Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 942

Chapter 942

Before Divine General Sha Long could say a word, he felt a surging power suddenly enveloping his body and tearing him into pieces! The only thing that he could see in his final moment was the ceiling of the Slaughter God Tower, he didn’t even know what really hit him!


‘Successfully killed Divine General Sha Long!’

‘Reward: 264 trillion Exp, 19 million CPs, 1 million SPs, Slaughter God Secret Art, Slaughter God Great Array, Slaughter God Sword, Slaughter God Ring, Slaughter God Soul.’


‘Successfully killed an Elite Enemy!’

‘Reward: 50 billion Exp, 2 million CPs, 5 million Mastery Point, 1x God Domain Lottery ticket.’


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 3rd Layer Earth Monarch stage!’

Finally Yi Tianyun levelled up to 3rd Layer Earth Monarch stage! He got 264 trillion exp for killing Divine General Sha Long because he used the 200X Exp Card that he bought before. He didn’t buy any other Exp Card as he thought that it was enough. This was also the reason why he killed Divine General Sha Long as fast as possible too!

“Nice!” Yi Tianyun said to himself. With the Crazy Exp Mode activated, he got x264 Exp boost! 

“Boss!” Divine General Sha Feng shouted as soon as he saw that Divine General Sha Long was killed! He didn’t expect that Divine General Sha Long would be killed while he was under the influence of Slaughter God Strength! Divine General Sha Feng fell to the ground as he saw that Yi Tianyun was unscathed! He felt that everything was just an illusion and he would be woken up from it soon enough! 

Everyone else also felt the same way, especially Nian Ciyu! Everyone didn’t expect that Sha Long would be killed so quickly. After all, everyone could sense how strong he was compared to the other people. This was really confusing for everyone!

“Now, it’s your turn!” Yi Tianyun said as he turned his attention to Divine General Sha Feng. The looks of unspeakable evil on his face was truly fascinating as it was the effect of the Evil Demon God Suit! 

Divine General Sha Feng was trembling and he hastily ran towards the door of Slaughter God Tower! He surely didn’t want to linger around anymore as he didn’t want to die just yet! If his boss was killed so easily, there was no way he’d stand a chance by himself! 

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun just waited for Sha Feng to open the door. He didn’t stop Sha Feng as he knew that opening the Slaughter God Tower’s door himself would be troublesome. Everyone else also realised the situation and let Sha Feng run towards the door!

Sha Feng did something to the door and it immediately opened! Sha Feng then took out a Jade Pendant and smashed it to the ground before turning his attention to Yi Tianyun once again. “You are dead, you hear me? people will harvest your bones in the future!” Sha Feng shouted crazily. 

“I am looking forward to it!” Yi Tianyun said as he suddenly teleported behind Sha Feng. He then pierced Sha Feng with his Sky Dawn Divine Spear, fatally injuring Sha Feng with barely any effort. Everyone was creeped out by Yi Tianyun’s power as it was truly something scary! 

Yi Tianyun easily killed a Heaven Monarch cultivator alone despite only being at the Earth Monarch level!

“Our master will avenge us!” Divine General Sha Feng said bravely. Divine General Sha Feng wasn’t afraid of death! The only reason he rushed out of Slaughter God Tower was to send a report towards his master as he couldn’t do so inside the Slaughter God Tower.

“I will welcome him anytime!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

Everyone was still creeped out of Yi Tianyun’s attitude as his smile seemed so sinister. 

After he couldn’t talk anymore, Divine General Sha Feng turned into a blood mist as he couldn’t regenerate the body he was in anymore. It was impossible to regenerate the body he got through the Body Possession technique if he was outside of Slaughter God Tower! 

The Slaughter God Tower was built for the Divine General and it was the perfect place for them to take over a cultivator’s body of their own choice. It also provided the best tools to help them survive in the worst case scenario! But once they got outside, the protection that the Slaughter God Tower provided no longer worked.


‘Successfully killed Divine General Sha Feng!’

‘Reward: 307 trillion Exp, 18 million CPs, 1 million SPs, Slaughter God Secret Art, Slaughter God Great Array, Slaughter God Giant Sword, Slaughter God Necklace, Slaughter God Soul.’


‘Successfully killed an elite enemy!’

‘Reward: 50 billion Exp, 2 million CPs, 5 million Mastery Points, 1x God Domain Lottery ticket.’

The rewards he got for killing these Slaughter God Divine Generals was basically the same except for the weapons and equipment he got, but it wasn’t something that Yi Tianyun cared about as he only cared about the Exp and CPs. 

Yi Tianyun already knew that he would get more rewards if he killed a stronger cultivator, and thus he knew that it wouldn’t matter what item he got at this point. Now, he was close to level up to 4th Layer Earth Monarch stage!

He turned his attention towards the Slaughter God Tower’s door and everyone was startled as they were still terrified by Yi Tianyun’s power, but three Heaven Monarch cultivators leaped out in front of Yi Tianyun.

“I am a Heaven Monarch of Giant Rock God Territory and I am really grateful for what you did! Giant Rock God Territory always welcomes you anytime.” One of the cultivator said respectfully.

“I am a Heaven Monarch of Giant Hawk God Territory, and I’m also grateful for your help!” Another cultivator said respectfully. Then one by one cultivators began to express their gratitude to Yi Tianyun as they were mainly afraid that Yi Tianyun would find them irritating! They sure didn’t want to make an enemy out of him now that they’ve already seen that Yi Tianyun could kill a Heaven Monarch cultivator with ease!

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