Dafeng’s Night Squad

Chapter 1208 - Chapter 1208: The Asura arena? _2

Chapter 1208: The Asura arena? _2


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It contained all the variables … What the supervisor meant was that Xu Pingfeng was likely to take advantage of this winter to stir up trouble, but he had not gathered enough Dragon Qi!

It was wrong!

Xu Qi ‘an’s expression changed slightly. He realized that he had overlooked something.

In the capital, the father and son had a showdown and fought.

Xu Qi ‘an won by a narrow margin, but he failed to retrieve his fate. Therefore, in Xu Qi ‘an’s mind, if he wanted to cause trouble, he had to either take back his fate or gather the Dragon Qi.

However, this was a blind spot in his thinking.

If Xu Pingfeng wanted to rebel and support the bloodline from 500 years ago, be it the Dragon Qi or the fate of the country, it would be an additional flower on top of a brocade. As long as Da Feng turned bad enough, the chances of his rebellion succeeding would increase greatly.

During the Battle of Shanhai Pass, he stole the fate of Da Feng. He had successfully destroyed the Dragon Qi in the incident of killing Emperor yuanjing.

As a result, Da Feng became weak, and there were frequent internal and external troubles.

Xu Pingfeng had already achieved his goal.

As expected of a Qi refinement warrior, as expected of the head disciple of the supervisor. This time. Xu Pingfeng was on the fifth level … Xu Qi ‘an pinched the space between his eyebrows and said,

I know. I’ll try my best to gather Dragon Qi.

Dragon Qi again, Xu Qian and the supervisor’s relationship was not ordinary … Li lingsu’s ears perked up like a child listening attentively in class.

“After this, will you be able to reach rank-I successfully, state preceptor?”


Li lingsu almost lost control of her expression. The head of the human sect, Luo Yuheng, was about to break through to first grade?

That was simply nonsense … He wanted to blurt out that, according to what the Holy Son knew, the human sect had never had a first-grade Dao chief. At the very least, it had never appeared before in history.

“It’s not that simple to advance to the first stage.” Luo Yuheng muttered,

“It’ll take me at least three months, at most half a year, before I’m confident I can pass the heavenly Tribulation.”

The Hellfire searing the body once a month would take three times at the earliest, and six times in half. year at the latest … Xu Qi ‘an instinctively wanted to grin.

I hope that you can help Golden Lotus get rid of the demonic thoughts before the war between heaven and man. He is the main culprit behind the fall of Jean d ‘arc. He played a part in the weakening of Da Feng’s national power, the massacre of the North vanquishing Prince, and even Wei Yuan’s death in battle.

Xu Qi ‘an said in a deep voice.

“Or after the war between heaven and man,” Luo Yuheng said, glancing at him.

Is she angry at me for not having confidence in her …? Xu Qi ‘an smiled and said,

“I hope that I’ll be able to recover my cultivation by then. In fact, I’m quite curious as to why the heavenly venerates would mysteriously disappear when the heavenly sects don’t engage in the war between heaven and man.

Then, he looked at the state preceptor and waited for the Beauty’s reply. “Only the exalted Celestials themselves know this.” Luo Yuheng replied.

then why is it that if a Dao leader of the human sect defeats a celestial venerable, he has a chance of reaching first-grade? ” Xu Qi ‘an asked again.

“Seize fate.” Luo Yuheng said.

but there’s only hope, ” she added. in fact, if the human sect can’t rely on the Emperor and take over the country’s fate, it’s unlikely that they can advance to rank one by defeating the heaven sect.

What are they talking about … Li lingsu didn’t fully understand what he was saying. She wanted to raise her hand and ask, but she didn’t dare to.

However, his heart was still burning, because the conversation between these two big shots revealed a lot of information.

This was something he could not touch before.

“Will it involve the Taoist Reverend? I’m referring to the mysterious disappearance of the heavenly sect’s Dao chief.” Xu Qi ‘an suddenly said.

Li lingsu felt as if she could hear her own violent heartbeat. This topic was too high-level.

“How do you know?” Luo Yuheng frowned.

“Do you still remember the underground palace I told you about? according to the murals and some clues I obtained, the Taoist sects in ancient times were as prosperous as the martial arts of today.

“At that time, the Taoist Reverend did not exist. This meant that the Taoist sect was not founded by Taoist Reverend.

“He truly founded the” heaven, earth, and man “three sects.”

Xu Qi ‘an said.

In that instant, li lingsu almost blurted out and told him not to joke around.

Taoist venerable was the founder of Taoism, which was recorded in the ancient books of the three sects of heaven, earth, and human, and recognized by the major systems of later generations.

The prosperity of Taoism in ancient times was the credit of Taoist venerable.

Li lingsu could not accept Xu Qian’s words.

“Senior, do you have any evidence?” Li lingsu couldn’t help but ask.

Yongzhou City, in a house with two entrances.

The man in the cloak returned and went straight to the backyard. He ignored the monks in the yard and came to a quiet room.

There were three monks sitting cross-legged in the room. One of them was an Arhat with a long eyebrow that reached his cheek and a mole between his eyebrows;lt was the extremely ugly Asura Vajra du fan with a fierce look in his eyes.

There was also the hairless, beardless, and eyebrow-less Vajra of difficulty. “Difficulty avoiding Vajra, you’ve broken our agreement,”

The cloaked man said in a deep voice, “I’ll give you the teleportation magical treasure so that you can use it when we cooperate.” But you ambushed Xu Qi ‘an first.”

“You can choose not to cooperate,” said the king Kong of difficulty indifferently.


The cloaked man laughed angrily, “you’re a Vajra of the Buddhist sect, but you went back on your word.” Now that you’ve alerted the enemy, it’s not easy to lure him out with the Dragon energy host.”

At this moment, Arhat du Qing opened his eyes and glanced at the cloaked man. He then said slowly, ‘

“Didn’t you hand over the teleportation magic tool to Junior Brother du Nan in advance for the same reason? A straightforward person did not resort to insinuations. It had been confirmed that Luo Yuheng, the head of the human sect, was one of the son of Buddha’s trump cards. In addition, there was also sun Xuanji from the Directorate of Celestials. He had a rough idea of the other party’s combat strength.

“What are the plans of the mysterious heavenly Palace?”

The cloaked man was silent for a long time. He let out a ‘heh’ and no longer bothered about the previous topic..

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