couldn’t take it anymore. He picked up his mobile and turned it off.

He had to calm himself down.

Ji Yuanqi mentioned University days and Senior. Could they have met long ago?

Xiao Nian studied Screen Writing and Directing in University, and ended up as a manager.

There were many good-looking people in University, but based on his good looks alone, Ji Yuanqi would have been quite exceptional.

Xiao Nian was quite a stay-home person.

During his University days, Xiao Nian started off being a ghostwriter for scripts, and he had also written scripts for the campus society. Those were his little achievements, but basically, he had never been in the limelight.

So, how did the rascal Ji Yuanqi know about him…

Knock, knock.

Not long after Xiao Nian had gotten under his bed cover, there was a knocking on his front door.

It must be Ji Yuanqi.

Xiao Nian ignored the knocking.

However, Ji Yuanqi was obviously unlike most people. When the doorbell went unanswered, he hit the button again… and again…

“Freaking hell!”

Xiao Nian cursed and swore. Shuffling along in his slippers, he angrily went to the door. The moment he opened the door, he yelled, “Are you done?! Scram!”

The man standing outside the doorway was stunned, and his eyes immediately watered. “Big Brother Xiao…”

Xiao Nian glared at him fiercely.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have deceived you. Big Brother Xiao, please don’t be angry.”

Big Brother Xiao wanted to slam the door shut. As he raised his hand to do so, Ji Yuanqi immediately grabbed his wrist and forcibly took a step forward.

The man was strong, but his tone was gentle.

“Big Brother Xiao, please don’t hate me.”

His eyes were too mesmerizing, and they lied too much. Xiao Nian refused to look at them. He looked away and tried to withdraw his hand from the grip. “I’m not gay.”

“Me neither…”

Xiao Nian smirked. “So what is all this about? A game?”

“No! I really do like you.” Ji Yuanqi was at the verge of tears. “I like you, and I can’t help myself from falling for you.”

Ji Yuanqi wasn’t an unnoticeable person.

He was good-looking and intelligent and had many admirers.

But Ji Yuanqi was quite an arrogant man and would reject all who approached him. Some girls cried and lamented that he was too cold. At one time, he even thought that he would never like anyone in his lifetime.

That was until he met Xiao Nian.

Xiao Nian was three years his Senior.

Although Xiao Nian was his Senior, he looked very young. He was always seen either lugging around a stack of books or holding his lecture notebook—and he’d spend all day in the library.

Ji Yuanqi only found out later that Xiao Nian was the one who wrote the script for the Society’s play, and Ji Yuanqi was the male lead for the play.

Xiao Nian was especially good at writing romantic plays. Pure and clean.

Initially, Ji Yuanqi was curious as to what sort of person would write such a story. Then after a length of secretive observation, he realized that the playwright was just like the essence of the story—simple and clean.

And before he could even stop himself, he had liked Xiao Nian.

And the feelings in his heart took root and grew.

By the time he realized how deep his feelings had grown, Xiao Nian had graduated and disappeared without any means of contact.

“It took me a long time to find you.” As a manager, Xiao Nian was nowhere as visible as the celebrities. Besides, when he first joined the agency, he was a nobody. Ji Yuanqi looked at Xiao Nian with a grieved expression. “I only managed to find you when I joined the entertainment industry after graduation.”

And in order not to rock the boat, Ji Yuanqi had strategically tried to win Xiao Nian’s heart through the online game.

“Didn’t you just say you liked me?” Ji Yuanqi had already removed his makeup and looked like his usual stunning self. “Surely, you wouldn’t feel that we are not suitable for each other just because I’m a man.”

“You…” Xiao Nian felt his throat tightening, and he did not know how to answer Ji Yuanqi. Seeing that Xiao Nian hesitated, Ji Yuanqi pushed his luck. “You’re upset with me for pretending to be a woman and for having deceived you for more than half a year? Fine, I was at fault. However, I had never said that I was a woman.”

Xiao Nian bristled at that. “You were using a female codename. If that wasn’t pretending to be female, what was it?

Ji Yuanqi boldly retorted, “Nowadays people do that all the time—take on a codename that reflects the opposite gender. I thought you’d know better.”

“But I had been calling you Wifey!”

“You can continue to call me that, and the fact is, I enjoy calling you Hubby.”

Xiao Nian was at a loss for words.

How infuriating, how infuriating! This rascal could talk his way out of anything. There was no way Xiao Nian would win.

“Won’t you just give me a chance?” Seeing that Xiao Nian’s expression was beginning to soften, Ji Yuanqi immediately prodded expertly. “Washing… cooking… I’ll even hand over all my salary. Big Brother Xiao, you shouldn’t restrain yourself from liking me just because I’m a man.”

Damn it! Xiao Nian shuddered. Can you not say it out loud!

The truth was too brutal. Xiao Nian considered Ji Yuanqi’s words and admitted to himself that there was some truth to them.

When he first met the cross-dressed man, he wasn’t even deterred by the 188-centimeter frame, but, just because of a gender difference… it did seem a little unfair.

“Well… well…” Xiao Nian stammered awkwardly. “I can be generous, and give you a chance… BUT! I’m not going to be the bottom party!”

Ji Yuanqi was smiling radiantly, nodding away close to kowtow. “Fine, fine. I don’t know about such things anyway, of course, Big Brother Xiao, you’ll call the shots.”

Hearing that, Xiao Nian was satisfied.

He was puffed up and proud even.

He patted Ji Yuanqi on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Wifey, it’s not going to be every night.”

As it turned out many days later, Ji Yuanqi, who claimed innocence about such things, was riding Xiao Nian to a new high, to the point that Xiao Nian wanted nothing more than to kill him.

Indeed, Xiao Nian found the ‘woman on top’ business most annoying!

“Big Brother Xiao, you are so adorable.” Ji Yuanqi held Xiao Nian’s hands from behind, their fingers intertwined. “I like you so much. What about you?”

Xiao Nian turned red, he wanted to play cool and arrogant for a change, but his words betrayed him. “I like too.”

Perhaps only a little, but in time, it would be deeper, much deeper.

“I guess I’ll have to work harder then.” Ji Yuanqi smiled gently and radiantly. “I’ll treat you well… so well…”

Bliss… nothing can stop it now…

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