Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 31 - 30: Level 10

Late in the night, Alex was awakened by Gracier's screams, normally she should be sleeping in her own bed, but she was sleeping beside him. It seemed like she was having a nightmare. Her body was shaking and she was mumbling. No, don't go, don't take me. Mother, save me. No, mom don't go, stay with me.'


Alex let out a sigh and he hugged her body as he started caressing her head while murmuring

''Don't worry I'm here with you, Big brother Alex is here.''

It seemed that somehow she felt reassured after hearing him because her nightmare stopped, then she started sleeping peacefully.

〖What a pitiful child.〗Silveria says.

Indeed she is pitiful. She lost her sole support in her life, her mother. Her friends and the villagers chief sacrificed their lives for her to escape. Alex was sure that she was feeling burdened by all these deaths and sacrifices.

Basically now she is an orphan, her father disappeared before she was even born. She is alone.

〖Oh? Didn't she have you her Big brother Alex? Fufufu! She saw you as her Big brother.〗Silveria says teasingly.

Alex sighed, indeed she is going to become his companion. He was not against it if she sees him as Big brother.

''Let's sleep,'' Alex says before falling asleep again.


The next day morning, the gentle rays of the rising sun peered their way through the light curtains and provided a serene light in the room.

Alex woke up and separated himself from Gracier who was using his arm as a pillow. Alex's arm felt numb so he did some little exercises to regain the mobility of his arm.

After finishing he went to take a bath and changed his clothes. Gracier was still sleeping. Alex decided to check his status. As though responding to his thought his status window appears right before his eyes.


[Alexander Touch]

Class: Magic Gunman

Age: 17


「 Rank 1」

Level 10

Experience Value (XP): 130/1100

Magic Power: 1190 ? 1200

Magic: None

Attack: 190 ? 200

Defense: 155 ? 165

Agility: 190 ? 200

Intelligence: 190 ? 200

Luck: 140 ? 150

BP: 20

SP: 10

Gift: Two Guns * Semi-sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 1] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 1] [Swift Fingers Max] [Divine Sense Level 1] [Throwing knife Level 3] [Dark Vision Level 1] [Dual Wielding Level 1] (New Skill)

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] [Goblin Slayer] 』

Alex was surprised by his new status, there were two new things on his status, it seemed that after becoming Level 10 he acquired SP and a new skill named Dual Wielding.

Alex acquired this new skill when he was fighting the rare species. It was because he wielded both his custom made Knife and his gun at the same and fought. It was not the first time he fought like that but he never acquired the title until now. Alex decided to check the information on his new skill.

「Dual Wielding Level 1: Art of wielding two different weapons at the same time. The more high is your Level the more proficient you will become wielding them.」

Alex was happy to have acquired this skill.

''Now it's time to check my SP,'' Alex mumbled.

Back then when Alex was still in the temple of God's, he read in their library that every ten levels, one would receive 10 SP. SP means Skill Point and it was without saying that SP was used on one's skills. It is said that one needs 1 SP per Level on your skill until you reach Level 5 afterward the amount of SP you will need to level up from Level 5 to 6 would double, meaning from Level 5 to Level 10 (the Max level for any skill) you will need 2 SP per level instead of 1 SP per Level you used to use from Level 1 to Level 5.

''Now that I acquired my first SP I must use it wisely, the next time I'll acquire another SP would be after becoming Level 20, How should I allocate my SP?'' Alex starting thinking about how he should use his SP.

Meanwhile, when Alex was lost in his thoughts, Gracier was already awake and when she saw that she did not sleep in her own bed, on the contrary, she was in Alex's bed. She blushed, at last, she knew why she had slept so peacefully after a long time. That's because she was sleeping next to someone with whom she could drop her guards. Somehow, it was strange that she trusted Alex when they just met yesterday. Gracier was sure that Alex will not harm her nor sell her like those scums back then were planning to do.

Gracier could not explain why she felt that if she was beside Alex her fate would change. Call it woman's intuition, however, she was sure that she had not made the wrong choice when she said that she wanted to accompany Alex on his adventures, becoming an adventurer like him. Gracier wants to be strong enough to protect others and not always be protected while she can't do anything. She didn't want to lose someone ever again. The burden was too much to carry.

Gracier shook her head and left for the bathroom, after bathing and changing clothes, she returned to the room to see Alex still lost in his thoughts. So, she called him.

''Big brother, Big brother.''

Finally, Alex heard her, he looked at her and smiled.

''Morning Gracier did you sleep well?"

''I'm fine Big brother Alex. Thank you.''

Gracier's heart warmed, her tensed body relaxed. She was afraid that Alex would scold her because she left her bed in the middle of the night and slept beside him.

Alex chuckled when he saw how Gracier reacted, he knew what she was thinking. Alex remembered the discussion he had with Silveria earlier he was thinking about how he should allocate his SP. Silveria had suggested allocating four SP to the appraisal skill, two SP to throwing knife skill while the remaining four SP he could use on the other Level 1 skill. Alex followed Silveria's suggestion.


[Alexander Touch]

Class: Magic Gunman

Age: 17


「 Rank 1」

Level 10

Experience Value (XP): 130/1100

Magic Power: 1200 (+ 20 BP)

Magic: None

Attack: 200

Defense: 165

Agility: 200

Intelligence: 200

Luck: 150

BP: 0

SP: 0

Gift: Two Guns * Semi-sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 5] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 2] [Swift Fingers Max] [Divine Sense Level 2] [Throwing knife Level 5] [Dark Vision Level 2] [Dual Wielding Level 2]

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] [Goblin Slayer] 』

As usual, Alex had used his BP on his Magic Point stat. After finishing allocating his SP and BP Alex asked Silveria why she had suggested adding Four SP on the Appraisal skill.

〖If that girl Gracier come back use your Appraisal skill on her, you will see something interesting.〗Silveria replied.

Now that Gracier had come back Alex decided to use his Appraisal skill on her.


However, before he could start Gracier stomach growled. Gracier turned red in shame. Even though she had eaten a lot last night she couldn't help but feel hungry, she had not been fed well during her captivity. So, when she eats normally after that her malnourished body craves for more.

Alex chuckled looking at the red-faced Gracier.

''Let's go down and eat, we can chat later.''

Gracier nodded before following Alex toward the first floor.

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