Dafeng’s Night Squad

Chapter 1071 - Chapter 1071: Diving (2)

Chapter 1071: Diving (2)

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“The smell is too strong.”

Mu Nanxi covered her nose and walked away.

Xu Qi ‘an tilted the small Jade bottle, and the viscous black liquid slowly poured out and dripped into the jar.

In an instant, the grass in the pestle was dyed a deep blue-black color. Just by looking at the color, one could associate it with poison.

Next, he placed the mortar and pestle on the small charcoal stove and used Wen fire to roast it until it was slightly dry. Then, he stopped.


The next thing to do was to roll them into small pills and take one every day.

The ancient corpse’s poison was too violent. With the poison Gu’s current level, it couldn’t withstand too much poison in one go, or it would be poisoned to death.

After the small pills were rolled up, Xu Qi ‘an placed them on the table one by one and let them dry naturally.

The air was filled with poison. If it was an ordinary person, they would have died from the poison in less than a cup of tea’s time.

Mu nanzhi sat by the window, rolling her eyes as she read the leisure Books she had bought in the busy streets.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door and the waiter’s voice came, “”Guest, two masters are looking for you.”

Is he looking for me?

Xu Qi ‘an was stunned for a moment, then replied to the waiter in a calm tone, “”Who is it?”

“One of them calls himself Gongsun Xiangyang, and the other Lei Zheng,” the waiter said.

Gongsun Xiangyang, a member of the Gongsun family? And who was Lei Zheng .. “Invite them in,” Xu Qi ‘an said after a moment of silence.

He guessed that Gongsun Xiangyang was someone with an extremely high status in the Gongsun family, or the master of the Gongsun family.

According to the rules, if a reclusive master who had attained Dao for eight hundred years was present, the Gongsun family, a small force in the pugilistic world, would have to be a highly respected person in the family if they wanted to visit.

It was impossible for them to send a junior or a small figure from the family. At the very least, it had to be a family heir like Gongsun Xiu.

As for Lei Zheng, Xu Qi ‘an had never heard of him before, but since he had come with the Gongsun family, he should be someone of high status.

“Do you need me to hide behind the screen?” The Queen looked up.

“No need. Go and unbolt the door.”

Wangfei pouted and shook the young woman’s plump and alluring butt. She walked to the door and opened the door bolt.

After a while, two footsteps stopped outside the door. Then, a deep voice said respectfully, ”

“Senior, I’m the master of the Gongsun family, Gongsun Xiangyang.”

“The door isn’t locked,” Xu Qi ‘an said lightly.

The door was pushed open, and a middle-aged man in a brocade robe came in. He had a smile on his face, and the crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes were obvious. These wrinkles were caused by his habitual smile.

The other old man had a burly figure and was carrying a large machete on his back. He was bald and had a sharp temperament. He gave people the impression that he was fierce and difficult to get along with. “Dragon God castle’s master, Lei Zheng,”

The bald old man cupped his fists, his voice loud and clear.

Xu Qi ‘an nodded slowly and raised his hand. “Sit.”

At this moment, his gaze was gentle and his eyes contained the vicissitudes of life washed away by time. His attitude was light and casual, but he revealed a natural Majesty.

Unfortunately, two patches of white were missing from his sideburns.

Gongsun Xiangyang swept his gaze across the room without a sound. His eyes swept over the number one beauty of Da Feng, and he sat down in a reserved and cautious manner.

Lei Zheng, on the other hand, was much more carefree. He looked at Xu Qi ‘an with a judgmental gaze.

He had already been to the underground palace and had only walked around the periphery. In the end, he didn’t take the risk to enter the main tomb. Therefore, he still didn’t believe Gongsun Xiangyang’s words.

thank you, senior, for saving my daughter’s life. The Gongsun family can’t repay you. We’ll protect Nanshan Hill and won’t let anyone enter the tomb.

It was also the first time Gongsun Xiangyang had seen a master, and his curiosity was no less than Lei Zheng’S. He vaguely sized him up a few times, but could not see anything special about this master.

But it was precisely because of this that they were all the more respectful.

“Senior, what’s the identity of the ancient corpse in the underground palace?” Lei Zheng probed.

“He’s just a nobody,” Xu Qi ‘an said in a gentle voice.

A nobody, an evil ancient corpse that was at least. rank. 3, was just a nobody in his eyes … Gongsun Xiangyang was shocked. He was about to say something when his nose twitched and he felt dizzy. He stood up in shock.

“It’s, it’s poisonous …”

Lei Zheng also stood up and took a few steps back. The two of them looked at the black meatballs on the table.

‘What is this thing? I can’t bear its smell alone … Gongsun Xiangyang was shocked.

At the fifth stage huajin stage, most of the poisons in the world could be detoxified by relying on a strong liver function. These poison pills in front of him could probably poison a fifth stage to death.

Xu Qi ‘an’s tone was gentle and apologetic. “I’ve just made a few poison pills and am preparing to eat them as snacks. I’ll keep them now.”

After saying that, he picked up a meatball and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing it carefully.

He, he ate it … Gongsun Xiangyang was dumbfounded. His face was stiff, and a chill ran down his spine.

Lei Zheng’s pupils contracted violently, all the hair on his body stood up, and his panic was about to explode in an instant.

The two level five masters stared at Xu Qi ‘an, at his mouth and throat. They saw his Adam’s apple moving, which meant that the pill had been swallowed.

Why did he use poison pills as snacks? No, this was not the main point. The main point was that he was indeed a terrifying figure, a top-tier master who had hidden from the world … Gongsun Xiangyang silently straightened his back.

Gongsun Xiangyang didn’t lie to me … Ray was deeply shocked. He quickly recalled his attitude and felt worried and annoyed for his previous irreverence. He was afraid that he had caused the dissatisfaction of this seemingly gentle master.

“Alright, I’m done!”

Xu Qi ‘an put the small Jade bottle away.

In fact, in terms of actual combat power, he could not beat a rank five expert, unless he had a way to directly inject the poison into the stomach of a rank five expert..

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