Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1156 1084: Incursio’s Mode

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''Ah! Yeah!" Alex acknowledged Incursio's declaration when there was an explosion, their souls seemed to have reached a perfected fusion and a series of notifications started ringing.

[Perfect synchronization rate reached.]

[Absolute duo resonance]


As he continued to hear the beeps of prompt messages ringing in his head, a faint smile surfaced on Alex's face.

''Did it works?" Incursio asked him as soon as the duo was back in the outside world.

''Yes!" Alex nodded with a smile expressing his joy and she could feel it, she could feel the special bond between them, the absolute trust she had toward him, at this moment she felt like she could do anything for him. The bond between them was so powerful that Incursio shivered at the thought of what the two might be able to do if they united, making use of this bond.

Meanwhile, Alex quickly checked his status and was shocked by Incursio's synchro rates with this he was sure that his plan would work, what is left was to test it.

''Incursio, do you believe in me?" He asked her while his heterochromia eyes were staring straight into those red ruby eyes.

''Yes, I do.'' Incursio's answer was quick and it was exactly how she felt, she has absolute trust in Alex as mentioned above.

''Good, let's try something. You're probably the only one capable of doing it at the moment.'' The last part was said inaudibly not because Alex was afraid of hurting Incursio's feelings but simply because he was not completely sure if it was the doing of his unique ability nor he was sure if any of the other girls might be able to reproduce this, the only thing he had to do at the moment is to test this idea and later continue to explore his unique ability to find out its limitations.

While Alex was lost in thought Incursio beamed at those words spoken by him, she felt a little closer to his heart, and slowly her heart artificial as it might have wanted to here more of those words, she wanted to be special to him as he had begun to be to her, she wants to hear more sweet words, share joys and sadness with him, to go through everything, as she believed that this would make her more human-like because those emotions are what makes you feel alive, to feel human.

''Let go on the balcony,'' Alex suggested, breaking Incursio from her formulating thoughts.

''Hmm!'' She nodded and asked with a coquettish smile.

''Please carry me over there.''

Alex smiled and lifted her as he carried her towards the balcony. The cool night air brushed past them as the moon's cold light cast a soft glow on both their bodies, especially illuminating Incursio's bewitching features and her milky skin with a reddish hue. She was gorgeous and he stopped to admire her body, he could feel the fire in his groin again, and to fight this he quickly ordered.

''Fusion with me.''

Incursio nodded before disappearing in a form of a white ball that entered Alex's eyebrows where the black mark was.


A powerful aura burst out from Alex's body almost turning everything around him into dust.

He felt a powerful force spreading through his body as Incursio's body and soul seemed to have been converted into his strength, he had never felt so powerful, his hair turned completely white as it lengthened, and a black mark appeared between his body and a gothic looking clothes enveloped his body. It test has worked.

''Let's me call this state: Incursio's Mode.'' In a powerful tone, Alex declared.

''Status!'' He called out.

〖[Alexander (Alex) Kael Touch]

Class: Magic Gunslinger

Age: 19


Race: High Human/Asura/Half Dragon

Rank 15

Level 192 [Demi-God] (Lvl 197)

Experience Value (XP): 0/ 520400

MP: 25070/25070 (30000/30000)

SE: 3500/3500

Magic: Time/Space/Wind/Light/Darkness/Flame/Ice/Void/Silver Energy/Spirit/Lightning

ATK: 8070 (9000)

DEF: 7070 (8000)

AGI: 6370 (+200) (9000)

INT: 4000 (7000)

LUK: 2440 (5000)

BP: 60

SP: 10

Gift: Death guns/Eternal Chain

Skills: [Item box Level 4] [Swift Fingers Max] [Divine Sense Level 5] [Throwing knife Level 7] [Dark Vision Level 2] [Dual Wielding Level 2] [Knife Art Level 6] [Link Level 5] [Gunslinger Art Level Level 5] [Undying Body Level 6] [Mana Synchronisation Level 10 Max] [Crimson's Bullet] [Blade Dance Level 5] [Aurora Bullet Level 1] [Meteor Bullet Level 5] [Mana Convergence Level 5] [Chain Art Level 5] [Spirit Art Level 1] [All Poisons Resistance Level 8] [Illusionnary Steps Level 8] (Upgraded) [Lightning Degree Level 1] [Destruction Bullet Level 1] [Illusionnary Escape Level 10 Max]

Special Abilities: [Language Comprehension][Danger Sense] [Overdrive] [Death's Eye] [Envisage] [Erase] [Magic Bullet] [Snatch] [Hellsing!!!] [Xerox] [Death Bullet (???)] [Tempus Infinitum] (Time abilities) [Eye of Truth Level 5] [Asura Forms] (Upgraded) [Mana's Body] [Void Steps] [Devour] [Alter Ego] [Gun Art Ultimate Form: ???] [Dragon's Form] [Reaper Chains] [Dragon's breath] [Illusion World] [Nemesis's Eye] [Nemesis's Domain] [Eternal Domain] [Yydrassil's Blessing] [Asura's Devil's Eye] [D???????] (Currently sealed: Condition of unsealing, reaching the Higher World) [Shadow Summon] (Temp)

Unique abilities: Absolute Duo (A/N: Temporarily name until you help me find a better name.)

Synchronization rate:

[Luna Heart: 95%]

[Artemia Eretria Von Havens: 100%] (Perfect Synchronization reached) ???

[Maria Alexia Rosares: 95%]

[Sakuya Mio Hishimiya: 90%]

[Sera Olivia Wexon: 100%] Perfect synchronization: %

[Gracier Alexandra Touch: 95%]

[Kuina E. Foxia 100%] Perfect synchronization: %

[Eris Wolfang 70%]

[Lilith E. Astaroth 30%]

[Incursio: 100%] Perfect synchronization: 130%: [Absolute duo]

[Nemesis Silveria: 83%]

[Nyx: 15%]

[Noire: 35%]

[Saeko: 85%]


[Typhania E. Malia: 20%] ???


/Enhanced: Ability enabling its owner to convert the same skill into skill points and strengthen the same skill.

Possibility of generating a higher level skill if ESP is used to upgrade a skill.

????? (Conditions are not met for this to be unlocked)

??? (...)

ES (Enhanced Skill Point): 0


Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] [The Reborn] [Shadow Nemesis] [The Destroyer] [Death Master] [The Irregular] [Child of Mana] [Slayer] [World Wolf owner] [Genius] [The One that saw] [Slaughterer] [Genius] [Copycat] [The one on the transcending role] [The Irregular] [Holy Elven Guardian] [Poison Immunity] [Fox Master] [Holy son of Destruction]〗

〖Wow! That's freaking cool Alexander.〗Unexpectedly it was Nyx who said this, showcasing her admiration for Alex's ingenuity.

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