Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 738 - 738 Choosing a Reward (Final Chapter of Volume)

738 Choosing a Reward (Final Chapter of Volume)

When he returned to the contestant’s room, Xu Jingming tapped open his watch projection and forwarded the body-tempering technique he had devised to the Jing family head.

My body-tempering technique will likely become public. I’ll provide it to the Jing family first to prevent needless spending. Xu Jingming understood the stringent requirements for his technique—the mental prerequisites were too high. He had relied on the seventh level of the Eight Directions Map—My Dao realm—to cultivate to this level. The natives of the Myriad Species World would struggle to grasp even the basics of the Eight Directions Map.

It would be challenging for the Myriad Species natives to gain much from cultivating this legacy. The same went for Thunderhorn Mountain’s legacy!

High-dimensional beings had advanced mental realms, so they could learn profoundly. Natives would be lucky to reach one-tenth of their strength. Therefore, over the years, Xu Jingming had also devised some body-tempering techniques for the Jing family with lower thresholds, more suitable for them.

I’m number one of all the species. I wonder when I’ll be allowed to leave. Xu Jingming could only wait patiently.


Xu Jingming felt the scene before him turn ethereal. His mind and consciousness swiftly left this world, and the contestants and spectators around the arena became two-dimensional—a painting.

Xu Jingming could still see Ant Havering in the painting. He saw Shadow, Yu Yangwei, and the portly Fengke, gazing enviously at the contestant’s private room.

Many high-dimensional beings were envious. Still trapped in the Myriad Species World, they might never leave. As for the new number one of the Myriad Species, he could depart and reap rewards.

What an immense painting!

Xu Jingming’s mind and consciousness were quickly extracted from the painting. He sensed more of this endless, vast painting!

His mind and consciousness had finally completely escaped the painting.

I see not the true face of a mountain because I am in the mountain. Xu Jingming recalled a poem from his youth. I’ve been in a painting for over 5,000 years yet never realized it’s a painting.

In such a vast, realistic world, countless living beings inhabited a painting.


Xu Jingming naturally mobilized the Heart Realm Force to condense a new body. He immediately saw an enormous figure before the painting.

The painting was huge, and this colossal figure was no less.

Emitting endless light, Xu Jingming couldn’t discern His appearance.

The Feather Fire Lord projection from the Eight Directions Map and the Master of the Abyssal Void projection from when he was corrupted gave Xu Jingming a similar feeling to the mighty being before him.

He also understood this person was likely a third-realm existence like Feather Fire Lord and Master of the Abyssal Void.

“Great third-realm being.” Xu Jingming bowed.

The colossal being gazed at Xu Jingming, who appeared infinitesimally small before Him. Whether in physical size or level of existence… there was a chasm of difference between them.


A flicker of surprise flashed through His eyes. It had been an eternity since anything took Him by surprise.

Surprise was a luxury He could scarcely afford.

He observed the paths of these diminutive lives—every creature that had ascended to become champion. In that moment, as He peered into the branches of Xu Jingming’s future, He couldn’t help but feel astonished.

Never did I expect to snare such a remarkable being with a cursory swipe, He thought. Though beings of the third realm transcend the timeline and cannot be pinned within it, this Xu Jingming… I can obliterate all timelines within his space-time continuum, yet I cannot erase the possibility of parallel space-times.

I believed Thunderhorn Mountain to be the most gifted creature I had ensnared. I never imagined… Xu Jingming to be infinitely more terrifying, He pondered.

At His level of existence, innumerable timelines lay bare before Him like paintings—nothing was concealed from His sight. He could even glean into the possibilities of parallel space-times.

In 100,000 years, Xu Jingming can attain the half-step to the third realm. Even the third realm would not be beyond his reach. He found it inconceivable. How can any being possess such boundless potential? I endured infinite tribulations and fortune to finally ascend to the third realm.

Yet what of him?

Though I cannot espy the third realm within the incalculable timelines, I can deduce that he will unquestionably attain the third realm in the imminent future. I cannot even impede his progress. He was perplexed.

This potential was unlike any He had witnessed in the higher dimensional lifeforms He had spied upon over the eons.

Xu Jingming gave a respectful bow.

His voice sounded. “Xu Jingming, you should figure by now that the body tempering technique you devised will be made public in the Myriad Species World after you depart.”

“It is my honor to aid a magnificent third-realm being.” Xu Jingming was deferential. He dared not provoke the formidable existence; else, it would be a grave injustice if he ended up swatted to death.

Had it been any other champion of all the species, the great being wouldn’t bother saying a word. However, He had taken an interest in Thunderhorn Mountain back then and the present Xu Jingming.

