Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1552 1381: A parting Gift

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Chapter 1552 Chapter 1381: A parting Gift

?There were more than a hundred of such monsters in this entire campsite. He was appalled not because he feared losing but simply imagined what await them in the real world if the fake Bahamut was capable of creating something like this.

He continued looking and next he saw a small army, the Vampire army shook him. They were stationed insignificantly at the dark corner of the cliffs. However, judging from their heraldic flag, there should be 200 to 500 of them. If they were all Vampires, they could be treated as the elites of a large family.

γ€–You better look to your right.γ€—Silveria cautioned and Alex did as he was told.

It laid quietly on the mountain peak with its pitch-black body blending into the night sky perfectly. Its massive pair of wings folded around its body and it stretched its neck out with its eyes sparkling like dazzling stars.


Alex sucked in a deep breath. He finally understood why there were no signs of any Shadow Demons. It was because they didn't need them!

This massive creature was the strongest battle unit in the Dali Kingdom.

Night Wyvern.

Alex almost acted to get rid of the monster but he couldn't act recklessly, this game was like a script, you can only follow it, some alterations could be done but not to heavily as if something it compelling you to follow your designated role.

Alex calmed down and continued looking around, he found a big door.

γ€–An Elemental summoning door used to summon elemental spirits from the Elemental world. To think this world still have access to that place.γ€—Silveria explained and sighed.

Alex understood the importance of this door, he even saw a big key, he was certain it would be used on the big door therefore he decided to stole it. He summoned his two assassins, the elves,

In an instant, they passed through the defensive barrier that was secured by numerous webs of detection spells, and the Necromancers who stood 15 meters away from them didn't notice anything. They clutched their white staffs and focused their attention forward.

The two girls arrived before the slate. Indeed, through their line of sight, he spotted his target.

Mystical Key.

It was a hexagonal crystal. But after taking a closer look, he discovered that the ball of flames burned continuously in its center, which showed that the Fantasy Key was in an activated state. He also realized that several magical trap protections surrounded this small crystal, but he knew that they weren't effective on his assassins.

Alex sensed a spiritual signal from the two girls asking if they should snatch it. But he pondered for a while and came up with an amusing idea.

"Girls, let's put on some fireworks, I shall leave a parting gift don't you think?" He said but the two assassins expression remains stoic, he chuckled before they acted.

Meanwhile, the vampire under Lars who had survived put away the work in his hand and stepped out of the tent hesitantly. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he scanned the surroundings. All he saw was the Undead Army preparing for battle silently. The Necromancers were also engaged in their jobs. He felt that he had made a wrong decision joining this front line. If it was possible, he would rather be imprisoned, but perhaps the situation would be even worse. He knew that among the Vampires, many had mocked him for fleeing from the battlefield while some Undead Creatures disapproved his actions. Even though the higher-ups were interested in his story and experience from that battle, what purpose did it serve?

He was born into a Vampire family far from civilization and always reared of rumors as one with a low status. He heard that the mighty Vampires were resentful for his humiliating actions and were going to punish him by sunbathing him: this was the most painful and terrifying punishment for Vampires. They would store him in a sealed jar, toss it into the enemy's territory, and reveal a small opening. The sun would rise and shine into the jar while he couldn't break free from the shackles and waited in pain to be slowly burned to death. He heard about this rumor and the thought of it made him shiver. It was due to this that he had chosen to return to this place with Vandal once again.

But now, something was off.

His nose twitched. He felt unsettled as though some kind of danger was approaching. This was his only talent. He was always able to sense dangerous omens. Of course, many Undead Creatures ridiculed him for being craven and only interested in saving his neck, which was the evilest insult to an Undead Creature.


At this moment, the ground trembled.


The vampire widened his eyes in shock. Suddenly, the magma inside the enormous furnace in the middle surged. Then, a monster of flames emerged from within. It looked around fiercely and slashed its razor-sharp claws at the Skeleton Soldiers around its feet. Then, it snarled and shattered one of them into dust.

'Oh my goodness, what exactly is going on?!'

He hugged the cat in his arms tighter and stepped back frantically. The surrounding furnace teleportation doors shook and scarlet, scorching flames spurted. Then, several fire elemental creatures jumped out and attacked everything in their line of sight. The entire camp was in a tizzy.

"What happened!"

Vandal stepped out of his tent in big strides and his expression froze instantly. At the same time, a fire elemental creature detected him, let out a snarl, and pounced on him. Of course, he didn't feel threatened at all. He brandished his staff and the fire elemental creature shattered instantly as though it was squashed by an invisible hand. It shrunk abruptly into a small ball of flame and vanished into thin air. Vandal stepped forward and his expression turned ashen as soon as he spotted the other fire elemental creatures leaping out of the furnaces.

"Who activated the summoning stone?!"

After he stomped his way to the summoning stone, most of the fire elemental creatures had been wiped out. Fortunately for them, the fire elemental creatures weren't high in level, so they weren't threatening at all.

Then, Vandal noticed that the magical barrier, which he easily dispelled at the swing of his hand, was still in place. On the other hand, the five Necromancers stood in their original positions and everything appeared to be fine.

"Who activated the summoning stone?!"

He repeated, but no one answered. Not only that, but he also discovered that the Necromancers behaved strangely.

He sulked and approached one of the Necromancers. The Necromancer clasped its staff and stood still in its place. However, the spiritual radiance in its eyes were gone.

A gentle breeze blew.


The Necromancer collapsed like a doll and its bone scattered everywhere. Shortly after, the other four Necromancers also crumbled before him.

Vandal gritted his teeth. After he lowered his head and gazed at the pedestal, he clenched his fists and the spiritual flames of his eyes burned in wrath.

The Mystical Key was missing.

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