Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 907 - Chapter 907: The Ones Who Were Harmed The Most Were Ordinary Disciples

Chapter 907: The Ones Who Were Harmed The Most Were Ordinary Disciples


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Stepping out of the Blood Pool, Jiang Hao felt a sense of calmness in the surroundings.

The Heavenly Fate Misfortune Pearl showed no reaction, and the Blood Pool also became stable.

He could now focus on finding Shangguan Qingsu.

If he couldn’t find her, he would go and meet Senior Brother Zheng and wait for this matter to end.

He wondered what the final outcome would be.

In theory, the Heavenly Note Sect should win. After all, they dared to let these people in, so they might already have the manpower to deal with them.

Jiang Hao glanced at the core of Devil’s Den, where the stars were flowing backward. He had no idea what lay beneath.

Regardless of his cultivation realm, he had no intention of going inside.

Sometimes it was better to stay away from such places.

A slight carelessness could bring catastrophic consequences.

When he left Devils’ Den, Jiang Hao found that the battle was in full swing.

Before, it was difficult to determine who had the upper hand. It seemed Heavenly Note Sect had a slight advantage.

However, the situation was still dangerous around the mines.

The enemies targeted the mines.

They were probably from the Heavenly Gate Sect.

The sea fog of the Saint Bandits was dissipating. It meant they didn’t want to continue engaging in the conflict.

After waiting for three days near the mines without finding Shangguan Qingsu, Jiang Hao decided to leave and join Senior Brother Zheng.

In the outer sect area, powerful fluctuations of energy forced Zheng Shijiu and others to retreat.

They encountered many dangers on the way. If it weren’t for occasional runes and formations, they wouldn’t have been able to pass safely.

Lin Mo was injured. Some injuries were old, and some were fresh.

He had realized that his strength and power were insignificant in the face of such an event.

Jiang Hao, who had foreseen the danger, had prepared for retreat. He had instructed them in detail before he left.

He had all the preparations in place for a thousand miles.

For a moment, Lin Mo truly experienced that he was nothing in front of Jiang Hao.

The pride and confidence he had before were gone.

“We should keep hiding. The sect’s conflict is too great for someone as ordinary as us to do something about it,” said Zheng Shijiu seriously.

He was afraid that these people would be reckless. Junior Brother Jiang had handed them over to him, and he didn’t want to lose anyone.

They nodded and didn’t dare to disagree.

Zhao Qingxue was frightened. She had never seen such a big battle before. It was beyond her abilities.

The seniors in the sect had no time or the energy to care about her as they had always done.


There was another commotion from the demonic beasts.

The group quickly got up. They didn’t dare to rest here. They would be food for the beasts if they lingered.

At that moment, they felt fidgety and on edge. Every sound startled them.

But soon, the commotion died down, and a figure walked over to them from a distance.

Zheng Shijiu hefted his longsword.

“Senior Brother Zheng, it’s alright. It’s just me,” Jiang Hao said.

Then, he appeared in front of everyone.

Jiang Hao remained calm and composed as if there was nothing that could move him in this world.

When the four people saw him, they sighed in relief. They already felt safe.

“Thank you for working so hard, Senior Brother Zheng,” Jiang Hao said politely.

“Not at all,” Zheng Shijiu shook his head. “I’m glad that you are back safe.”

“In a few days, the battle might be over,” Jiang Hao said calmly.

The others nodded.

With Jiang Hao there, dealing with the demonic beasts became much easier.

The battle within the sect became more intense.

Seven days later, everything calmed down.

The number of demonic beasts also decreased.

Around early November, the battle came to an end.

Jiang Hao breathed a sigh of relief. Although he didn’t know what had happened, he believed the sect had won.

Three days later, the people from the Law Enforcement Hall checked the surroundings. They found Jiang Hao and his group.

From them, Jiang Hao learned that the sect had deterred a strong enemy. Patrol duties could be resumed.

The patrol duties would be much more difficult because of the recent developments. They needed to be vigilant.

Jiang Hao knew that they couldn’t be careless after this.

Usually after a great battle, there would be some people hiding around.

Their injuries were not that serious, so they could continue with their mission.

They were told to be vigilant and patrol the areas around them but to turn a blind eye if they found someone formidable.

After that, Jiang Hao and the others began to patrol. This time, they patrolled around various mines.

The area was very wide, and they kept patrolling it without rest.

The outer sect also suffered a lot of damage. Before the outbreak of the battle, some sect disciples had already dispersed.

Everyone was recuperating.

“This time, the injuries are more severe than before,” Jiang Hao murmured.

He also saw some corpses as they passed along some places.

Even though casualties were few, they were still present.

Being weak was dangerous.

The high and the mighty wouldn’t bother with the others. They wouldn’t care about the weak.

The only way was to get stronger to stay safe. Only then could they survive.

Jiang Hao continued to patrol. When he found injured people, he helped them get to the safe area.

From there, the sect took over.

The inner sect was better off, and each cave provided shelter. The outer sect bore the brunt of it all.

All Jiang Hao could do was to use some healing techniques on the injured. He could only do as much as he was able.

If the people were injured fatally, he was helpless to do anything.

He wasn’t worried about attracting attention because everyone assumed he followed the Blood Wish Path.

Lin Mo and the others felt the same way.

Zheng Shijiu kept his head down and didn’t think much about it.

He never believed that Jiang Hao practiced the Blood Wish Path.

It was precisely because of that belief that he trusted this person unwaveringly.

Jiang Hao would never harm others without reason. He clearly had principles.

If one didn’t plot against him or try to cause him harm, Jiang Hao never really made the first move to harm others.

Jiang Hao patrolled the area and felt that the battle had hurt those with lower cultivation realms the most.

Three days later, Jiang Hao patrolled near the Cliff of Broken Hearts.

He saw several outer sect disciples talking to each other. They seemed frazzled by the recent battle.

Among them, a woman nodded and listened attentively. She looked surprised.

She was a good listener.

When Jiang Hao passed by, he talked to these people.

When he talked with the woman, he activated his Daily Appraisal ability.

After a moment, Jiang Hao turned around and left.

She was Shangguan Qingsu.

‘She actually stayed within the sect… Quite bold on her part. But it makes sense. She can blend in amid the chaos instead of finding a new way to enter the sect later…’

Jiang Hao admired her grit.

From the feedback he got, it was evident that she was here for Smiling San Sheng. Her goal was none other than to deal with the Hundred Nights Curse.

‘I’ve finally found her. Now, I need to see how to deal with her…’

It was easy to suppress the curse temporarily, but doing it every three months was difficult.

It was too complicated.

It is equivalent to maintaining contact with an entire clan. He needed to consider how to proceed.

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