Dafeng’s Night Squad

Chapter 1261 - Chapter 1261: The king’s return (2)

Chapter 1261: The king’s return (2)

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“Sir Tera-chief, what do you think?”

The Dukes present were the core figures of the parties. If he could get rid of them, he could get rid of most of the parties.

And the chief of the court of judicial review was now the head of the Qi party, the only leader. If he agreed, the Qi party would be able to take over, at least half of it.

“Your Majesty!” The Deputy of the Supreme Court stepped out and said sorrowfully,

“I’ve been an official for 20 years, and I’ve worked hard. I’ve barely managed to get by in the hot summer without ice and the cold without charcoal.”

As he spoke, he shook his hands, causing his wide sleeves to fall, revealing a pair of hands covered in frostbites.

“This official is willing to sacrifice my life for the court, even if it means death. But I pity my wife and children and don’t want them to freeze to death on the streets. If your Majesty insists on this, I beg for your remains.”

Old fox … Emperor Yongxing’s head was throbbing in pain and he quickly waved his hand,

“It doesn’t have to be like this, it doesn’t have to be like this …”

If that was the case, he would become the greedy Emperor who forced officials to donate money and caused the ministers to resign. His reputation would be ruined, and the history books would record this.

Fine, he was not much better than the previous emperor.

Emperor Yongxing believed that such a scholar would definitely write this.

Because they were the ones who were forced to donate.

Emperor Yongxing asked the other ministers, but they were all rebuffed.

They were either crying about being poor or begging for bones.

The young Emperor’s face grew uglier and uglier. He was in a difficult position and finally slammed the table.

“If you can’t do this or that, what’s the point of the Imperial court supporting you? Within three days, I want a foolproof plan. If you can’t, then all of you can scram!”

“Your Majesty, please calm your anger!”

Everyone knelt down.

The small court Assembly ended early because of Emperor Yongxing’s loss of control and anger.

Chief advisor Wang adjusted his official’s hat and tucked his hands in his sleeves. He walked side by side with Wei Yuan’s successor, Liu Hong, the head of the right Imperial Censorate and the leader of the night watchmen on the wide road paved with green stone slabs.

The meridian Gate was just ahead.

In the distance, there were guards standing guard and the Imperial Army patrolling. Chief advisor Wang’s gaze was bored to death as he chased after the Imperial Army. A moment later, he retracted his gaze and slowly said, ”

“Your Majesty has exposed your weakness of loving your reputation too obviously. How can you fight with this group of old foxes?

“Your Majesty is still too young.”

“I have the heart to strengthen my country, but my standard is a little lacking.” Liu Hong did not bother to hide his disdain.

Chief advisor Wang took in a cold breath, his nose turning red from the cold. He said indifferently, ”

“Your methods are immature, and your schemes are not deep enough. If it was the fourth prince, he wouldn’t be any better.”

Liu Hong said without thinking, “”It’s a pity that His Highness huaiqing is a woman.”

“The idea of the Imperial court’s donation to Erlang’s Memorial was suggested by His Highness huaiqing,” chief advisor Wang sneered. You think I don’t know?”

“Lord first assistant, you have sharp eyes,” Liu Hong said frankly.

she didn’t ask the merchants to donate alone, but asked His Majesty to mobilize the ministers to donate as an example. She has some foresight.

Chief Assistant Wang snorted and his face turned cold, ”

“Tell huaiqing that if he wants to try his own methods in the future, he shouldn’t use my future son-in-law as a tool. His Majesty is bound to lose face because of this matter, and at that time, he will definitely vent his anger on Erlang.”

Liu Hong remained silent.

The two of them walked side by side for a while. Chief advisor Wang calmed down and said lightly, ”

“The Imperial court’s National Treasury is empty, and the Ministry of Revenue is unable to continue. The reason why his Majesty did not use the money is to guard against the rebel army in Yunzhou.”

Liu Hong said in a deep voice, ”

“However, if the disaster is allowed to spread, the number of refugees will increase day by day and bring chaos to all places. This is also what the rebel army would be happy to see. Embezzling military funds was exactly what the rebel army wanted. If they didn’t use it, the rebel army would still be happy to see it.

although I’ve never dealt with Xu Pingfeng, I know that he’s very skilled. It’s scary.

If there was no pay during a war, the Army would rebel.

However, regardless of the disaster, if the rate of the refugees ‘growth was not curbed, the situation would become more and more chaotic, and the consequences of a fire in the backyard would be equally terrible.

“Even his Highness huaiqing can’t be blamed.” Liu Hong sighed. I thought that the Imperial court would usher in a new era after the late Emperor passed away. Who knew that it would turn out to be such a mess? ”

Chief advisor Wang looked into the distance and seemed to be touched.

After a while, he said in a deep voice, ”

“If this plan is feasible, it can indeed solve the urgent need. However, she had overlooked a crucial point. If he wanted this group of old foxes and officials of all classes to be willing to pay for it, he needed someone who could control the situation.

“In the Imperial court, there’s the director, the previous emperor, Wei Yuan and I, and Xu Qi ‘an.

supervisor, you don’t care about the state affairs. The previous emperor and Wei Yuan are old friends. Xu Qi ‘an has been traveling in the Jianghu. I asked Erlang a while ago, but there has been no news from him.

Liu Hong’s heart skipped a beat. It turned out that chief advisor Wang had already seen through this plan. He had been secretly investigating and deliberating about it without anyone noticing.

Jingxiu Palace.

Emperor Yongxing arrived in a big carriage and entered the jingxiu Palace, surrounded by eunuchs.

He stopped in the yard and took a deep breath. He pinched the space between his eyebrows to make his expression less serious.

With a slight smile on his lips, he walked through the courtyard and stepped over the threshold. He saw his mother and sister who had been waiting for a long time.

Noble Consort Chen, who had ordered the palace maids to heat up the dishes several times, reproached in a soft voice, ”

“Although Your Majesty is in the prime of your life, you should still take care of your dragon body and not overwork yourself.”

mother, don’t worry. The temple of spiritual treasures has many elixirs that can nourish the body. Lin ‘an waved his little hand and smiled like a flower, ”

“Brother Emperor, come and eat.”

Emperor Yongxing revealed a smile and swept away the depressed atmosphere of the court. He began to eat with the service of the palace maids.

He ate a few mouthfuls and began to chat with his mother and sister about family matters.

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