Cultivation: I Inherite The Strongest Account In A Sect Simulator

Chapter 160 - Small Trick! What a Joke!

Chapter 160 Small Trick! What a Joke!

His opponent’s figure became illusory as he continued to flee. However, to Jiang Yiming, he had already seen through his opponent!

“Don’t run anymore!” Jiang Yiming, who was in the middle of the round plate, let out a fierce shout! The tip of his Chaos Finger collided with his opponent’s body!

“Jiang Yiming”’s movements were naturally quite fast, but Jiang Yiming could predict the opponent’s possible escape route! The opponent’s speed was certainly not slow, but under his attacks that were launched by already knowing the other party’s movements, there was no room for the opponent to escape! “Ah!” A body flew out from where Jiang Yiming’s Chaos Finger had lightly tapped!

“Master!” Seeing this, Gu Lingfei and the other disciples cried out in unison!

This was their Master!

“No! Senior brother! You’re wrong!” Huang Chaoyu narrowed her eyes and said slowly.

“What? Junior sister, you mean…” Gu Lingfei was stunned on the spot when he heard his junior sister’s words, but he immediately understood what his junior sister meant!

“That’s right! Junior sister is absolutely right! This can’t be our Master!” Dong Mi also nodded at the side. Back then in the Underworld, he had watched helplessly as his Master charged straight at the Yama without hesitation for his sake!

Moreover, after being knocked down, his Master still maintained his composure, not once being in such a sorry state on the battlefield!

“Cough, cough, cough! You! Do you really want to fight me to the death here?!” His opponent had gradually lost his composure. His evil intentions were thus known to everyone!

“No! Fight to the death? No one will be willing to go all out on you. Don’t forget that you’re the one who is truly at a disadvantage now!” Jiang Yiming sneered. What did the other party mean by fighting to the death? The phrase meant that he would have to perish together with the other party to kill him! But currently, he already had the other party completely under his control!

“You want to fight to the death with me? I’m sorry, but you simply don’t have the qualifications!”

“That’s right! That’s what our Master is like!”

“That’s right, it is what our Master is like!”

The disciples had witnessed Jiang Yiming’s advancement from his decline in the beginning to his confusion just now, all the way to his in-control state now! This was the state that their Master should be in!

“No! No! You can’t kill me! I am a part of you in this world! You can’t kill me! If you kill me here, your strength will also be affected! Is this what you really want to see?

“Just say what you like. You’re just repeating that if I kill you, I won’t get any benefits. What a joke! Don’t tell me that if I let you live, I won’t be raising a ticking bomb for trouble?!”

Not long after, Jiang Yiming watched “himself” die before himself.

“Phew… This feeling is quite mystical. Before, I’ve only ever killed those enemies who had a deep grudge with me…”

Looking at “his” body that was now lying in front of him, the feeling was both wonderful and difficult to describe.

The entire disc had magnified a few times because of his battle just now, and now it had returned to its original size.

The stone pillar slowly rose again.

On it was an ancient book.

“Not bad! Looks like I can really get a lot of things in this secret realm!” Jiang Yiming’s eyes were full of pleasant surprise. Although he didn’t know whether this ancient book was a cultivation technique or a martial skill, at least his bloody battle with the other Jiang Yiming just now wasn’t in vain!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yiming quickly walked forward and took the cultivation technique. As soon as he took the ancient book in his hand, he immediately had a wonderful feeling. It was as if invisible energy was slowly flowing back into his body!

“I wonder what effect it has? Never mind, let’s take a look first.”

“Hey! Master got something again!”

“Isn’t the secret realm a little too powerful?! It has everything! And no matter who the opponent is, one seems to still be able to get a reward! Where can we find such a good thing out of the sect?!”

“Hahahaha! Indeed! Don’t say anymore! When Master comes out of the secret realm this time, I want to be the next to enter!”

“How can that be? If I remember correctly, you should have arrived a few hours later than me! If we were to count it strictly, I’m your senior brother, isn’t that right? So, junior brother, how can I let you do such a dangerous thing?”

“You really know how to joke! If you put it that way, you seem to have arrived after me too, right? Then you should also call me senior brother!”

Seeing their Master continuously receiving rewards from the secret realm, how could the Lingyun Sect disciples below the stage not be moved? With that, things got interesting. The crowd actually started arguing over who could enter the secret realm first after their Master.

“I say, junior brothers and sisters! I have no idea what each and every one of you is so anxious about! Take a look. Whether it’s the resources in our hands, or the cultivation techniques and martial skills in our sect, which one of them isn’t one of the best in the entire world? You don’t have to be anxious at all!” Gu Lingfei waved his hand. Right now, in the Lingyun Sect, it could be said that competition was prevalent.

Of course, it wasn’t the kind of blind competition, but a competition of strength! If the other party only sleeps for six hours at night, one would then only sleep for four! If the other party cultivates for ten hours every day, one would then cultivate for eight!

On top of that, now that the secret realm had appeared among them in the form of a pagoda, it naturally greatly increased their desire to compete against each other!

Who would be willing to admit that the other party was more powerful? The benign competition was actually a big manifestation of the Lingyun Sect’s progress too!

“Senior brother! You’ve already received rewards in the secret realm! For you to say these things to us now, isn’t it akin to you being a full man who doesn’t know how it feels to be hungry?”

“Hahahaha! Good! How long have you guys been here, and you have already learned to tease your senior brother , huh!” Gu Lingfei also laughed. After all, he was still the eldest senior brother in the entire sect.

“And have all of youforgotten? It’s not like only one person can enter the secret realm! If you have teammates that you fancy, you can join forces and enter together!”

Gu Lingfei was right. Once there were more people, the opponents they would have to face would naturally be even more terrifying! It would also test the cooperation between the various disciples.

However, the rewards they could obtain would also be more bountiful.

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