Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 29 - 28: The Young Girl

After recounting what happened, there was a heavy silence inside the private room.

Leena rubbed her forehead before finally speaking.

''Alex, do you know that you have been too reckless?" She asked.

Hearing her question, Alex did not offer any reply, he just nodded his head acknowledging that she was right. It was because of his gift, it's a long-range attack gift, if not, there is no way he would be this reckless.

Seeing that Alex was aware of his mistake, she did not pursue the matter any longer. She switched to another subject. She asked where are the bodies of the two fallen adventurers.

Alex retrieved the bodies from his item box. Because Alex wore a silver ring on his finger, one would think that he had retrieved the corpses from his space ring (a fake one).

''Sometimes I'm really curious about your origin. Will you tell this Big sister?'' Leena asked with puppy eyes.

Unconsciously Alex's body stiffened, however, he did not fall for scheme, he refused to answer her question.

''Forget it,'' Leena says before observing the two corpses.

She let out a small sigh before speaking.

''How unfortunate. To think that it was those two. They just reunited recently.''

Leena looked quite sad. Alex asked the story of those two.

To summarize, the two were childhood sweetheart, Max, and Ava. Wanting to live a big life filled with adventure, they decided to become Adventurers after becoming adults.

However, when they became adults, the two could not depart towards Eria's town together because Ava's mother got sick, hence she could not let her mother alone. So, Max departed ahead to make money to help his girlfriend mother.

One year later, Ava finally came to join her lover, who had become E rank Adventurer by then. Adventurer's life was not easy. The two former a party and started doing mission.

Today would mark one month that they have reunited if they were alive, however now they have become corpses, dying in the hands of monsters, his lover played with. It is quite sad indeed. However, it's how Adventurer life is, you can die at any moment if you are careless.

''Let's me see the corpse of the leader of the goblin,'' Leena asked after storing away Max and Ava's corpses.

Alex gulped before taking the rare species corpse out.

''What ?"

Leena almost jumped from her seat, she looked at Alex and the rare species corpse alternatively for a while before starting her sermons. She was furious.

''Ah! You never say that it was a rare species they leader. What are you thinking when you fought it? Were you tired of living? You could have reported back. Yet you fight it. You're too reckless Alex.''

''As you can see I'm fine. Don't worry I will be more prudent from now on.'' Alex says trying to calm down the furious Leena.

''It's good that you understood. What kind of Gift do you have that was able to inflict this kind of wound?"

Leena asked, her eyes were shining.

However, Alex refused to tell, he only says ''It's secret.''

''You little rascal. You dare to tease this Big sister. Well, I'm not in hurry, soon I'll know.'' She replied.

When Alex asked what she means by saying that, she smiled and said soon he will know.

''Alex, come back tomorrow. Until then I will already inform the guild master about today matters. Be sure that he will ask to see you. Because this matter is not a joke. Sigh! Monsters seem to have become active recently.''

Leena informed him, after exchanging a few words with her Alex left.

After Alex left leaving Leena alone, a voice said

''What are a reckless boy.''

''Indeed, he is a bit reckless, however at the same time he's interesting,'' Leena replied with a smile.

The voice chuckled before silence returned to the room.

Alex had no idea that there was someone else in the room, beside Leena and him. Silveria knew, however, she chose not to inform Alex about it because the third person had no malicious intent toward her master.


When Alex left the Adventurer guild under the Diaz and his men jealous stares.

The final ray of sunlight vanished underneath the horizon.

Alex went to a previous store where he bought that meat stew that looks like a kebab. He left the store while eating it.

But right when Alex left the store and looked around, he ended up seeing something unexpected.

''Haah. Ugh."

"Yer stay still, you damn bitch!"

"We finally caught you."

''Fuck, she almost causes us trouble. If the guards saw us, we will be screwed"

A young girl was being dragged into a back alley by three guys who looked like delinquents. They seemed to have chased her down.

"Hold it right there," Alex shouted.

Alex reached out toward his leg strap, wanting to retrieve one of his Black Bettie's before stepping forward when someone suddenly stopped him. It was naturally Silveria who stopped him.

〖Master, what are you planning to do? Don't tell me you want to rescue her? Is she your acquaintance? You know her somewhere?〗

Silveria asked Alex a bunch of questions, he could not answer, he only stuttered.

''No but..''

The girl desperately resisted her capturers but she was gradually cornered deeper inside the alley. When their eyes met. Her pleading gaze struck him.

〖If so, then it's not your business. Leave it be. Do not stick your nose in something troublesome, Master.〗

Silveria warned. Alex became furious so he shouted back.

"You…, How can you say that?" Alex asked furiously.

〖 Master, that kind of thing happens all the time, in every era, I bet it happens even your world. Don't tell me you're going to stick your neck in every time you encounter this sort of situation? It won't be enough, no matter how many lives you have. Those who can't even protect themselves are just prey. It's life. Even if you help her out now, she'll just end up getting into the same sort of trouble later. Or are you planning to take care of her your whole life?〗

Silveria asked. Alex could not offer any reply. What she said was not wrong. He was neither a god nor some kind of superhero. He was just a geek who had a little money in his previous life. And now he is a weak Adventurer without any power.

