Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 505 - Chapter 505: Doesn’t He Realize Who He Is Talking To?

Chapter 505: Doesn’t He Realize Who He Is Talking To?

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At the Imperial City, in the underground palace, Bi Zhu was standing in the center of a huge spirit stone array.

The surrounding spirit stones were lit on fire, but they quickly turned to ashes.

“This person has a high cultivation realm and is very keen. He has almost sensed my location several times now.”

The first time she was noticed, she changed her approach, but unexpectedly, she was noticed again.

Luckily, the curse was successful.

It could cause some trouble to the person.

It might not affect them too much, but even a slight inconvenience could prove fatal, especially in a battle.

“Unfortunately, the information is too little. Otherwise, the effect would definitely be great. If I could just see him once, he would be dead within three years.”

Bi Zhu sighed and waved her hand.

The ashes spread across the entire palace and disappeared.

Then, she left.

She had secretly investigated Yin Wei but had found nothing.

A person who could attract Jing’s attention might not be an ordinary person.

However, although Yin Wei couldn’t be found, she had managed to find traces of the Saint Bandits.

They were right near the Imperial City.

From the signs, it was likely that the royal family was indeed cooperating with them.

It was unclear what they were up to.

Of course, as a princess who wasn’t important enough, she couldn’t participate.

There were quite a few factions within the royal family, and it wasn’t her place to dictate what they should do.

It was best to just watch quietly.

Back at her residence, Qiao Yi approached her.

“Princess, have you tried the techniques that Prince Bi You suggested?”

“I’ve tried them.” Bi Zhu smiled and nodded.

“And what were the results?” Qiao Yi was quite interested.

Bi Zhu shrugged. “None of them suit me.”

Qiao Yi couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s alright. I’ve already told you that I’m a genius.” Bi Zhu smiled. “These small matters aren’t worth worrying about. By the way, has anything significant happened in the Imperial City lately?”

“I don’t know about other matters, but there are indeed some things regarding you.” Qiao Yi furrowed her brows.

“Me?” Bi Zhu sat down by the stone table and smiled. “What could there possibly be to talk about me? Are they saying I’m getting old yet again?”

“Indeed, some other princesses have mentioned age-related matters. They say a princess who can’t cultivate won’t find a good marriage prospect and would end up just being a burden,” Auntie Qiao said.

Bi Zhu was speechless. After all, she wasn’t dependent on her family.

“In fact, there is another troublesome matter,” Qiao Yi said in a low voice:

“Someone has come to propose marriage to you.”

“Propose marriage to me?” Bi Zhu was stunned and pointed at herself in disbelief.

“Yes.” Qiao Yi nodded.

“It’s…” Auntie Qiao was about to say it when suddenly she turned toward the back gate and said in a low voice, “He’s here again.”

Bi Zhu looked curiously toward the gate.

A middle-aged man in armor walked in. It was General Lin, who had visited before.

As soon as he entered, he bowed to Bi Zhu.

“Greetings, Princess Bi Zhu.”

“General Lin?” Bi Zhu smiled. “Are you acting as a messenger for someone?”

Auntie Qiao had explained everything clearly. So, Bi Zhu knew the purpose of General Lin’s visit.

“You are wise as always, Princess,” said General Lin in praise. “I have come on behalf of Crown Prince Shangguan.”

“The eldest son of the Shangguan family?” Bi Zhu asked. “The one with a bad temperament?”

“He is just young and passionate,” General Lin said. “Princess, please consider it. Being a princess in the Imperial City will be… difficult in a few years.”

It would indeed be difficult in later years, especially with her lack of value. Bi Zhu understood his implication.

She smiled. “Is that all, General Lin?”

“That’s all.” General Lin nodded.

“In that case, you may leave,” Bi Zhu said with a smile. General Lin frowned, but he turned and left.

“So insolent,” Auntie Qiao said in a low voice.

“Indeed, he doesn’t even consider who he’s talking to. He’s talking to the first genius of the royal family and the most exceptional talent to have ever been born,” said Bi Zhu jokingly.

Auntie Qiao was speechless.

“How much farther is it?” Jiang Hao asked Ah Zha inside the Sea Fog Cave.

“We’re almost there,” Ah Zha said.

The surrounding was full of sea fog, and it affected their vision and perception. It was even impossible to determine which side the walls were on.

However, they could hear some sounds.

Jiang Hao tried to make sense of the surroundings using what he had learned from the nameless manual.

He tried to pay attention to the extension of sounds and the movement of the fog.

Slowly, the vague pattern of the passage appeared in his mind.

He stopped in his tracks.

Zheng Shijiu and the others also stopped behind him. They were puzzled.

“Why aren’t you coming along?” Ah Zha asked from the front. “Do you have any grievances with us?” Jiang Hao asked suddenly.

This surprised Zheng Shijiu and the others.

Ah Zha didn’t seem surprised. It nodded. “Yes, there are grievances indeed.

That woman tricked me. I want revenge.”

“I’m not familiar with Elder Baizhi. None of us are,” Jiang Hao said.

Ah Zha was deceived, which was inevitable.

Its wisdom was definitely not on par with Elder Baizhi.

“Humans… you’re all indeed cunning and sly,” Ah Zha said. It turned and walked in another direction.

Jiang Hao breathed a sigh of relief. There was a cliff ahead this time.

Falling here might not be life-threatening, but it would be painful and would cause a lot of problems.

It was better to avoid it if possible.

Zheng Shijiu and the others had no idea what was going on.

All they knew was that after Jiang Hao spoke, the spirit beast had abandoned the original path.

It looked a bit angry.

They understood that the previous path was problematic.

What was even more puzzling was that Jiang Hao seemed to know this spirit beast.

They looked at each other and exchanged knowing glances.

After that, nothing unexpected happened, and they arrived at a place isolated from the sea fog.

This place was backed against the wall and surrounded by a simple fence, and there were two guards in front of the gate.

They could even see some houses inside.

The arrival of Jiang Hao and the others made the guards nervous, but they relaxed when they saw that they were from the heavenly Note Sect.

“Who are you?” one of the guards asked.

“We’re here to take over.” Jiang Hao presented the token.

“Please wait a moment.” One of the guards went inside.

Shortly after, three Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators came out.

Two men and one woman.

All of them were in the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The leader was a middle-aged man who was tall and burly.

The muscles on his upper body were distinct, and he was not wearing any clothes.

It looked like he could unleash tremendous power at any moment.

He took the token and then nodded. “It’s indeed the Heavenly Note Sect here to take over.”

“Let me see.” The woman took the token and glanced at it. “They could have been intercepted. How do you prove that you are Jiang Hao?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem, but not everyone who comes to take over can be trusted. At the very least, you have to convince us of your identities or your task,” The bald Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator said.

“How can we convince you?” Jiang Hao asked.

He had already known that these people would make things difficult. They were just doing this because they could. He didn’t intend to establish dominance here. He would do whatever they said as long as they didn’t try to harass or harm him and the others.

“First, you need to show us whether you can guard this place, ” said the middle-aged man. He seemed to be the leader. “Before, we guarded the gate for thirty days to stabilize this place. Now, if you and your group can guard the gate for ten days, we will acknowledge you..”

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