Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1554 1383: Teasing*

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Chapter 1554 Chapter 1383: Teasing*

?''Stay still, it is my time to please you.'' Alex announced and Silveria's body stopped moving.

He had used his Time ability on her.

With a smile, he walked behind her and covered her eyes with a blindfold.

"H-Huh? What are you doing?" She questioned with a frown on her face.


However, there was no response.

"Alex?" She called out but again, he didn't answer.

10 seconds passed by.




Silveria continued to call but there was no reply.

She started panicking. In a situation where she couldn't move and see, her heart started getting anxious. The time years she spent inside the void, most of the time staying inside sealed the void without touching or seeing anything,

Those memories started freshening up in her mind.

"Kael!" She shouted.

This game had gotten too far! Alex wasn't replying.

Was she abandoned? What if he actually didn't like her anymore and decided to get away from her?

Her heart started beating quickly as she thought of that possibility.

"Alexander! Where are you!?" She shouted at the top of her lungs, in such a helpless situation, her mind automatically start thinking about things the time she feared the most.

But then,

"I am right here, my beautiful princess."

She heard Alex's gentle voice. Then, she felt her arms moving up a little and he then hugged her from behind,

"Now that you have finally fallen into my trap, don't even think about escaping.

You will be trapped with me for the rest of your life, Silveria Nemesis Touch!"

He whispered into her ears.

A weird sense of satisfaction filled her heart as she heard those words. Her heartbeat calmed down, however, making her comfortable was the last of the Alex's current thoughts.

His hands moved slowly, while trailing her skin, she couldn't move an inch, however, she could clearly feel those slow, sensual movements and where his fingers were going.

It was her robe.

He removed her gown from her shoulders, the entire thing fell down smoothly, revealing her smooth skin and her underwear.


Then, without stopping, he removed her bra.

As her bra fell, Alex placed his chin on her shoulder and,

"What a beautiful sight..." He whispered into the latter's ears.

"Y-You like it? O-Of course you would, I am quite confident in my body." She smiled strangely. She wasn't willing to lose her advantage, so she tried to keep a strong front, however, feeling him hugging her from behind as his big hands gently rubbed her waist, the sense of fulfillment she felt already put her in a tough spot.

"Oh I love it." Alex honestly admitted, he praised, his lips touching her slightly pointy ears. Silveria felt a jolt coursing throughout her body, her knees would have weakened if it was the normal scenario, however, in a situation where she couldn't even move, she couldn't feel something like that.

It was as if everything he was doing to her was piling up but her body couldn't react to it.

A strange, frustrating but oddly satisfying feeling.

"These alluring curves, your think waist, your soft thighs, and those juicy-looking lips, I love it all~"

He whispered into her ears. His left hand finally cupping her breast, his fingers circling around her nipple.


A slight moan was sneaked out of Silveria's mouth.

Hearing this Alex smirked, then, his right hand moved and started kneading her perky butt.


Silveria let out a seductive moan again.

"Heeh, your body is much more sensitive than I thought. My dear princess, are you sure you are even trying?" He questioned with a playful smile on his face.

"Y-You haven't w-won yet," Silveria responded.

Still showing her resistance.

Alex was amused. (f)reewe(b)novel

"Well, then should I play my winning move?" He questioned and,

"Silveria, please open your legs."

He commanded.

Her body was completely under his control, no matter how hard she tried to resist, her two legs were already wide open, just like he wanted them to be.

His right hand that was kneading her butt moved and touched her panty. His fast fingers acted then after a few seconds later, the panty had disappeared.


Silveria moaned a little as Alex's fingers touched her entrance.

Alex, on the other hand, raised his eyebrow in surprise.

"Wow! would you look at that?''

''You are already wet."

''T-That's my sweat." Silveria gave a lame excuse even herself found it questionable.

"Oh? Is my presence making you hot? Why don't I help you cool down then?"

An Ice Cube then appeared in his hand and,


She moaned loudly as he rubbed the ice cube on her clitoris.


She moaned loudly as he rubbed the ice cube on her clitoris. Jolts of pleasure assaulted her body, the cold ice on her heated clitoris, it was a fatal combo, combined with how she could feel his warm body hugging her from behind, the contrast was just too much and she could feel countless spasms inside her body.

"Is it helping you cool down?" He whispered into her ears.

This time, however, she didn't reply. No matter what she said, this man always used that against her, therefore, she decided to stay silent.

"Hmm? Is it not working?" He questioned, moving the ice cube above and now rubbing her crotch area with it.

Inwardly, her body trembled, she hated how she couldn't move her body and how this strange feeling was piling up. Her nipples for some reason had perked up.

A fact that Alex's left arm didn't ignore and,


He finally stopped playing around and started rubbing the tips.

"Why are you not saying anything? Is moaning in pleasure all you can do? Am I that good?"

"..." Again, Silveria didn't reply.

Alex sighed, then, he threw the cube away and,


His index entered her lower lips.


Silveria moaned in pleasure. Soon, his middle finger entered the cave as well, the two fingers started moving around, masterfully exploring new weak points and sending waves of pleasure into the silver haired goddess's body simultaneously. She gritted her teeth, trying her best not to give in and moan, the pleasure, however, was too much for her to bear, not to mention the one she was facing was a merciless demon who never gave his enemies a chance for a comeback.

Alex's attacks were restless, he knew where to attack to get the most reactions, the already sensitive Silveria became even more sensitive, she had an orgasm. Still, he didn't stop, he continued. It was to the extent of torture, Silveria couldn't stay stubborn anymore, so she begged.

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