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Chapter 690 - Chapter 690: The New State Preceptor!

Chapter 690: The New State Preceptor!

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On the golden steps, a row of array masters extended from the ground to the ceiling.

The ordinary cultivators outside were all shocked by this scene. These combat techniques were extremely precious to ordinary people. There were thousands of people in the row above, and all of them were famous figures.

Now, they were walking on the steps like devout believers.

Their target was the palace in the sky. This resplendent palace flickered with a very mysterious light and had a strong attraction to people.

In the center of the palace, an even nobler altar stood quietly.

After passing through the narrow passageway, Liu Tianchi brought many array masters to the foot of the altar.

There was clearly a thin and weak figure at the top of the altar. They were all very familiar with that figure. It was Xiao Man, the array master they respected the most.

“State Preceptor!”

After arriving here, they knelt down piously, their foreheads pressed against the ground as they silently waited for Lil Man’s orders.

Lil Man’s gaze was like a holy light, shining on them.

“Today, 1 will remove my status as the state preceptor and choose a new state preceptor for the human race.”

As soon as Xiao Man said this, the crowd below immediately began to cry. These hundred-year-old human monsters were crying like children, each and every one of them heartbroken.

“State Preceptor, you can’t do this!”

“Please think twice, Imperial Advisor!”

“If Imperial Preceptor abdicates, how will we place our bodies?”

Xiao Man looked at them with a solemn expression and said in a voice that was neither happy nor sad,””The human race always has to experience the transition between the old and the new. Today has also reached that moment. From now on, you have to wholeheartedly assist the new Imperial Preceptor until they can grow up!”

These words echoed in the hearts of the array masters below.

Xiao Man’s words clearly meant that she wanted to promote a young man up. She would definitely choose one of the three young men from yesterday to be the new state preceptor.

However, the three of them were still so young. Each of them was only in their teens. This was simply the age of the fledgling.

If he chose an array master from those few people to be the national preceptor, wouldn’t that be a little too childish?

“I will definitely complete the task entrusted to me by the state preceptor,” said Liu Tianchi.”

Lil Man looked at him with satisfaction. Then, a figure flashed beside Lil Man, and Liu Wen and the other two were already standing behind Lil Man.

Lil Man landed at the side, and a ray of light shone on the three of them. Liu Wen was so blinded by the light that he could not open his eyes.

“Although there were some twists and turns in the game yesterday, we have to respect the results of the game in any case. The three of them are the last three people left on the chessboard. I want to choose the final winner among the three of them to become the next Imperial Advisor.”

After Manman finished speaking, she looked at the people below and asked.

“Do you have any objections?”

“Everything will be decided by Imperial Preceptor. Junior does not dare to have any objections.”

“From now on, you have to assist them wholeheartedly. The three of them are still young and can’t immediately take on such an important task. They still need your help.”

“Please rest assured, Imperial Preceptor. We will do our best to assist the next Imperial Preceptor and will not disappoint you!”

Lil Man raised her hand and called Liu Tianchi over, standing in front of the three of them.

“I will divide the control of the city protection battle into two halves. One half will be temporarily taken over by the association’s elders, and the other half will be handed over to the next state preceptor. When the elders think that he has grown enough to control the city protection array, the other half will naturally fall into his hands.”

A deep black array plate appeared in the sky and landed between Liu Tianchi and the three people opposite him.

With a cracking sound, a crack suddenly appeared in the middle of the disk array, and it was split in half. Half of it fell into Liu Tianchi’s hand, and the other half fell into Liu Wen’s hand.

At this moment, a pitch-black square platform suddenly jumped out of the altar and circled above the three of them.

“This Magical Crystal Square Platform will be the treasure of Ping City in the future. The person chosen by the Magical Crystal Square Platform will be the next state preceptor. With the protection of the magic crystal platform, Ping City would naturally prosper!”

“Qianqiu Shunsui!”

The array masters below shouted this slogan over and over again.

The magic crystal platform hovered above the three of them for a while before finally stopping in front of Liu Wen.

Liu Wen looked in a direction with a puzzled expression.

Li Yuanqing stood silently in a small pavilion far away, watching them quietly.

Liu Wen didn’t understand. He thought that his master would give everything to Yang Tianqi, but why did it fall on him?

Yang Tianqi’s abilities were higher than his, and his attainments in combat techniques were also higher than his. Furthermore, he had the powerful Hu Qian as his helper. With the two of them working together, they would definitely be able to protect Ping City forever.

Then why did he become the candidate?

Li Yuanqing silently nodded at him and smiled.

Yang Tianqi looked at Liu Wen in surprise.””Liu Wen, what are you still standing there for? Master has entrusted you with an important task.”

Liu Wen looked at the magic crystal square table anxiously and pushed it in front of Yang Tianqi..

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