Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1458 1305: Against the Red Turtle Dragon

Chapter 1458 1305: Against the Red Turtle Dragon

A strike that surpassed the red dragon turtle's cognition pierced into its flesh a bit deeper. The wound was extremely small when compared to its huge body, but it didn't agree with that.


The red dragon turtle raised its heavy body and started to swing its tail like crazy.

The monster was enraged.

Slam! Slam!

Whenever the burning tail reached the land, the mountain trembled like it would collapse. Alex gradually grew cornered, the stable pieces of land disappearing.


The red dragon turtle was convinced of its victory. It grinned and used its flame breath once again.


The flame breath seemed capable of melting anything. Right before it reached Alex, he stepped on a piece of ground even smaller than his fist and advanced. His powerful movement skill allowed him to dash through the burning land.


The red dragon turtle hurriedly stopped its breath, trying to swing its tail—but it was already too late. The extremely quick all-out strike had already reached it before it could even move its tail.


Since the tail was also affected by hardening, Alex couldn't completely cut it off. However, the injury it created was visibly bigger than before, thanks to the quick sword technique.


Red blood gushed from the wound.


The red dragon turtle quickly turned around, swinging its front foot. The pressure felt like a boulder was falling on him, and the heat seemed to be able to melt him to the bone.

'This isn't a big deal.'

Although his sword moved a bit slower, it was the first one to connect. Alex deflected the blow before the red dragon turtle's front foot managed to gain power and speed.


Its huge body was pushed back. It looked like being blocked by an extremely small human hurt its pride, as an intense killing intent appeared in its eyes.

"Don't tell me this is all you've got."

Alex smiled in excitement, breathing white steam from his mouth.

"I still have lots of things to try out."

Each time he pummeled the solid body with the new quick technique, he could feel his sword getting faster and stronger. He could see infinite ways of making it stronger.


The red dragon turtle roared, looking at the sky. The flame burst from the land like a sticky volcano and engulfed its body.


The heat surging from the ground covered the red dragon turtle's entire body. Its existence itself was raised to another level after absorbing it.

The energy wave coming from it was almost at Emperor level from sucking so much heat from the land.

Ego coldly watched the fight from the sideline, Alex could feel his hot gaze but simply chuckled before snapping his finger and sending Ego back, almost as if he was showing him who was the boss.

Finally, he moved by violently kicking the ground, charging toward the red dragon turtle that had literally turned into a flame.

The final showdown between him and the Red Dragon turtle was about to start.

The red dragon turtle swung its burning front foot. Alex deflected it by slashing it before it reached him. An idea suddenly sprouted in his mind, using Wrath's sin weapon, the Red Sword which should have normally allowed him to be a master of flame to create the nemesis of the Fire element, the Ice, he did not stop there, he used Xerox, his ability to copy things to create a solid blade, a pure white sword, he had trouble at first but thanks to his strong willpower he persevered.

Of course, more Spiritual Force (SE) was consumed almost emptying his little bit of reserve of Spiritual force.

Alex named the white sword, the frost sword:


He began to use this sword instead of the Wrath's Sword.

〖You are insane!〗Silveria exclaimed, shocked by Alex's prowess but now wasn't the time to dwell on these issues, a fight was ongoing.

Alex slashed upward towards the tail, which had an iron mace attached to it. The powerful shock crushed his shoulder, but he kept advancing.

The fire burning on its shell became a rain shower, falling onto him. He poured all of the quick sword techniques that he had remembered when he held the red longsword (Wrath) so far into his attack.

The clash between fire and ice created a huge amount of steam, covering the entire area. He would be too slow if he relied on his vision. He focused on his senses, using his Divine Sense which was like an ocean of perception to control Glacier.

His focus increased to a frightening degree. He could feel the flow of everything, including his and his enemy's breath as if it were touching his skin.

He slashed at the flame, slashed at the iron mace, and slashed at the shell.

The more he swung his sword, the faster it got, and the coldness grew more intense.


The red dragon turtle, which was huge enough to cover the sun, kept getting pushed back by the small and thin blade despite its size. Fear and terror appeared in the eyes of the monster that was moving with nothing but instinct.


The red dragon turtle roared and the entire land burst into flame. It pulled its head back, then pushed forward to breathe out all the flames it had accumulated so far.


As if what had happened so far had been nothing but a child's play, Alex's entire vision was filled with raging fire.


The rings of fire resonated with each other and slowed down the world.

The principles of the quick sword filling his head meshed with each other like cogs, and his mind was struck by lightning.

A single line severing the world. It was a flash of extreme quickness, faster than anything, capable of reaching its target before anyone else.

Alex's hand moved before he realized it. A silver trajectory surged in front of the raging firestorm.

Alex's Sword Art.

First Form.

Frost World!

The green light glimmering from Alex's blade severed through the crimson world.

Alex's Sword Art, first technique, Frost World, severed the pouring rain of flame. It even advanced one step further.


In his distorted vision, a thin stream of blood gushed from the red dragon turtle's throat. Frost World had transcended the red dragon turtle's cognition and cut through its neck.


The red dragon turtle tried to step back in its panic, trying to hide its wound, but it was pointless. Frost World wasn't a technique that ended in a single strike.


A silver spiral dashed forward, following the blue trajectory. Glacier's pure coldness followed the flow of Frost World to pierce the red dragon turtle's neck.


The blade of coldness was also attributed could fast as well as if it was furnished with extreme quickness. Its speed didn't lose to the first attack, and the red dragon turtle gave away its neck, unable to react.


The red blood gushing from the red dragon turtle's neck extinguished the flames burning the land.


In the end, the red dragon turtle was unable to keep its balance and collapsed. The waterfall of ice that slashed its neck was the only thing remaining in the air.

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