“Xu Jingming, you may call me Lord Louye,” He stated. “I summoned you to the Myriad Species World chiefly to refine the body tempering techniques of the Myriad Species World. Of course, this is also an opportunity for you.”

“High-dimensional lifeforms like yourself usually have short lifespans. It is already not bad for you to live to an Abyssal Era. Typically, you lead an ordinary life. And if you can gain my boon, your lives will be much more exciting,” He said leisurely. “You even have a chance of ascending to a higher level.”

Xu Jingming said respectfully, “Thank you, Lord Louye. It’s just that becoming number one of all species is really not easy. I was fortunate to succeed this time.”

“Becoming first is not easy,” He said with a smile. “When I set the rules, I thought of giving all of you enough pressure to work hard. Only then will the body tempering technique you created be outstanding enough. Only then will you be worthy to receive my reward.”

Xu Jingming fell silent. You wanted us to risk our lives by establishing those rules?

“A 50% elimination rate needs to be ensured even for half-step third-level powerhouses,” He said. “If it’s too easy, won’t it make it seem like my boon came too effortlessly?”

You’re a third-realm being, so whatever you say is right.

Xu Jingming naturally didn’t dare retort.

“Tell me, what do you want?” He gazed at Xu Jingming. He spoke the most to Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming was slightly stunned.

“I have third-realm weapons, third-realm legacies, and even some rare treasures across the endless dominions that can increase one’s strength in a short period,” He looked at Xu Jingming. “The Abyss’s boon can give you strength comparable to a half-step third-realm powerhouse. My boon can also do the same. However, although there are many treasures, you can only choose one.”

Xu Jingming thought quickly.

To the outside world, the value of a third-realm weapon was higher than a third-realm legacy! Typically, a weapon was comparable to the learning opportunities of several third-realm legacies. This was because third-realm legacies could be learned by many powerhouses, and third-realm weapons could only have one owner.

He looked at Xu Jingming with interest and waited patiently.

“Lord Louye.” Xu Jingming didn’t dare take too long and promptly made a decision. “I want a rare treasure that will allow me to go the furthest on the evolutionary path.”

“The furthest on the evolutionary path?” Lord Louye thought and observed Xu Jingming before finally deciding.

“I have something perfectly suited for you,” He said with a wave of His hand. A sheet of silver parchment materialized before Him, half His size.

In a flash, the sheet shrunk and hurtled at Xu Jingming.


The sheet flew toward Xu Jingming, pressing down with the force of endless space and time. Xu Jingming’s face paled as his heart quaked in primal fear.

Wh-What is this? How can a mere sheet of paper feel infinitely more terrifying than the universe itself? Xu Jingming stared at the sheet, now several times larger than himself.

A spear technique was etched on the silver surface.

It’s just paper, an unknown material. Why does its presence fill me with more dread than Lord Louye’s true form? Though Xu Jingming longed to examine it, instinct screamed at him to flee.

“Have you heard of the ultimate end of evolution?” He gazed at Xu Jingming.

“I’ve heard whispers of such a thing,” Xu Jingming said. “Rumors speak of beings in the third realm transcending to a higher plane of existence.”


He nodded. “To ascend to a higher lifeform, third-realms must sacrifice everything—die before being reborn. It is said to be the ultimate evolutionary endpoint. In fact, some have succeeded.”


Xu Jingming listened attentively.

“For instance, the creators of the Primordial Star, the Abyss, the Heart Realm, and the Mother Stream.” A chilling smile crept across His face. “The farthest reaches of space and time, all paths of cultivation, every lifeform—more than one has attained this transcendence.”

Xu Jingming held his breath.

“This parchment is a relic I uncovered in my search for such an Ultimate being,” He said. “It contains a spear technique left behind by one who has ascended. You are skilled with the spear, so I believe… it will suit you well. Consider it a reward for your victory.”

“Thank you, Senior. Th-this is too great an honor.” Though Xu Jingming did not fully grasp its worth, he knew half-step third realm warriors in nearby dominions wielded half-step third realm weapons and some possessed third realm legacies. Yet, never had he heard of a treasure from an Ultimate existence.

“It is but a scrap of paper, useless to me. I have studied it long yet gleaned nothing.” He waved a hand. “Take it.”

The silver parchment fused into Xu Jingming’s body in a flash of light.

“I’m looking forward to meeting you again, Xu Jingming.” With a smile and a wave of His hand, spacetime warped around them.

Xu Jingming hurtled into the distance, flung far from that place.


As spacetime stabilized around Xu Jingming, a blue planet swam into view.

Earth? Xu Jingming naturally recognized his home planet. I’m back?

In that moment, Xu Jingming felt the sweet relief of surviving a calamity.

He had endured a dreamlike odyssey in the Myriad Species World and lived to tell the tale.

Final Chapter of Volume—High Dimensional Travels

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