Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1217 SS: After The Fireworks**

After enjoying the fireworks, Alex and Sakuya returned to the house and now they were about to have sex.

''Good girl!' Alex muttered inwardly as he enjoyed her mouth. Sakuya was really passionate, she was working hard to please him, giving him a tight deep throat blowjob.

A few minutes later, Alex cummed directly into her mouth.

Sakuya come out of the water while gulping his seed that was inside her mouth,

"Young Master, did this servant serve well?"

Today, it's the young master play.

"It's good!" Alex nodded faintly with a light smile.

Sakuya showed a happy smile after hearing Alex's honest reply. Then she moved forward to sit on his lap. She adjusted herself on his lap as the rod touched her pussy lips.


Her soft moan came from her thin lips when she stood up a little and sat on his lap, and she unconsciously directed her hand and took Alex's great hardness, directing it towards her own pussy and inserting it, feeling his dick inside her.

"Hmmm! Young master, it seems grown bigger than past. AaaHH!" A passionate leak out of Sakuya's mouth as Alex's dick went inside her tight cave. She felt like it was her first time. Her vaginal walls stretched wide open, adapting to his big rod.

Alex's burning rod filled Sakuya's cave, reaching her innermost core.

"Ahnhhh!" She started to move her hips up and down and moaned in pleasure. She tried to suppress her moans but couldn't, it felt way too good.

Their movements began to be slow and smooth, moving in unison with perfect synchronicity.

Sakuya would gasp heavily as she lost herself in the pleasure and feeling that she was experiencing at this moment, while Alex would kiss her soft, tender skin, kissing her neck, his mouth would leave no place in her without being kissed, biting even her earlobes gently and moving down to her soft, perfect breasts through her thin neck.

"Yesss~~ Mmmm!!!''

Alex started to move faster, penetrating with passion Sakuya's cave while leaving marks on all her tender skin, kissing and sucking her big boobs. Soon Sakuya lost passion, throwing her head back, and moaning without restraint.

"AHhhh~~ Young master.... Mmmm please don't stop... it felt so good~~."

Sakuya hugged Alex's head tightly while the latter kissed her sensitive white boobs, feeling the waves of ecstasy and losing herself in this wonderful and mysterious feeling. Her honey cave unconsciously clung to Alex's cock, not wanting him to come out of it even a little.


Alex gripped her buttocks tightly and, beginning to be more intense by thrusting his burning rod more aggressively into her special spot, while Sakuya let herself be loved and receive everything from her man. Feeling the intense pounding and wanting him to penetrate her with more strength and speed. Her lustful moans full of happiness would come out ceaselessly from her mouth.

"AhhhAAA~~~ Young Master~~ I am cumminggg..." Sakuya screamed in pleasure as her body tensed up. Noticing this, Alex pounded harder to give her the best orgasm. Love juice flowed out from her pussy like a dam got broken.

"Here is your reward, Mio." Alex's rod throbbed a few times and poured all the hot semen into her womb, filling her insides with his thick warm yang energy.

"Mmmmm~~~ So good" Sakuya whimpered slowly in pleasure.

Alex picked her up from his lap and stood up.

"Put her hand on the edge and raise your ass for me." He gave her an order.

"Yes, young master!" Sakuya followed his words like an obedient servant. Bending her upper body down on the edge of the pool, she raised her ass up for her young master to fuck her from behind. He touched her small tender hole again from behind.

Sakuya's buttocks were plump, the opening is pink. This kind of ass was really pleasing to the eyes and also feels good to touch.

Alex fondles her ass for a while then pressed his rod at her pussy and slammed in again.

The position of entering from the back, pushed the cock deeper into Sakuya's womb.

"Ah~" Sakuya let out a shriek as she got impaled like that.

Alex rubbed and kneaded her plump buttocks and thrust his hips into her.

The fleshy buttocks ripple as if inviting for more and more, and the meat stick slips in and out, pulling out and pushing in the tangled flirtatious flesh that's difficult to separate, a hot love juice overflows when he pushes it in and out.

