Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 2337 2339 Expensive Shoes 1

Chapter 2337 2339 Expensive Shoes 1

Jonson sincerely suggested, "Brother, you've been busy with business these days, aren't you tired? I see that you're also lacking women, you need to relax. As the saying goes, good brothers are to drink together, eat meat together, and sleep together, women, people. We've drunk together countless times, but we haven't slept together and had a good time with women... how about it, today, I'll take you to have a good time, see our Italy's most flirtatious woman, the freshest way to play? Do you want to? Hehehe..."

The most flirtatious woman?

The freshest way to play?

Bai Yeyuan raised his eyebrows.

Wasn't that just a high-class socialite in European society.

Xiao Ning's pure and innocent face flashed across his mind again.

There was probably no woman in the world who could compare to her unique taste.

It was clearly a pure and innocent face, but when he delved deeper into it, he could taste a stunning, bone-piercing taste. He could not stop until he hurt her.

How could this kind of feeling be known to outsiders?

Bai Yeyuan remained calm and said calmly, "Aren't you afraid that your sister Juliet will find out that you brought me to such a place and say that your cousin has led me astray?"

Jonson laughed loudly. "Don't worry. We Italian women are not the kind of women who are petty. They can distinguish between true love and acting. We are just tired from talking about business and taking a break. It's just acting. It's no big deal. Even if she knows, she won't have any objections! As long as you play outside and don't delay returning home to contribute your strength, it's fine! "How is it? is my sister sensible?"

Bai Yeyuan was silent for a few seconds.

Jonson urged, "Let's Go! For the sake of our 100 billion cooperation, BAI, why are you still hesitating? Don't tell me you're still thinking about that woman just now? Didn't you say that she's nothing but a toy?"

Bai Yeyuan's eyes flashed with complicated emotions and he said calmly, "Okay."

He closed his phone.

On the screen, Xiao Ning's name was printed on his palm and it was still slightly hot.

= =<.com>

Imperial city.

Xiao Ning rushed all the way to the universe law firm.

As soon as she entered, she bumped into Niu bin.

Niu bin said shyly, "Ning Ning, did you miss me after not seeing me all morning?"

Xiao Ning was anxious. "Get out of the way, what the hell?"

"You threw yourself at me the moment you walked in..."Niu bin felt wronged.

Xiao Ning:"..."

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Ning knocked her high heels on the marble counter. "Brother Niu!"

Niu bin Shivered. Oh, why was Ning Ning so aggressive today? She was literally 1.8 meters tall.

"Ning... Ning Ning..."he could not even speak clearly.

Xiao Ning knocked on the marble countertop again. "Where's Zhu Qianqian? Did you see her? !"

So she was asking Zhu Qianqian.

He was scared to death. He thought Ning Ning was mad at his joke.

"Minister Zhu, I think I saw her in the boss'office just now... Eh? Where did she go? Sister Qiu, Do You Know?"

Qiu Xinxin Gently took over Xiao Ning's broken high heels and looked at the beautiful and expensive shoes in shock, the broken heels said, "I don't know... Wow, Ning Ning's shoes are a limited edition. They were released this season. It seems there are only ten pairs in the world. I even saw the pictures in fashion magazines. I didn't expect to see what the real thing looks like with my own eyes..."

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