〖You aren't some protagonist of a heroic saga. You're just one guy who got a little lucky.〗Silveria added.

When Silveria was lecturing Alex, the girl was finally completely subdued and disappeared inside the alley on one of the thugs' shoulders.

Until the end, her gaze was still directed at Alex and her hands kept reaching out to plead for help. But those outstretched hands were simply unable to reach him. She disappeared into the dark alley.

"Yeah, Sil all you've said is true. However, I can not watch them take away the girl like that. I have the feeling that I'll regret it later. Don't worry, I'm not planning to become a hero, just that I couldn't close my eyes and act as though I did not see anything. I'm not that heartless, just let me be this selfish once and who knows maybe this girl may repay me in the future once she becomes a successful person." Alex spat out.

What Silveria's saying has some truth to it. But Alex could stay still, acting like he did not see anything. He was not that heartless, besides like he had said, he had the feeling that the girl was special somehow.

Alex can't just allow it. If he abandoned this girl now, he won't be able to get any proper sleep from the guilt. Every time he would remember that girl's helpless expression, he was sure he would have trouble sleeping, He will be filled with remorse and it's something he doesn't want to ever experience again.

Silveria sighed and says 〖I knew you'll say that. Just do whatever you want, Master. I'm here for you.〗

Immediately, Alex summoned Silveria who was already equipped with a Silencer. As expected of his partner.

"Just give up already bitch and obediently follow us back. it's what good for you." said one of the thugs. Immediately another added.

"Don't struggle or else I'll beat the shit out of you.''

"Nooo! Noooo! Please let me go." The young girl cried desperately.

"Guess I need to hit you good so you'd stay still—" Say the second thug, the third thug was acting as their leader.

When Alex saw the second thug raised fist. He aimed the muzzle of the silver gun at his arm and pulled the trigger.

The bullet disappeared in flash, creating a blueish light in process of piercing the thug fist, a moment after, the thug cried out in a pained voice.

"Gah! it hurt"


The other two were startled by the sudden assault.

Before they could turn back Alex aimed his gun at them and pulled the trigger. He pulled it twice.

Each time a blueish flash ran through the alley, the men miserably screamed and dropped onto the ground.

"That hurts Who hell are you. Did ya know what yer doing? We are The Babato's Brother"

Shouted the leader trying to intimidate him.

"Never heard of, and I don't care, your name sounds too lame anyway. You are probably some third rate bandits.'' Alex replied.

Alex smiled like a devil before aiming the gun at them and fired three times. This time he aimed at their legs. The three screamed like butchered pigs. After threatening them for a while, Alex screamed at the thugs asking them to fuck off or he would shoot at them again, however this time it will aim at their third leg. Also, he will inform the guards about this matter.

They turned pale in fright, they knew that if they are caught, their fate would be worse than death.

So, the thugs hurriedly disappeared deeper inside the alley limping while looking terrified as though they had seen a devil.

Alex spat out a sigh, he did not feel any guilt after shooting human beings, it's quite strange. What is happening to me? Alex asked himself before shaking his head, now was not the time to think about it, besides he has not killed them, he only injured them.

Now that Alex thought about it, the only ones who remained in the area were him and the young girl who was leaning against the wall with disheveled clothes and was staring intently at him.

Alex checked how the girl was doing while still pointing his gun towards the back of the alleyway at the same time he activates his Divine Sense skill. This would end up as a lame joke if, by any chance, this girl was actually an accomplice of those thugs and stabs him in the back or something. These kinds of things often happen in a novel. So, better to be vigilant.

Thankfully, nothing like that happened. Alex sighed in relief.

Finally, now that Alex got a good look at her, she was actually a really pretty girl, although she a little dirty and her clothes were disheveled. Her height was on the smaller side, around 1,61 m if he was not wrong. She seemed to be in her fourteen.

Her eyes and hair were of the same hue, red;. Her skin was white like porcelain, she looks like a porcelain doll, extremely beautiful. The clothes she was wearing were a bit dirty and damaged in some places. You could spot a few holes in them.

The young girl bowed her head to thank Alex.

''Thank you Big brother for saving me.''

Her voice was pleasing to the ear.

''You welcome. Let's me take you toward a nearby guard station. You'll be sent back young miss.'' Alex suggested.

However, the young girl started crying and pleading.

''Big brother, I. I have nowhere to go. Please don't abandon me.''

This was completely out of his expectations.

Alex felt troubled hearing the girl, looking at her he knew that she was not lying. Alex didn't know what to do. When he was planning to ask Silveria's opinion, the young girl suddenly starts falling towards the ground.

Alex quickly moves and caught her body before her head hit the ground. She seemed to have fallen unconscious. Her body was too light, her lips were a little cracked, she looks a little famished. Alex held her in his arms with a troubled face.

Finally, Silveria who had stayed silent until now talked.

〖Why not take her with you to the Inn and let her sleep there. Tomorrow you can come up with a solution.〗She suggested.

After contemplating for a while, Alex decided to follow her advice. He moved the young girl toward his back before starting to move in the direction of the Inn.

What Alex did not know, was that Silveria saw something when she appraised the girl, reason why she suggested taking the girl with them.

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