He explored her inside, slipping and sliding, swooning as the folds of her flesh twisted around his cock.

The folds of her vagina tightened, and every time he slammed his cock deep into her.

"Ah~" Sakuya's hole is being penetrated deep, again and again, the excitement and pleasure were too strong.

She was being violently fuck by her Alex like a little bitch…..she was so deep into the ecstasy…..the cock on her keeps on pressing into her cervix, and soon she couldn't stand it.

Just when the man is almost able to push into her cervix, her tender pussy twitches and reaches climax, which tightened her pussy more than ever.

"Aaaahhhh~~~ its cominnnggg again.~~"

Alex's rod was pressed by her tightened pussy wall, and he cums inside her. "Me too!"

Her body became weak from the orgasm, but has a blissful expression on her face. Alex didn't give her much time to rest and started moving his waist and pistoning his rod inside her vagina.

"Hmmm, ~~~"

"Agghhhh~~" Sakuya's inside was sensitive because of her last orgasm, she moaned loudly as his rod entered inside her again.

He pushed my hips in even deeper and gorged her cervix with his meat tip. She's crying out loudly, but she's definitely enjoying it.. Her vagina tightened, and she squirmed.

'I'm getting squeezed....'

The mouth of her womb was also sucking on the tip of his glans as if it had a target lock, and her body seemed to be eager to suck his yang qi up into her womb.

*Thump, thump, thump*

In a few minutes, Alex cummed again inside her womb, and now her pussy was completely filled with his baby-making seed.

"Hmm, your front cave is already filled, but I don't think it will be enough. How about filling the remaining in your second cave?" Alex said as he traced his finger around her butthole.

"!!!!!" Sakuya was stunned and ashamed when she heard his words, looks like he wanted to fuck her back hole as well.

"Then I will listen to young master! Please fill me with your Holy seed, young master!" Finally, Sakuya said bashfully. She was really into the role, isn't she?

Alex smiled in response and inserted his finger in her cute butt hole.


After doing some stretching and coating, Alex finally brought his love juice-coated rod in front of her butthole. While Sakuya's body shivered from nervousness. She didn't dare to turn her head to look back.

At this time, Alex took hold of her waist and slowly pushed his rod inside her butthole. It was far tighter than her pussy, giving him an entirely different sensation.

After successfully penetrating her Alex stopped and said.

''Mio, your ass is so tight~" Alex groaned in pleasure, almost losing his focus. After a few minutes of slow thrusts, he started increasing his speed. Sakuya was getting more comfortable, now she was feeling pure pleasure when his rod thrust inside her ass.

Alex's cock is buried in her back hole. He keeps on banging inside her and making her asshole soft and snug, she did not want to resist anymore.

"Ahhh~~~" Sakuya moaned in pleasure.

Hearing Sakuya's moans that were filled with pleasure and slutiness, Alex's lust ignited further. He took hold of her waist and pistoned his rod deep inside her asshole.

''Ahhhh~~ Young master~~ slow, please shower, It's too much~~" Sakuya whimpered, but Alex didn't listen and continued pistoning his rod into her.

Sakuya's eyes rolled, and the pleasure clouded her mind.

After a minute, another orgasm hit her, draining all of her energy. But Alex wasn't down yet, he fucked her ass without stopping until he reached his climax and poured all of his cum into her asshole.

Alex reached to pick up her, making her stand up while his cock was still buried inside her ass. He kissed her neck and started ramming his cock inside her ass again.

"Ohhhhh~" ο½†π‘Ÿπ‘’πžπš π’†πš‹πš—ΰ«¦π―β„―π™‘. com

Alex's cock was being pressed between her buttocks, asshole became tighter in this position bringing him more pleasure. He hugged her soft body in his sturdy arms and thrust his cock inside her ass.

While pistoning his cock, Alex didn't forget to play with her soft big mounds that were bouncing up and down with each thrust.

"Mmm, ~~~ aggghhh gooddd~" Sakuya's tongue come out of her mouth as she moaned like slut in heat.

Alex fucked her a few more times and didn't stop until he drained all the energy out of her.

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