Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 27 - 26: Chat With Silveria

After leaving the Goblin's cave (It is how Alex named the cave where he killed the twenty-one goblins), Alex heads toward the northern gate. En route, he decided to have a chat with Silveria.

''Sil, Now that I'm not too far from attaining Rank 2, what kind of ability will you be able to unseal?" Alex inquired.

〖Let's see, you need to be at least Level 15 to be able to use a new type of bullet.〗She replies.

''What type of bullet?" Alex immediately asked back, his eyes glittered like a child's in a toy store.

〖Homing bullet. The normal type of homing bullet. A normal homing bullet will cost you 300 MP and it will become ineffective after twenty meters. You can only use a normal homing bullet at Rank 2, for the other type of homing bullet you can use only at Rank 3.〗Silveria explained.

''Sigh! With my current Magic power, I can only create three bullets before running out of MP. It's quite sad though. If only it cost 100 MP per bullet I may able to shot eleven times.'' Alex replies dejectedly.

Hearing what Alex said, Silveria gave no reply, probably if she had a physical body Alex thought that she will be rolling her eyes at him.

Alex decided to change the subject, switching it to something more urgent.

''Sil, I think we went a little bit overboard today.''

〖You are talking about the thirty-one goblins we killed today, isn't it? Especially the rare species.〗Silveria declared as though she had read Alex's mind.

''Yeah, it's especially about the rare species. Even though I have killed more goblins than the quest has requested, it's not a big problem. However, I could not say the same thing about the rare species. I may be able to advance in rank if they saw that I have killed thirty goblins today even though I'm F-rank. However, it will become another matter entirely if I say that I killed a rare species. Even though it's goblin rare species, it doesn't change the fact that it's not something a mere F-rank Adventurer could kill, not even an E-rank Adventurer could do it. This rare species is considered at least D rank monster."

Alex rubbed his forehead before continuing, asking for her opinion. "Hence, I'm planning to conceal the fact that I killed a rare species for a while. What do you think?"

Silveria stayed silent for a while as though she was mulling over Alex's question before answering.

〖Master, I understand your concern but let me ask you a question first before continuing.〗

''Ask,'' Alex replies.

〖How are planning to answer them if they asked you where is the leader of the goblins you have killed?〗

After Alex heard her question, he stayed silent. Truth be told, it slipped his mind, he didn't think about it. How should he answer if they asked? Should he say that he was out? They will not buy it. It seems he was thinking they would not ask him something like that.

For starter, it was impossible for them not to ask me that kind of question. Thirty goblins were not a small amount of goblin. Even though Alex had killed Ten goblins (Two squads of five goblins) firstly before killing twenty later when he discovered the cave, it was because they had a settlement close by (the Goblin cave). If not it was impossible to kill so many goblins if Alex were to search for them and kill them one by one.

So, let say that Alex went back and deliver 30 goblins ears. The receptionist will immediately know that he stumbled upon a goblin settlement to be able to kill so many goblins. And when there is a goblin settlement somewhere it what without saying that, there is a leader. This leader will be different from others, which would mean that its ear would be different from a normal goblin. The thirty goblins ears he has are from a normal goblin. Only the rare species ears were different from the other. So, if they ask, Alex would be forced to present it because nobody will believe him if he says that the leader was not there. Also, there are two human corpses in his Item box, their death was caused by the leader (especially the male). Upon seeing the corpses it will prove their assumption that there was a leader. The male Adventurer killed was an E rank Adventurer, as for the girl she was an F rank Adventurer. In conclusion, Alex will be forced to show the rare species corpse.

"Ah,'' Alex spat out a sigh and say ''I guess that in the end, I'm going to present the rare species corpse. Sure, it's will cause an uproar but I'll still do it. Besides, the higher my Rank is, the better quest I could take. It's not too bad.''

〖That good then, Master. Too much attention is not good, also acting cowardly and too cautiously is not good either.〗said Silveria.

Alex smiled after hearing what she said. She was not wrong. Because he didn't want to draw too much attention on himself, he was planning not to show the corpse of the rare species. However, now he changed his mind.

Alex and Silveria continued to chat, exchanging jokes when suddenly Alex raised a question that he should have asked previously.

''Sil, why there was no dead goblin on our way to the center of the cave?"

〖If you want to ask if the other two that was died, have not killed any goblin. My answer is that they entered the cave from another entrance, they may or may not have encountered goblin on their way, but I can assure that they have faced the rare species upon entering. It was because they were fleeing from him that they got separated, one went left, while the other went right. The leader killed the male and played with the girl before leaving her to his subordinates and take care of something (I was why we did not see him immediately after entering) before coming back.〗Silveria explained after thinking for some time.

What she said may not be totally true, however, Alex guessed she was not too far from the truth.

''I see. Thanks to his absence it has been easy for me to eliminate his subordinates. Everything went smoothly because of my Gift. If I was using Sword instead of you, things may not have turned this good. I will be more injured than am I. Worst case I may die like the other two. Thank you, Silveria. With you, I'm a long-range attacker, for close combat I have my Razor. I need to train using my knife more.''

Alex came to the decision that he must train.

〖 You're right Master. It's not too good to rely on me too much now that the amount of MP you have is little. You should train more, using your knife and throwing knives.〗Silveria suggested.

''Okay, I will. Let's keep moving. I'm rather tired.'' Alex says as he continued moving forward and soon the northern gate came into view. Upon seeing it, he smiled and his steps became quicker.

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