Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1282 1177: Escaping 1

Normally, the impostor and the real person would be busy trying to prove their identities. However, Silveria was still using that expressionless look of hers. It's unknown if she's not worried about Alex mistaking her for the fake one. In any case, if it wasn't because of the second sword's immense power, she would have fired and unleashed the hidden rune power without hesitation.

Silveria's cool attitude is an outstanding trait of hers. However, this personality trait was proving to be more troubling now than ever before.

Alex looked at the Silveria on the left and he asked despite doubting where this would take him.

"A-are you, Silveria?"

The Silveria on the left glanced at him and nodded. She was telling Alex that she was real Silveria.

However, she only nodded, she didn't say anything. How could he verify her identity?

'Wait, since she's so distant then maybe she's the real Silveria?' That's something she would do.

But, the Silveria on the right didn't defend herself. She just kept her eyes on the enemy, it was like she was not afraid Alex might believe the impostor. Yet, this was also something the aloof Silveria would do.

Alex wanted answers, he turned towards Silveria on the right.

"Are you Silveria?"

The Silveria on the right didn't spare a single glance, she explained thusly.

"She's fake."

Short and simple, that's how she said it.

But, who can conclude who is the impostor just from this simple exchange?!

Alex's head started hurting, he escaped from a weird situation to jump into another weird one almost as if he was cursed.

It was then Silveria spoke up.

"Use your appraisal skill, I think maybe it may work."

Alex frowned for a moment almost as if he had thought of something before shaking his head, in the next moment he nodded before using his appraisal skill.

Silveria: Level 135

Silveria: Level 135

Alex's expression distorted when he saw this.

Even the appraisal skill can't tell who is fake and who is real?!

He was betting that this skill could help him overcome his current predicament and yet it didn't succeed as expected which left him frustrated.

Meanwhile, Nyx also came to the same conclusion, she growled.

"With this skill's incredible abilities, I didn't think it would also fail at impostor detection…"

"Yeah, me too…"

Alex sighed. He voiced his doubts.

"I think you said something about how being in this place affected one's perception?"

"You're saying…"

Nyx continued.

"The skill didn't fail, it's because your input is flawed that the skill can't process the information properly?!"

"That sounds right…"

Alex bitterly laughed.

He looked at the green mist around him.

"Nyx, you sensed something off with the mist, right? Maybe they are the cause?"


Nyx nodded and then continued.

"Since you breathe in the mist, I am guessing it must have some sort of effect on your brain. It does sound possible…"

"What do I do then?"

Alex looked bitter.

"You're an independent consciousness, mind helping me out?"

"Because I am independent that's why I can wake you up when you fell into that dream realm."

Nyx replied.

"But, don't forget that I can only stay inside you so I can't take outside information by myself. All the information I have came from perception sharing with you." ƒ𝐫𝒆e𝓌𝒆𝚋𝗻૦𝘷𝑒𝙡. 𝑐𝘰𝐦

"I am just as susceptible to the illusion as you since we are sharing senses here…"

"At least, I can still wake you up when you're stuck in that dream realm. Against this illusion, we are both victims here, how do you expect me to help out?"


Alex clenched his teeth. He opened his item, and a black spear shot out. It landed in Alex's hand.

The spear with a certain ability attached to it.

Alex inhaled deeply while brandishing the spear.

"Since this is an illusion, this spear capable of breaking the illusion should do the trick, right?!"

Alex shouted that out loud so both Silveria looked at him. They saw the black spear in his hand.

One of them heard Alex's words and she raised her concern.

"Are you sure?"

Nyx retorted.

"Maybe the fake Silveria isn't a product of a magical nature. Maybe she's closer to a mirage?"

"A mirage?"

Alex frowned.

"Are you telling me mirages can mimic human movements and speech?"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, we are on someone else's turf…"

Nyx sighed.

"More like, you sure you want to poke your girl with that spear?"

Alex went silent as if he was considering something when the Silveria on the left lowered her weapon. She walked over to Alex.

Alex also stopped out of slight shock. He was puzzled by why Silveria suddenly approached him. He raised his guard.

Silveria looked at Alex. Then, she shifted her gaze towards the black spear, the Illusion Breaker in Alex's hand. She placed her hand on the spear.

Alex furrowed his brows.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

Silveria continued in a resolute tone.

"I told you there is only one Silveria who belongs to you…"

She suddenly pulled the spear and stabbed her palm with the spear.

Blood poured out.

"Are you stupid?!"

Alex's body trembled and he hastily pulled the Illusion Breaker away while yelling at Silveria. He grabbed her hand.

"There are other ways to deal with this, why did you choose to hurt yourself?!"

Silveria's cold expression mellowed out when Alex yelled at her, albeit only a little. Alex saw the softness in her eyes.

Silveria then explained herself.

"I may have lost my abilities but I am still Silveria."

Her frosty words touched Alex's heart.

Nyx also praised her.

"That is some pride she has. Beneath this little sister' cold exterior lies a strong heart…"


Alex couldn't say anything.

He became sure he found the real Silveria.

Just like Nyx said, there was no faking this kind of dignity.

The two of them looked at the fake Silveria. Their eyes turned cold.

"Are you going to continue this charade?"

The fake Silveria lowered her weapon in turn.

Just when Alex and Silveria assumed the impostor gave up, they were astonished by what happened next.

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