Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 135 - Unmatched  

Chapter 135: Unmatched

“We simply can’t be compared to Chu Feng at all. If we’re geniuses, then he’s a genius among geniuses. I wonder what his beast tamer talent is. Is it really an SS-grade beast tamer talent?” Mu Yao sighed and said helplessly.

Hearing this, Luo Heng and Zhu Haoqian felt the same. They felt helpless. Chu Feng was simply too dazzling.

Even they had to look up to him. Based on Chu Feng’s training speed, it wouldn’t be long before he surpassed them.

Even though they were at the overlord level and there was a difference between their levels, Chu Feng would close the gap between them soon. If it wasn’t for Chu Feng’s sudden appearance, the three of them would have been dazzling geniuses.

Of course, they wouldn’t be provoked just because of this and choose to rashly advance to the overlord level. Now, they were shouldering the burden of the entire human race and had to face the foreign races.

“Let’s go in now. The wormhole will teleport you to the alternate dimension. Of course, the other end is located in a very secretive place. No one will discover it. When the time comes, we’ll act according to the circumstances!” Tian Haowen smiled, then turned to face the three of them, with Chu Feng beside him.

The few of them looked at each other and nodded. Then, they walked in. There was a very bright light in the wormhole, but it was nothing to them.

This was the light of the mystic race. Although it looked very strange, it would not cause any harm to the mystic race who had long been accustomed to it.

To these four geniuses, all they needed was a little time to get used to it. They had no problems with it.

To ordinary humans, the light was no different from a very intense pollution. It could burn the human body and harm their health, but to the four geniuses, it was completely defensible.

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They looked at the wormhole before them. The moment the wormhole had been formed, a large amount of things had been sucked into it. There was some soil from the current space, as well as some plants and leaves. It was not a big deal though.

The spatial turbulence was just a small test for them.

However, at this moment, Zhu Haoqian was a little surprised. “I didn’t expect that the light from the mystic race’s location would have such a powerful destructive power. To think it can cause such violent spatial turbulence that even the soil here has been sucked in.”

The other two nodded but soon analyzed the characteristics of the light.

Luo Heng had finished his analysis, so he slowly said, “The sun over there might be different from our sun. The sun over there contains the secrets of their race, or rather, it isn’t a normal sun. This is the light emitted by a special star. The light contains some kind of radioactive material, but it illuminates the entire space of the mystic race.”

He cleared his throat before continuing, “This is the light from some kind of blessing. It may be harmful to us, but to them, it might be some kind of blessing. With such a blessing, their entire race will be able to become very powerful under the light, at least a little stronger than normal. As for how much stronger they would become, I’m not sure.”

After listening to his analysis, the others also nodded.

“I didn’t expect such a thing to exist,” Mu Yao appeared to be a little surprised.

Luo Heng also nodded, then began a new round of analysis. “As far as I know, the mystic race’s ancestor had reached the totem level thanks to the light, which was why he blessed the light and grasped the mysteries of light. Through the blessing, he increased the strength of their race through the light. Perhaps it can even speed up their cultivation speed. However, I’m not entirely sure of its components.”

“Among all the totems, the ancestor can be considered a very powerful existence. He is a powerhouse!” Luo Heng’s analysis was very accurate. In fact, what he said was basically all true.

Chu Feng nodded his head. He agreed with Luo Heng’s words very much. However, immediately after, he got quite eager as he could not wait for the satisfying battle to begin immediately.

“So, should we make a plan before we go?” Chu Feng asked. They hadn’t talked about their plan yet.

Since they were working as a team, they had to have a complete plan. Otherwise, they might get hurt or lose their lives.

The opponents were all very dangerous existences. They had to be prepared before they went. If they went rashy before making a complete plan, something unexpected might happen.

The few of them looked at each other and decided immediately that they had to carefully discuss the matter of coming up with a plan.

That’s right, this was a very important matter.

“Then should we choose a leader?” Mu Yao nodded at this moment. Then, she widened her extremely seductive eyes. Her supple skin was very attractive as well.

When she said this, the rest of them looked at her speechlessly.

Zhu Haoqian said speechlessly, “Why are you still causing trouble at this time? We are all proud geniuses. I believe you won’t listen to anyone’s orders either!”

When Mu Yao heard this, she only revealed a sweet smile. She wanted to act cute to escape the blame.

“Our goal this time is to break the will of the mystic race. To put it bluntly, we are there to cause trouble, and the messier we make the situation, the better. Why don’t we split up and meet up at a designated location? By doing so, we can cause more damage this way. As for the danger above, it seems that some seniors will help us solve it. We just need to do whatever we can, and we can rest assured about the rest,” Luo Heng cleared his throat and said slowly. His analysis was very thorough.

“Do you guys think this is okay?” Luo Heng looked at the other three and said.

“I agree with you!” Mu Yao was the first to say.

“I’m good too!” Zhu Haoqian nodded in agreement.

“Okay, no objections!” Chu Feng also felt that this proposal was very good.

After all, they were all geniuses. None of them would listen to another’s command. They were all proud and arrogant, it was simply impossible for them to listen to another’s orders.

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